Ta'Illistim and Elf OOC Meeting 1-12-19

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by Avawren Fiora Nalfein of the TownCrier


  • 2019 plans include:
    • A refresh of A Twist of Roses inventory and RP around Clessar purchasing the shop
    • Looking into herb prices, possibly combing the two shops or providing RP around their separate existence
    • To Aid the West storyline continuing, with smaller spin off quests and stories upcoming
    • A wish list item is updating the Museum, another GM is teaming up with Valyrka for this
    • Update and fix to the wandering carts that keep getting lost
    • The Bookseller will be making his first appearance in Ta'Illstim before he starts touring the lands. Selling the old player books and the first of the newly created ones.
    • Appearances from the other elven monarchs, and increase in representation for the other cultures
    • Smaller interactions around town will be a focus, with various NPCs showing up
    • A more regular schedule for formal court sessions
  • Taking questions:
    • Request for fills in undead gaps, opportunities for non-elves and darker characters in the Nations
    • More invasions. Everyone wants more invasions.
    • Foragable items along the pass to be looked at
    • More documents requested for cultures and etiquette for the other houses, such as what exists for Illistim
    • Unlikely to add a vintner to Ta'Illistim, since that is unique to Ta'Vaalor
    • Request for more stories focusing on the interplay between gnomes and elves
    • Sylvankind unlikely to ever be full citizens in Ta'Illistim, other concerns will be forwarded to the sylvan GM
    • An interlude question about Ta'Vaalor. Does paper beat Roblar?
    • Documentation request for descriptions of the other Elven cities climate/architecture
    • NPCs around town could use a pass over to update interactions and answers to questions
    • Valyrka is EST, and most of her events will take place between 9PM-12PM EST. She will try to provide forum posts when things will be happening
    • PCs unlikely to be able to join the various House Illistim factions anytime soon
    • Adding structure and clear expectations to formal court sessions to make them more enjoyable for everyone, including Valyrka
    • Default elf verbs added to the list to be reviewed


[Valyrka's Tree, Study]
Set apart from the rest of the tree, the circular room is supported by a buttressed platform.  Long fronds from a multitude of tropical plants are layered over a wooden frame creating a shady canopy above.  Small glaes lanterns hang from the rim holding bright candles that illuminate the floor below.  A sturdy railing encloses the area, rich green vines twining about each spindle.  Carved from tanik, a large desk with matching chair looms against an outer barrier with several cushioned benches scattered nearby.  You also see the Menos disk, a crayon-scribbled coloring book and an elven body.
Also here: High Lord Menos, Gabrien, GameMaster Valyrka, Amaurn, Meril, Xanlin, Mistress Naamit, Obsalyn, Lucrecea, Lornon Chair Rivienne, Lady Silima
Obvious exits: out

Valyrka says, "I will give some stragglers a moment."
Valyrka says, "You are all too quiet."
Valyrka says, "It is scary."
Amaurn chuckles.
Amaurn says, "Sorry."
Amaurn says, "Hard to bite that ooc bullet.."
You say, "Being OOC is weeeeeeeird."
Amaurn exclaims, "Right!"
You give Valyrka a friendly hug.
Silima says, "Yeah."
Valyrka says, "INORITE."
Naamit says, "I have no problem being ooc."
Lifting her hands above her head, Naamit claps in a steady rhythm and dances about.
Naamit hums happily to herself.
Amaurn asks, "You've been around a long time?"
Naamit nods knowingly.
Valyrka says, "She has no problem being wierd."
Speaking abruptly to Valyrka, Xanlin interjects, "While we're waiting for stragglers... I'd like to ask about getting a trash can and maybe a bigger bench for my garden behind the theatre."
Lucrecea says, "I see nothing wrong with being weird."
Silima shrugs.
Speaking to Xanlin, Naamit says, "That's a good idea."
Valyrka mutters humans.
Valyrka grins.
Naamit says, "I hated dragging my boxes away when I rested there."
Valyrka says, "I need to put a naamit body in here too."
Speaking playfully to Valyrka, Naamit urges, "I dare you."
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin says, "It's actually on behalf of that idiotic elven aristocrat who keeps asking me to pick up the litter he drops."
Valyrka cackles!
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin says, "So if it can fit an elven aristocrat, that'd be great."
Valyrka says, "He took you for a servant."
Valyrka hums a happy tune, skillfully expressing her friendly mood.
