Symbol of Recognition

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Step 1

The Symbol of Recognition is granted to all initiates of the Order of Voln. This symbol, governed by Tonis, allows one to detect other members of the Order and any undead creatures present in the room.

Using Symbol of Recognition

  • Type SYMBOL OF RECOGNITION to employ the symbol. (may be abbreviated)
  • Symbol of Recognition uses no favor.


First person usage
<Name> is a Master in the Order of Voln.

A wraith is an undead creature.

A wraith is an undead creature..
Third person observation
You recognize <Name> using the Symbol of Recognition.

Obtaining Symbol of Recognition

Talk to the first monk on the Path to Enlightenment. There is no favor or task required to complete this step.

Monk's Teaching and Instruction Highlights

  • Order of Voln founded by Lord Fasthr k'Tafali
  • Great Spirit Voln came to assist Fasthr k'Tafali and his men in their battle against undead.
  • Voln provided special training to help defeat undead.
  • Lord Fasthr and his men built first Voln monastery.
  • It is a member's duty to free undead from their cursed existence.
  • Lords of Liabo will look upon these acts with great favor.
  • Use of the Meditation Chamber.
  • Symbol of Recognition

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