Subdual Strike

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Subdual Strike
Available To all
Mnemonic [SSTRIKE]
Cost Base 12 (-6 Rank 1, -4 Rank 2, -2 Rank 3)
Roundtime 5 sec.
Requirements A crushing weapon
(no weapon required
for unarmed specialists)
Prerequisites None
Rank Square Semi Pure
1 2 3
2 3 4
3 4 6
4 5 7 10 
5 6 9 12

Subdual Strike is a combat maneuver that gives an attempt to knock a critter in the head with a weapon in order to stun it, reduce its perception, slow it down, and do some damage. Characters that are trained to be unarmed specialists do not require a weapon.

There is a +10 bonus when using the maneuver while in hiding. The hiding bonus is stackable with the weapon bonuses listed below.

Weapon modifiers
Runestaff -10
Mace 10
Dagger 10
Cestus 20
Blackjack 30

This maneuver is similar but much more effective than the Rogue Guild skill Subdue. It is frequently used by bandits, which makes 1 or 2 ranks a useful investment to bandit hunters for defensive purposes.


A giantman bandit springs from the shadows and strikes at you!
[Roll result: 139 (open d100: 78)]
A giantman bandit delivers a blow to your head with his composite bow!
  ...6 damage!
You are stunned!
You are dazed!
Roundtime: 5 sec.