Amaurn begins chuckling at Xanlin!
As Valyrka traces the lines of her Naamit tattoo, it seems to grow more agitated, attempting to avoid her fingers.
Valyrka's Naamit tattoo glances around in ennui as it shuffles around in place.
Silima chuckles.
Mazreth suddenly fades into sight beside you.
Speaking to Xanlin, Naamit says, "Did you see the elf-sized crack in my house? I made it thinking of the aristocrat. He's such a jerk."
Amaurn blinks in surprise as though just becoming aware of Mazreth's presence.
Xanlin laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.
Xanlin grins at Naamit.
Naamit says, "Some day I will steal him and put him in there."
You wave to Mazreth.
Naamit nods firmly.
Valyrka grins at Naamit.
Speaking to Naamit, Xanlin says, "I like the priestess and the foolish kid who tries to impress her by 'juggling' his 'stones' whenever she comes around."
Valyrka says, "Boys are obsessed with their stone."
Valyrka says, "Stone(s)"
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin says, "So true."
Silima snickers.
Valyrka says, "Hopefully he has two."
Valyrka's face turns slightly pale.
Valyrka says, "Anyway,"
Valyrka exclaims, "Woot, welcome!"
Mazreth asks, "Wouldn't juggling them in public be a crime though?"
Valyrka walks over to the chair and settles down.
Valyrka asks, "Maybe?"
Speaking to Mazreth, Xanlin says, "Only if reported..."
Speaking to Mazreth, Naamit says, "I think there's a Giantman game for stone juggling."
Naamit shrugs.
Amaurn grins.
Speaking to Mazreth, Xanlin says, "No killjoys in Illistim please."
Xanlin smiles innocently.
Amaurn says, "What happens in the garden.. stays in the garden."
Valyrka agrees with Amaurn.
Speaking to Xanlin, Mazreth says, "I didn't know you had joys for me to kill."
Silvynn nods at Amaurn.
Silvynn nods at Xanlin.
Silima says, "Yeah this isn't Ta'Vaalor."
Silima coughs.
Limorten says, "Unfortuntaely."
Speaking to Mazreth, Xanlin says, "That's because I'm in and out of Vaalor like a dirty... nevermind."
Speaking to Mazreth, Xanlin says, "Before anyone notices, usually."
Speaking to Xanlin, Mazreth says, "Come for the grimswarm, stay because you're dead."
Mazreth nods.
Mazreth says, "Vaalorian tourism board."
Silima chuckles.
Valyrka says, "Alrighty."
You laugh out loud!
You slap yourself on the forehead! Doh!
Speaking to Mazreth, Xanlin asks, "Did they end up reversing the polarity on that winter thing, or was it another sort of undoing?"

2018 In Review and 2019 Ahead

Valyrka exclaims, "Welcome!"
Valyrka says, "There will be three parts to tonight."
Valyrka says, "The first part will be an overview of the past year or so."
Valyrka says, "The second part two will be some upcoming things for this year."
Archales arranges the grey cotton-lined voluminous hood of his kidskin jacket, which is pushed back from his head and pooled around his shoulders.
Valyrka says, "And the third part, I will open up a list for questions so I do not miss anyone."
Valyrka says, "Well questions, comments, requests etc."
Valyrka says, "If folks want to hang out after and chat I am all for it as well."
Valyrka says, "Some of what I review may overlap 2017 a bit."
Valyrka says, "End of 2017 saw new Ta'Illistim Awards that can be given out at events."
Valyrka says, "To non-elves and elves."
Valyrka says, "Where a gem is not appropriate, but recognition is deserved."
Valyrka says, "End of 2017 we held the first artshow, which was pretty awesome, we have talented artists."
Valyrka says, "We had citizen raffles which will continue in a more regular basis this year."
Valyrka says, "And I got permission for towns to get citizen WPS services twice a year."
Valyrka says, "If you have been around and awake, you may have met a small gnome."
Valyrka says, "Who only does merchant work for those not elfsies."
Naamit says, "The gnome is funny and I appreciate it."
Valyrka says, "If you have not met him, you may as he is still skulking around."
Sweetsin ponders.
Sweetsin says, "I am not sure which side I rest on that."
Valyrka says, "Its also a good way for me do some prelim AFK checks."
Valyrka says, "We made more premium homes available in Highpark Estates and Tyramia Hollow."
Archales nods appreciatively.
Menos takes a drink from his black cherry lemonade.
