Symbol of Thought

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The Symbol of Thought is obtained at the third rank of the Order of Voln. The Symbol of Thought allows one to broadcast a message seen by all other members of the Order in one's realm.

Using Symbol of Thought

  • Type SYMBOL OF THOUGHT (MESSAGE). The message will be instantly broadcast to all members of the Order in the realm.
  • To block the receipt of thoughts of others, rub a seashell, eat a tkaro root, or use another thought-disruption magic item.
  • Symbol of Thought uses 12 units of favor. One can use Symbol of Thought 20 times per spin. Hearing other players' thoughts uses no favor.

Examples of Symbol of Thought being used:

First person usage
Third person observation

Obtaining Symbol of Thought

Talk to the third monk on the path to enlightenment. You must have 600 levels of favor to obtain the required task.

Wehnimer's Landing Task

  • Obtain a rose. Buy one at the florist or FORAGE FOR SMALL ROSE in the Small Park.
  • From outside the North Gate, go: NW, S, GO PATH, GO ARCH.
  • Now, type: PUT ROSE ON ALTAR.
  • Return to the monk to receive your symbol.

Ta'Vaalor Task

  • Start at the Victory Court, and go: W, W, W, GO GATE, SW, SW, SW, SW, GO PATH, W.
  • Here, use the FORAGE (verb) to FORAGE FOR BLEEDING ROSE.
  • Return to Victory Court, and go: E, E, E, N, E, N, N, N, N, N, N, W, N, GO GATE, NE, NE, NE, NE, NE, NE, GO PATH, N, NE, NW, N.
  • Here, type DROP ROSE.
  • Return to the monk to receive your symbol.