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Step 25

The Symbol of Return is obtained at the twenty fifth step of the Order of Voln. Invoking this symbol will cause the player and all group members to be instantly transported (aka fogged) to one of several Voln anchor locations depending upon the member's location at the time of use. This is one way travel only that cannot be targeted. In certain locations there are group restrictions and only the member will be transported.


Symbol of Return


First Person (returning to Wehnimer's Landing Voln courtyard):

>symbol of return

Your surroundings blur into a white fog . . .


A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard. The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling. In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water. A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor. You also see a mottled grey hedgehog, some ambrominas leaf, some woth flower, a large fel tree and a polished marble bench with some stuff on it.

Third Person:

><Name> blurs into a white fog and vanishes!

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