Naamit exclaims, "Thank you for that!"
Valyrka says, "Addition of a Beacon Tower between Ta'Illistim and Cysaegir."
Valyrka says, "Flight of the Griffins was a fun experiment."
Amaurn says, "Couldn't get one to pick me up."
Valyrka says, "Aww."
Amaurn says, "But that was great to see."
Valyrka says, "For those who missed it."
Valyrka says, "It is a short automated event."
Speaking in Elven, Menos says, "That was fun."
Valyrka says, "If you are outside the city, but not OTF, you have the chance of being picked up by a griffin and fed to the babies."
Naamit asks, "Common speak please?"
Valyrka says, "If you kill them you can pick a prize from the pile."
Silima says, "Nice."
Valyrka says, "If not you get eaten up and your carcass is rolled out of the nest."
Xanlin looks thoughtfully at Menos.
Sweetsin says, "That sounds intersting."
You say, "Is that meant to happen each year? Because it sounds fun."
Valyrka says, "Yes."
Naamit says, "It was a lot of fun."
You grin.
Valyrka says, "It was always meant to be a short few day event."
Valyrka says, "It was meant to be deadly."
Naamit says, "A bit of pant-clutching, but good."
Valyrka says, "As in, the griffins do not scale."
Silima says, "Ah."
Valyrka says, "I may look at scaling at some point."
Valyrka says, "But when it happens this year, you will know well in advance."
Valyrka says, "There will be mood messaging inside the city through the whole thin."
Valyrka says, "And you may die."
Valyrka says, "If you are afk and get made, I do not feel sad for you."
Valyrka says, "Sorry."
Limorten chuckles.
Naamit snickers at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "But they were hungry."
Valyrka says, "The prizes may change up."
Jessianna quietly says, "I'm wearing a pair."
Valyrka says, "But they were meant to be small, fun and the loresong was fun to make."
Jessianna taps a pair of torn sapphire silk slippers dotted with rust-hued stains that she is wearing.
Naamit snickers at Jessianna.
Titaniae quietly says, "If we survive, perhaps there's a chance we can find an egg for a baby pet griffin."
Titaniae nods at Valyrka.
Valyrka asks, "Maybe a stuffed toy griffin?"
Titaniae quietly says, "Nooo."
Speaking to Titaniae, Naamit says, "I'd make my grifflet bite everyone."
Titaniae quietly says, "I want a real one."
Titaniae nods at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "That turns into a real one when you least expect it and eats you."
Speaking in Elven, Menos asks, "Possible use for the dead pet script?"
Menos grins.
Valyrka says, "Maybe."
Naamit nods in agreement at Valyrka.
Valyrka winks at Menos.
Titaniae quietly exclaims, "Its hatchling season after all, not santa claus gift shop!"
Meril rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Valyrka says, "And yes, you can only get one prize for the duratin of the event."
Valyrka says, "But feel free to die as much as you want."
Xanlin appears to be struggling to keep a straight face as he glances at Naamit.
Silima exclaims, "Yay lots of dying!"
Valyrka says, "We held the Festival of Lumnea."
Valyrka says, "The meadow was updated."
Valyrka says, "Some new areas."
Valyrka says, "The nest time it runs there will be a few more additions."
Valyrka exclaims, "I hope everyone who came enjoyed it!"
Naamit nods in agreement at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "We had some small upgrades to the city."
Silima nods.
Valyrka says, "Drinkable water in the Dragon Fountain."
Valyrka says, "Some rooms needed some minor updating and there were some typos that needed fixing up."
Valyrka says, "We were a helping group this year."
Valyrka says, "Sent aid to Ta'Vaalor, brought the rulers of Ta'Nalfien into it a bit."
Valyrka says, "Helped melt the snow."
Jessianna nods.
Valyrka says, "And then we come to the Empire."
Valyrka says, "In what I call, To Aid the West."
Valyrka says, "This started out as a player idea."
Valyrka says, "And, with their permission jumped in to give support."
Valyrka says, "But then it took off and we are in an interesting place."
Valyrka says, "Having events go off on both sides of the spine has been fun."
Silima nods in agreement.
Valyrka says, "Necios and I did a mini event for an alchemy release that covered multiple towns."
Valyrka says, "And I have been trying to support MHO/CHE events where possible."
Amalexia says, "Yo."
Valyrka says, "A few other highlights from To Aid the West."
Valyrka waves.
