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Summit Academy custom logon/logoff options.

Order by number in Sebastian House, Sitting Room to receive this service.

Person arrives in a cloud of ash.
Person exits, leaving a rapidly dispersing cloud of dust in her wake.
* The reverberating sound of a gong announces the arrival of Person!
* The ground trembles briefly as Person heads off.

Person arrives, surrounded by the faint scent of winterberry.
Person wanders off, muttering about one-eared rabbits.
* Person has arrived, munching the last bite of a big pickle!
* Person grabs a crystal amulet and heads off, looking for a boot.

A whiff of salty sea air accompanies the arrival of Person.
Person leaves, mumbling something about a fishing trip. 
* Person takes off her lobster bib and gets ready for action!
* Person just got knocked over the head and dragged down a dark alley.  Good night, Person!

Person arrives, brushing some dirt off her hands.
Person pops a mushroom in her mouth and wanders off.
* Person arrives, in search of mines and tunnels!
* Person puts away his shovel and heads for the nearest tavern.

Person arrives, studiously observing her surroundings.
Person utters a few complex phrases and walks off.
* Person arranges her quills and parchments, ready to begin!
* Person returns home, closing this chapter of her book.

Person bounds in, practicing her gathering steps and pivots.
Person gives an assertive nod, turns on her heel, and marches away.
* Person arrives, proudly displaying her papers.
* Person calls a halt to her campaign for the day.

Person arrives, rubbing her arms and shivering.
Person flicks a crumb from the corner of her mouth and wanders off.
* A chorus of squawking penguins signals the arrival of Person!
* Person packs up her tarts and heads home.

Person wanders in with her eyes turned upward, muttering about acorns.
Person's belly grumbles, and she wanders away, muttering something about stew.
* Person hops off the turnip wagon, ready to defend the town!
* Person retires before losing any more deeds.

Person casually traipses into the area.
Person casually traipsed out of the area.
* Person hits the cobblestones running!
* Person hits the road!

Person struts into the area with a rakish grin on her face.
Person struts out of the area with a flourish.
* Rejoice, peasants!  Person has arrived and the adventure can truly begin!
* With a heavy heart, Person trudges away.  Life will simply not be the same without her!

Person sweeps into the area with an appraising glance.
Person quickly abandons the premises.
* Person returns for more merrymaking!
* Person shall return to the merriment, anon!

Person walks into the area, a faint scent of sea salt accompanying her.
Person trudges off, muttering something about finding a nice hammock.
* Person has decided to drop anchor in this fine port of call!
* Person is out like a trout!

In perfect pitch, Person's voice raised in song alerts you to her arrival.
Person belts out a heartfelt farewell serenade and wanders off.
* A troop of minstrels sings, their voices in perfect harmony, crooning the arrival of Person!
* With skill and remarkable flair, Person delivers a memorable farewell serenade as she wanders off.

Person rushes into the area, panting!
Person rushes off as fast as her feet will carry her!
* Person has come out of a rabbit hole, and is ready for adventure!
* Person is late for a very important date and jumps back down a rabbit hole.

Person strolls into the area, adjusting her gear for fit and comfort.
Person dusts herself off and casually strolls out of the area.
* Person has arrived to save the day!
* Person departs, vowing to fight another day!

A pungent smell wafts into the area.  After a moment, you notice Person has walked in.
Person walks out of the area, the air becoming easier to breathe the further away she gets.
* Hey, what's that smell?  Oh, it's Person.
* Person has gone home.  Someone spray the disinfectant!

Amid applause of her own making, Person steps into the room.
With a wave and a kiss blown into the wind, Person leaves the area.
* A deep-voiced announcer loudly proclaims, "Heeeere's Person!"
* A deep-voiced announcer loudly declares, "Person has left the realms!"

Person staggers into the area, appearing a bit dazed.
Person stretches and yawns.  She shuffles out of the area.
* Pour some coffee, Person has arrived!
* Worn out from her heroic adventures, Person shuffles out of Elanthia.

Person arrives, her head held high and proud!
Person bows with a flourish before she departs.
* Person arrives, accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets!
* A sad trombone refrain bids farewell to Person.

Person arrives, excitedly applauding herself.
Person pats herself tenderly on the shoulder before taking her leave.
* Roaring applause accompanies the arrival of Person!
* The faint sound of weeping signifies Person's departure.

Flushed and grinning, Person arrives with a loud hiccup!
Person lets out a large belch and wanders off.
* The *POP* of a cork accompanies the arrival of Person!
* Person goes home to sleep it off.

Person arrives, glancing suspiciously about.
Person observes her surroundings with a final cautious glance, then quickly leaves.
* Person just sneaked back in.
* Person has had enough of this for the time being.

Person arrives, straightening her attire compulsively.
Person preens herself enthusiastically on her way out.
* Person has arrived, as gorgeous as ever!
* Person goes off to primp and preen.

Person arrives, brushing off some twigs and leaves.
Person turns her face to the skies as she wanders off.
* Person returns from the wild!
* Person leaves to heed the call of nature.

The odor of sulfur accompanies the arrival of Person.
Person checks her supplies, then wanders away.
* Person has arrived to replenish her stockpile of reagents!
* Person returns to the workshop.

The soft susurrus of lazy ocean waves lapping against the shore builds around you, and suddenly you become aware of Person's presence by your side.  Pausing for a moment, she picks a piece of seaweed off her shoulder.
Person lifts both arms up toward the sky and suddenly, rising sounds of ocean waves surround you.  The chittering echo of dolphins, barely heard over the crescendo, is so distracting that you turn and look away just as she disappears.
* The soft susurrus of lazy ocean waves builds as Person appears by your side.
* Lifting both hands skyward, Person disappears amid the echoing sounds of ocean waves.

