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Instance Opening Date Closing Date
Prime & Platinum February 10, 2017 @ 9pm February 12, 2017 @ 11:59pm
Prime & Platinum February 24, 2017 @ 9pm February 26, 2016 @ 11:59pm



The event grounds are free to access, and limited shopping is available for those with the silvers.

No longer will one need to seek out a portal to gain access to the grounds! Typing QUEST TRANSPORT will work from most in-town locations, provided they do not block magical transportation.

Residents of Ta'Vaalor, take note! Because the Fortress of Ta'Vaalor is warded to prevent anyone from teleporting into its walls, you will have to walk outside the gates to enter Summit Academy.

SimuCoin Costs for Services

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1200 SimuCoins (~$8.40 - $10.80)

a feature token

1000 SimuCoins (~$7.00 - $9.50)

an enhancive token
  • Increase MaxCharges by 10% (or +10, whichever is greater)
  • Recharge 10% of MaxCharges (or +10, whichever is greater)
  • Permify Enhancives

800 SimuCoins (~$5.60 - $7.60)

a customization token

500 SimuCoins (~$3.50 - $4.99)

a stylized golden griffin pin

10 SimuCoins (~$0.07 - $0.10)

  • Magical Cube (an enruned stone cube)
250 uses, 2500 SCs
100 uses, 1000 SCs
50 uses, 500 SCs
10 uses, 100 SCs
1 use, 10 SCs


Character customizations will be available on the College Grounds (Brickburn Hall, Ostwicke Hall, Groundskeeper's Cottage, and Sebastian House). Enhancive work will be handled inside Sylinar's Spire.

All information for the available options for customizations can be seen by READing each LIST in the appropriate room on the grounds.

Magical cubes will contain both gems and coins, and could possibly return a special custom certificate that will offer a pre-made Fire Spirit, Major Sanctuary, Manna Bread, Animated Disk, Call swarm, or Grasp of the Grave to the recipient. A few delayed services for player designed versions are also included. They must be opened on the Summit Academy grounds.

Enhancive Exclusions

Due to the nature of specific items, some enhancives won't be able to be worked on. This includes the following:

  • Fusion
  • Consumables
  • Permanent (never lose a charge)
  • Non-rechargeables (for enhancives, not magic items)

Character Limitations

A single character can have up to the following:

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Spire Grounds 5117.png

Shop Listing

[Sylinar's Spire, Reference]

On the solid walnut table you see
a kidskin scroll pouch belt, medium, functional 10k
a boiled leather scroll cylinder
an embossed scroll tube
a glazed leather scroll case

All spells 10 charges unless otherwise noted.

In the wood cabinet you see
a tanned goatskin scroll
(101) Spirit Warding I
(107) Spirit Warding II
(103) Spirit Defense
(202) Spirit Shield
18k a long strip of very thin papyrus
(401) Elemental Defense I
(406) Elemental Defense II
(503) Thurfel's Ward
(509) Strength
a charred centaur hide parchment
(601) Natural Colors
(602) Resist Elements
(113) UnDisease
(114) UnPoison
20k a bleached velnalin hide vellum
(1601) Mantle of Faith
(1604) Consecrate
(1607) Rejuvenation
(1711) Mystic Focus (5 charges)

[Sylinar's Spire, Restricted]

>read plac
In the Common language, it reads:
~Warm clothing for cold Dragonspine weather~
On the wooden table you see
some soft black suede gloves lined with lynx fur hand, non-func. 5k
a grey velvet bodice back-laced with ebon cord chest, non-func. 10k
a fitted grey linen shirt with tawny laces chest, non-func. 10k
a long black velvet skirt edged with silver knotwork legs, non-func. 10k
some black suede pants with bronze hip buckles legs, non-func. 10k
a pair of dove grey stockings legs, non-func. 8k
some finespun grey wool socks feet, layer under shoes, non-func. 8k
some tall black leather boots lined with lynx fur feet, nonc-func. 15k

[Sylinar's Spire, Creatures]

>read plac
In the Common language, it reads:
Preferred climate wear, only 100,000 silvers.
On the caribou antlers you see
a heavy black wool cloak Cloak-worn, significant 100k
a silk-lined hunter green cloak
a rhimar blue suede cloak
On the velnalin antlers you see
a high-collared black leather coat Cloak-worn , significant 100k
a finespun grey wool coat
a tailored tawny leather coat

[Sylinar's Spire, Alchemy]

>read char
In the Common language, it reads:
Each item on the tables contains five drinks or bites. Please choose your ingredients based on the following elucidation:
Smaragdine flask +5 Stalking/Hiding Bonus, +5 Discipline 60k
Ianthine flask +5 Dexterity, +5 Spell Aiming Bonus 60k
Mazarine flask +5 Physical Fitness Bonus, +5 Survival Bonus 45k
Amaranthine flask +5 Influence, +5 Trading Bonus 45k
Ultramarine flask +1 Spirit Recovery 150k
Puniceous alembic +5 Agility, +5 Dodging Bonus 60k
Melichrous alembic +5 Combat Maneuvers Bonus, +5 Stamina Recovery 60k
Glaucous alembic +5 Strength, +5 Health Recovery 160k
Brunneous alembic +5 Armor Use Bonus, +5 Shield Use Bonus 85k
Luteous alembic +5 Dexterity, +5 Two Weapon Combat Bonus 60k
Shriveled berry +5 Arcane Symbols Bonus, +5 Magic Item Use Bonus 100k
Fleshy berry +5 Harness Power Bonus, +5 Elemental Mana Control Bonus 60k
Plump berry +5 Harness Power Bonus, +5 Mental Mana Control Bonus 60k
Bulbous berry +5 Harness Power Bonus, +5 Spirit Mana Control Bonus 60k
Juicy berry +5 Max Mana, +5 Mana Recovery 145k
Bolete mushroom +2 each to the Elemental Lore Bonuses: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water 50k
Golden morel mushroom +3 each to the Spiritual Lore Bonuses: Blessings, Religion, and Summoning 65k
Shaggy mane mushroom +5 each to the Sorcerous Lore Bonuses: Demonology and Necromancy 105k
Black trumpet mushroom +2 each to the Mental Lore Bonuses: Divination, Manipulation, Telepathy, Transference, and Transformation 55k
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