Valyrka says, "The official Ambassador travelled deep into the Empire, and has not been heard from.  The Mirror send a new delegation to enter negotiations with the Baron of Vornavis.  The desired result to dock an airship of supplies for the afflicted areas of the Empire."
Amalexia gives Valyrka a friendly hug.
The light blue glow leaves Limorten.
Valyrka says, "As a result, fundraising and events have taken place in the East while the delegation has been getting to know the locals and talking with the Baron."
Amaurn leans softly against Xanlin.
Valyrka says, "I need some fundraising for a new laptop..."
Valyrka says, "Sticking keys are not fun."
Valyrka says, "The Mirror has hired an airship and is filling it with supplies to send."
Valyrka says, "The Mirror also has an interest in the Elven Settlement outside of Landing, but has remained aloft during the early stages of its requirement."
Valyrka winks at Mazreth.
You nod approvingly.
Valyrka says, "We also held the first wintertide silver and gold celebration, it was a last minute idea, and will be expanded upon."
Valyrka says, "Ok so some plans I have for 2019."
Valyrka says, "I am not going to give timelines as these will be done between rp events."
Valyrka says, "A Twist of Roses has been officially sold to Clessar, and will be getting its update."
Sweetsin nods approvingly.
Valyrka says, "Looking into the herb pricing/dosage issues that was brought to my attention, possibly combining healing shops or doing some rp between them. Rivals."
Silima grins.
Lucrecea says, "A price war."
Lucrecea nods sagely.
Limorten chuckles.
Valyrka says, "There will be some new time of day messaging."
Naamit exclaims, "Marroux will flay Valina and make new tinctures. Double the potentcy!"
Valyrka grins.
You say, "Will be have a heads up on when twist of roses will be refreshed? So we can buy things before they poof."
Valyrka says, "I had thought about combining them, but they have their own flavors."
Valyrka says, "I will give you a heads up."
You nod at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "I may have a bargan box someplace with them."
Valyrka says, "A sale rack."
Valyrka grins.
Valyrka says, "To aid the west will have some spin off quests coming up."
Valyrka says, "And mini stories."
Valyrka says, "A wish list is to begin working on the museum. Another gm and I are teaming up on some updates."
Valyrka says, "Some of the closed off areas of the keep finished."
Valyrka says, "Update and fix the old wandering carts."
Valyrka says, "I think they wandered off again."
Valyrka says, "After helping with this art show, I realized how much moonglae needs fixed up."
Valyrka says, "As an aside the book seller will be finally coming out end of the month with the first new book and some of the old ones."
Lucrecea lets out a cheer!
Valyrka says, "I will start in TI and work its way around the lands."
Gabrien nods approvingly.
You let out a cheer!
Arenglae applauds.
Naamit exclaims, "Yay for the book seller!"
Treeva exclaims, "New books!"
Silima says, "Oh that's great."
Treeva says, "Oh damn."
Valyrka says, "And a personal goal for me."
Valyrka says, "Bring out the other elven monarchs, even if you cannot go to their cities, those cultures can be represented more."
Treeva applauds Valyrka.
Arenglae says, "I need things for my apartment."
Valyrka says, "Maybe some of their reps."
Lucrecea lets out a cheer!
Valyrka says, "Or some rp with them."
Obsalyn beams happily at Valyrka!
Arenglae nods at Valyrka.
Archales lets out a cheer!
Valyrka says, "As far as more rp opportunities, More smaller interactions around town with NPC's."
Valyrka says, "New reasons may arise for more invasions."
Naamit says, "Excellent to hear."
Sweetsin says, "Visiting dipolmates."
Sweetsin says, "Visiting dipolmats."
Sweetsin mutters under her breath.
Speaking to Sweetsin, Arenglae says, "Diplomats."
Arenglae sticks out her tongue.
Limorten says, "Duplo blox."
Limorten nods.
Valyrka says, "A more regular schedule for formal court sessions, I admit these are my least favorite event, but some likes them, and they make total sense for the city."
Limorten takes a long swig from his bottle.
Limorten looks rather relaxed.
Valyrka says, "But there will be different things  happening at them."
Valyrka says, "Settling disputes announcements etc."
Valyrka says, "And informal events where the mirror can enjoy folks."
Amalexia asks, "Jello wrestling?"
Naamit says, "That's an interesting concept-dispute resolutions."
Lucrecea agrees with Amalexia.
Valyrka glances at Amalexia.