Out of a swirling vortex appears a snowy white owl that heralds the surprising arrival of Person.  A chalcedony-hilted silver dagger clatters at your feet before fading into invisibility.
Person chants softly, the words of the prayer indistinguishable, until her image is overlaid by the illusion of a young woman with azure eyes.  Both fade and disappear from view, as the residual sound of hoofbeats tapers off.
* A snowy white owl grasping a silver dagger soars in, heralding the sudden arrival of Person.
* Pounding hoofbeats build, and Person appears to ride off on a snowy white horse.

Darkness in the form of deep shadow contours, masking the quiet appearance of Person until the illusion fades.  A broken white skull transposes for a moment, over her face, until she steps out into the ambient light.
Deep shadow forms, coruscating with metallic glints.  Person turns and enters the sudden swelling of darkness.  The sudden clink of coins and muffled footsteps is heard before everything dissipates, leaving no sign of Person.
* A cloud of deep shadow coalesces, then fades to reveal Person.
* Encroaching dark shadows swallow Person and then dissolves, leaving nothing behind.

A delicate scent of jasmine announces Person's arrival.
A faint scent of jasmine lingers in the air as Person wanders off.
* Got jasmine?  Person does!
* The jasmine supply has been gravely diminished, so Person is going home.

A delicate scent of vanilla announces Person's arrival.
A faint scent of vanilla lingers in the air as Person wanders off.
* Got vanilla?  Person does!
* The vanilla supply has been gravely diminished, so Person is going home.

A strong scent of fresh pine announces Person's arrival.
A faint scent of fresh pine lingers in the air as Person wanders off.
* Got pine?  Person does!
* The pine supply has been gravely diminished, so Person is going home.

A putrid scent of fresh blood precedes Person's arrival.
Person mutters to her about fresh kills as her lumbers away.
* A trio of blaring horns broadcasts Person's arrival.
* Trumpet blasts signal Person's withdrawal from her hunt.

Person arrives and nods politely, quietly alerting you to her presence.
Person offers a polite nod and leaves quietly.
* Looks like Person is awake.  Good morning, Elanthia!
* Person just nodded off.

Person appears, yawns loudly, and rubs her eyes.
Person yawns loudly before wandering off.
* Person has returned for an exciting day in Elanthia!
* Person heads home to get some shut-eye.

A fierce howl pierces the air just as Person arrives.
Person wanders off, and a mighty howl echoes through the air.
* Person howls at the moon and disappears into the shadows.
* Person emerges from her den and howls loudly, announcing her return.

-- 2021 Customizations --

A riotous tune is heard, and suddenly, Person arrives.
A dirge plays in the distance as Person wanders off.
* A merry band of minstrels plays a riotous tune, heralding the arrival of Person.
* A sombre band of minstrels plays a dirge.  Person has left the lands.

The warm smell of bacon wafts through the air as Person wanders in.
* Bacon storms erupt as Person leaves the lands with a full loot sack of porcine potables.
* Person joins the lands in a rainfall of crispy bacon.
Person returns home from a hard day of adventuring.

The scent of fresh lotus blossoms fills the air as Person arrives.
Person leaves, trailing a scent of fresh lotus blossoms.
* Unnaturally bright lotus blossoms rain from the skies, and Person appears in their midst.
* Hundreds of unnaturally bright lotus blossoms swirl about Person, obscuring her from sight as she slips away.

Person arrives, sipping on a cup of steaming hot chrysanthemum tea.
Person leaves, muttering something about gathering enough tea for now.
* Person arrives grasping a cup of steaming hot chrysanthemum tea and muttering something about needing more.
* Person wanders off with her spoils of numerous teapots filled with piping hot tea.  That may be enough to last her awhile.

Off in the distance a sea shanty can be heard as Person wanders in.
As Person wanders off a merry sea shanty can be heard in the distance.
* A dozen pirates break out in a rousing sea shanty extolling the exploits of Person, who has just joined the lands (or maybe the seas).
* The call of the sea pulls upon Person, who leaves the lands for distant waters while pirates sing of her mighty exploits.

Person arrives, trailing the faint scent of old books.
Person wanders away, leaving behind the faint scent of old books.
* Person arrives, surrounded by ancient tomes and dozens of writing quills.
* Person tries to wander off, but instead is buried in a cascade of ancient tomes.  It's a good way to go!

Person arrives in a swirl of violets and roses.
Person leaves in a swirl of violets and roses.
* The skies fill with violets and roses that swirl into a fragrant funnel cloud, depositing Person in the lands.
* The skies fill with violets and roses that swirl into a fragrant funnel cloud, obscuring Person.  When the skies clear, Person is gone.

Person suddenly appears, brushing a few toadstools off her clothes.
Person suddenly leaves, a single toadstool dropping to the ground and disappearing.
* A faery ring dances near, and in its midst does Person appear.
* The toadstools dance to and fro, and into their midst does Person go.  They form a faery ring, and never more is Person seen.

Person dances in, dropping bits of toadstool behind her.
Person dances out, trailing bits of toadstool behind her.
* Person arrives, dancing amidst a fairy ring of toadstools.  Looks like someone has time away from the fae!
* Person dances away with wild abandon in the center of a fairy ring.  Time to return to the fae!

Person wanders in as a soft voice croons a song of love lost at sea.
An odd calling, reminiscent of the sea, echoes about as Person wanders away.
* A serenity of sirens sings softly across the sea, serenading the alighting of Person in the lands.
* The siren's call pulls Person away, and as she disappears from the lands, the cackling of dozens of triumphant sirens can be heard.
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