Arenglae snickers.
Amalexia grins.
Speaking to Amalexia, Arenglae says, "You first."
Sweetsin says, "Should add certian things like looking for a court fool."
Speaking to Arenglae, Amalexia says, "I'm down if you are."
Lucrecea says, "That's the final test for would be handmaidens."
Silima grins at Amalexia.
Valyrka says, "There are so many in the city, I am sure bob the farmer has stolen a pig at some time.... and joe wants it back."
Speaking to Amalexia, Arenglae says, "I'm sure there are plenty who would LOVE to see that."
Silima says, "That should totally be the last test."
Valyrka smirks.
Lucrecea agrees with Silima.
Speaking to Valyrka, Naamit says, "Might make good use of that barn on the southeast end of Sylvarraend."
Silima says, "I chose lime jello."
Naamit flashes a quick grin at Valyrka.
Silima says, "That's mine."
You say, "I would love to see the Mirror arbitrate a pig dispute ..."
Arenglae says, "I want cherry jello."
Limorten tips his head back and takes a long draught from his bottle.
Limorten looks rather relaxed.
Naamit awkwardly says, "I'll just watch you all wrestle."
Valyrka says, "So as I answer questions from you I would also love to know the following."
Valyrka asks, "What kinds of new documentation would you like to see?"
Arenglae snickers at Naamit.
Xanlin grins slowly at you.
Valyrka asks, "What areas would you like to see spruced up?"
Silima says, "I would like to see more on the other houses."
Menos raises his hand.
Speaking to Valyrka, Naamit says, "I'd like to see the missing documentation about the Lost King."
Speaking to you, Xanlin asks, "Only if pig is code for something interesting though, right?"
Lucrecea says, "More information regarding the Houses we can't visit."
Sweetsin raises her hand.
Silvynn just left.
Valyrka says, "New npcs" What kind? I love the barkeep in Cysaegir."
The Silvynn disk goes off in search of its master.
You squint at Xanlin.
Valyrka just opened the coloring book.
Silima makes a writing motion at the coloring book.
Valyrka says, "You can sign up and I won't miss anyone then."
Limorten asks, "Vintner that sells wine ingredients like vaalor? Specific Illistim house blends?"
Valyrka says, "I teach elementary, coloring books rule."
Speaking to Valyrka, Arenglae says, "Probably easier than raised hands."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "Thats what my question was."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten asks, "I'll bombard Mazreth... Monday?"
Limorten ponders.
Speaking to Limorten, Arenglae says, "Tomorrow."
Limorten surreptitiously glances at Mazreth.
Sweetsin nods at Limorten.
Speaking to Limorten, Arenglae says, "His is tomorrw."
Arenglae says, "Er, tomorrow."
Speaking to Mazreth, Limorten whispers aloud, "Wines."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "Fair enough, I get this one you get that one."


Valyrka exclaims, "Naamit!"
Naamit says, "I'd like to see some undead in the 50-70 and 95-1XXs, if you have any control over that. Next, if you are looking for storyline options - may I suggest, the demise of Caelith and also the ruins around Gyldemar, where Faeroth roam."
Naamit asks, "And for questions, what opportunities do you have for non-elves who live in this half of the world?"

Valyrka says, "All the Aid the West stuff has been opened to all, the delegation is a nice mixture of all races."
Valyrka says, "And mhos and ches elven or not have been supported."
Valyrka says, "But I also hope to expand on the gnome."
Naamit says, "Thank you for your support of the MHOs and CHEs."
Naamit says, "I also look forward to more....suspenseful storylines. Opportunities for the not-so-goodie-two-shoed among us."
Naamit winks at Valyrka.
Naamit says, "Even if some of my characters are goodie two shoe elves."
Naamit flashes a quick grin.
Valyrka says, "We still have an issue from the earthquake that a non-elf may have caused."
Speaking skeptically to Naamit, Xanlin says, "Really... I'm not sure I can believe that one."
Speaking to Naamit, Arenglae says, "I don't believe you."
Sweetsin laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.
Naamit says, "A non elf. How is that even possible."
Naamit unconvincingly says, "I had nothing to do with any covert action whatsoever."
Valyrka says, "Anyway I will make sure to look at adding ways for more of the populace to have their own part in things."
Naamit says, "Thank you for your time. I cede the floor to Treeva."
Naamit nods appreciatively at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "It is true that they may not wish to be goody with the elves but go their own way."
Valyrka says, "Its a hard balance to have sometimes."
Naamit nods in agreement at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "But I also watch all the mychars and many of you have affected events."
Valyrka says, "Miss Treeva."
You say, "I need a sticky note on the wall that reminds me mchar exists. I always forget."
Treeva inclines her head.
Sweetsin looks thoughtfully at Valyrka.

Treeva says, "Could we pretty please get like...a studious mystery thriller storyline that gives out books as the souvenir. And/or! Can we also get invasion storylines, where we get to slay a lot of baddies while being giving NPC dev during in between time."
Treeva says, "I would also echo, having things for the "dark and evil" aligned people would be great."
Valyrka says, "We need a good reason for a ton of invasions."
Speaking to you, Arenglae says, "It's my favoritest RP tool."
Valyrka says, "I need to kill you more."
Treeva says, "I want some good blood sacrifices."
Valyrka says, "So noted."
Valyrka nods at Treeva.
Speaking to you, Arenglae says, "Do it whenever your character may have a stray random thought... it works wonders, seriously."
Naamit says, "Yes, more blood, death and destruction."
Naamit chuckles.
Limorten says, "Perhaps the less friendly elves could think of and particpate in causing an invasion... if soliciting ideas."
Naamit nods in agreement at Limorten.
Treeva says, "Lastly, could we please also get more RPAs during events, because it makes hunting worthwhile."
Speaking to Arenglae, you say, "Have you met Ava? Maybe like, one fourth of her stray thoughts."
You snicker.
Naamit winks at you and flashes a sly grin.
Treeva says, "These are my primary desires and wants. Books, carnage, RPAs, blood."
Valyrka says, "I usually do, but maybe I missed some."
Valyrka agrees with Treeva.
Treeva nods enthusiastically!
Amalexia says, "Curses.  I have to behave these days."
Treeva says, "This is all, thanks babe for the time to speak."
Speaking to Treeva, Amalexia says, "Solhaven burns really, really well."
Silima says, "It is."
Lucrecea says, "It also sinks really, really well."

Valyrka exclaims, "Menos!"
Speaking to Amalexia, Naamit says, "It sinks too."
Menos says, "Solhaven floods nice too."
Silima says, "It is made out of particle board."
Valyrka says, "Yea Solhaven doesn't even float."
Silima chuckles.
Limorten says, "Kraken vs the peacock."
Limorten ponders.
Arenglae says, "I'm a fan of freezing things over.  I vote for that over burning."
Valyrka turns to face Menos.
Arenglae says, "Have Gossamer Valley invade."
Speaking to Arenglae, Mazreth says, "Done that."
Menos says, "I noticed a while back that it seemed like a huge number of rooms on the roads outside of town, the pass and to the ferry have zero foragable items."
Menos says, "Not even sticks."
Menos says, "It made it all feel a bit like a wasteland."
Valyrka says, "Ah."
Valyrka says, "I did not know thar."
Speaking to Mazreth, Arenglae says, "But that was TV... that wasn't Illistim."
Valyrka says, "Def something to look into."
Menos says, "I was trying to forage stuff while waiting for bandits."
Menos says, "And it was very strange."
Speaking cryptically to Mazreth, Arenglae says, "I couldn't be there to enjoy the snow as the ice mage."
Lucrecea says, "They're probably hard, flat terrain."
Naamit says, "The terrain/climate settings are the types with no forageables."
Lucrecea says, "Anything with hard, flat terrain doesn't have any foageables."
Naamit nods at Lucrecea.
Lucrecea says, "I know a thing or two about the foraging system."
Limorten presses his bottle to his lips and gulps down something from within it.
Valyrka says, "I will look at them and see if there is a different terrain that could be used or makes sense."
Lucrecea says, "Plain, dirt could be useful for some instead of that."
Menos asks, "Or just add like sticks and pebbles to hard flat?"
Valyrka says, "And how to get approvals etc."
Darconas melodically says, "You know that the only place in the entire EN to get wiregrass foragables for rangers is in OTF?..."
Darconas melodically says, "Yea..."
Lucrecea says, "If you want it to remain very road-y."
Lucrecea says, "There's plenty of places in EN for wiregrass."
Lucrecea says, "Just go south along Whistler's Pass."
Darconas melodically says, "Not on the maps or database i found online."
Lucrecea says, "Anything with a grasslands terrain has it there- a bunch of rooms."
Naamit says, "Speaking of foraging, the majority of OTF herb tasks land on three rooms. They are often empty so you have to wait. It might be worthwhile to add a couple more rooms iwth those settings."
Lucrecea says, "You should use sense instead of databases, they're not updated."
Darconas melodically asks, "Isn't sense only for rangers?"
Lucrecea says, "Yes, but you can also use forage sense.  Or jsut experiment."
Valyrka says, "In general foragables could be looked at."
Speaking melodically to Naamit, Darconas says, "Agreed on that point."
Sweetsin says, "If you throw in a few herbs for wine making into those foragables."
Speaking melodically to Naamit, Darconas says, "I hate how newly low level OTF hunters have to brave champions for those tasks."
Sweetsin says, "That would work."
Limorten winks at Sweetsin.
Archales says, "Maybe some overgrown ancient gardens."
Valyrka says, "I think i will take a look at the whole area and see what is lacking that maybe TI should have."
Valyrka says, "And how many rooms etc."
Naamit says, "Not even new areas, just redistribute the climate/terrain settings a little more broadly."
The dim aura fades from around Titaniae.
Naamit says, "To the OTF change suggested, that is."
Darconas melodically says, "Especially the 3 room OTF foragables."
Valyrka nods.
The powerful look leaves Titaniae.
Speaking in Elven, Menos says, "Some one room ones too, just south of the steps to the west ducts."
Valyrka says, "But as an addition."
Valyrka says, "I do not think player data is accurate."
Valyrka says, "There is a ton of wiregrass."
Darconas melodically says, "Ah ok."
Valyrka says, "'if you are relying on scripts to find them, I have to wonder if they have all the areas... wiregrass is just the one I can think of up the top of my head."
Valyrka says, "But I will take a look and see what I can find."
Darconas melodically says, "Maybe we need a ranger to remap the lands."
Meril says, "There is no currently complete climate/terrain map for the world, the latest ones are still from quite a while ago. I think it is because only rangers can actually sense it and more recentc mappers aren't crangers."
Valyrka says, "That could be it."
Lucrecea says, "I've got the entire climate/terain data for Ta'Illistim.  Just never shared it on a map."
Valyrka says, "But as I said I can take a peek and see if I see anything off."
Darconas melodically says, "The only one that's really painful to me is the 3 room OTF issue Naamit mentioned."

Valyrka says, "Silima."
Silima asks, "First question, when are we taking over Solhaven?"
Silima snickers.
Limorten squints.
Valyrka says, "I already did, he just does not know it."
Silima says, "Good, good."
Sweetsin nods approvingly.
You nod approvingly.
Amalexia says, "Excellent."
Valyrka says, "It is now Ta'Valyrka."
Silima asks, "I would like to see more documents regarding culture and etiquette of the other houses.  Information on those cities, what they do, their more notable trades, prominent families, customs, even societies.  Much like there is for this city and the Illistim. Will this be a possibility?"
Naamit turns to Valyrka and cheers!
Lydil squints at Valyrka.
Valyrka smooches Lydil on the cheek.
Arenglae blinks in surprise as though just becoming aware of Lydil's presence.
Lydil glances between Naamit and Silima.
Silima points at Naamit.
Silima says, "It was her."
Lydil adds some names to his list.
Valyrka says, "I would like to see them too and a def possibility."
Naamit says, "Fine, fine, blame me. I don't mind being your punching bag."
Valyrka says, "'as I said I want to start bringing the other cultures into play more."
Valyrka says, "Even if its a representative or form posts or letters between rulers."
Valyrka says, "And more documentation is always good."
Valyrka nods.
Silima exclaims, "Great!"
Silima exclaims, "That's all I had!  Thank you!"

Valyrka exclaims, "Sweetsin!"
Sweetsin asks, "Vintner that sells wine ingredients like vaalor? Specific Illistim house blends?"
Sweetsin says, "AND."
Sweetsin says, "Perhaps some herbs to help make wine."
Sweetsin says, "Thrown into that foraging part."
Sweetsin nods.
Sweetsin asks, "Was that stunning?"
Valyrka says, "Nope just checking how that all works."
Darconas melodically says, "Off with her head."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten teases, "You are always stunning."
Speaking to Darconas, Sweetsin says, "Thats my line, damn it."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Arenglae says, "I think the wine press falls under Mazreth territory."
Limorten flutters his eyelashes at a rotted bloodshot eyeball.
Speaking to Arenglae, Sweetsin says, "Well you know, trying to expand the horizon."
Valyrka says, "The press is kinda a TV thing."
Sweetsin asks, "Can we still get herbs though at least?"
Valyrka says, "And while it would be cool I do not want to dup it.. but we could trade ingredients to TV."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Arenglae suggests, "TV has an OOC meeting tomorrow."
Speaking to Arenglae, Sweetsin says, "Thanks,  I am hoping to attend that as well."
Valyrka says, "So maybe we can trade."
Valyrka winks at Mazreth.
Amalexia says, "Moon(glae)shine."
Limorten nods approvingly at Amalexia.
Valyrka says, "Import some Illistim stuff to Tv."
Valyrka says, "We will chat."
Valyrka nods at Mazreth.
Speaking to Valyrka, Lydil says, "If you are looking for lovely wines I know a region that is well known for them."
Limorten points at Lydil.
Valyrka says, "I know, Ta'valyrka."
Valyrka nods at Lydil.
Sweetsin snickers.
Speaking offhandedly to Lydil, Arenglae says, "I know a bard who has been indulging in said wines.  They're okay."
Valyrka says, "I am all for towns having things unique to them like the wine press in TV."
Lydil scoffs at Arenglae.
Speaking to Valyrka, Naamit says, "I like Ta'Valyrka. A lot. You should work on this."
Limorten adds his name to the coloring book.
Lucrecea says, "Ta'Illistim needs a paper press instead of a wine press."
Silima asks, "Can we have absinthe?"
Limorten points at Lucrecea.
Speaking to Lucrecea, Limorten says, "Exactly why i joined the book."
Speaking to Lucrecea, Valyrka says, "That is a great thing."
Speaking to Limorten, Lucrecea asks, "Oops?"
Valyrka grins.
Speaking to Lucrecea, Naamit says, "That is an amazing idea. A paper press."
Speaking to Lucrecea, Limorten says, "Great minds and all that."

Valyrka exclaims, "Obsalyn!"
Sweetsin says, "And a place that can bind parchments into a book."
Lucrecea agrees with Limorten.
Obsalyn says, "As far as documentation I would love more lore regarding Ta'Nalfein, more stories on the interplay between the gnomes and elves. My dream would be that Ta'Nalfein would be built, actually all the cities on the map finally finished so we could go to every place on the map, but that's a very long term goal to shoot for."
You feel your extra strength departing.
Silima says, "Or yeah, something paper."
Obsalyn says, "Also."
Obsalyn says, "I love gnomes and Ta'Nalfein, and would love to see a storyline with political intrigue with the Nalfeins using Winedotter gnomes as unwitting spies to possibly attempt a coup. My vision honestly is like the Great Mouse Detective where the Mirror would get replaced with a clockwork automaton, then rescued. Or possibly an evil Neimhean gnome manipulating the Winedotters could also be an option."
Obsalyn says, "And my question would be Would it be possible to get a gnome enclave in Illistim and ideally have it connect in some way to Vaalor? Possibly create some new underground dungeon type hunting areas along the way."
Silima chuckles.
You say, "Poor little gnomes  ...."
Valyrka says, "I cannot promise anything with new hunting, that is like selling your first and second born kid as well as a kidney."
Obsalyn grins.
Obsalyn says, "Just an idea, I feel there's a need for new hunting areas somewhat, would give you something below ground instead of above is all."
Valyrka nods.
Obsalyn says, "But would love all the gnome things."
Valyrka says, "Player proposals area always looked at. A player sent me the idea for the champions in OTF."
Obsalyn says, "A clockwork invasion would be epic."
Darconas melodically says, "Lets string them up."
Darconas melodically says, "Burn the punks."
Obsalyn says, "And maybe gnomes could build some devices to help during invasions."
Valyrka says, "'that is a fun story proposal."
Naamit asks, "What about the gnomes that live under Ta'Illistim?"
Valyrka says, "You have seen one.... so far."
Naamit says, "So many hokey catacombs."
Speaking to Obsalyn, Limorten says, "I had a fever dream of a REIM style repeatable quest using automatons that dropped gears and stuff that could make custom weapons and armor."
Naamit clarifies, "Holey."
Speaking to Limorten, Obsalyn says, "I would love that."
Valyrka says, "But definitely could do more with them and have them have more of a presence."
Speaking to Obsalyn, Limorten confirms, "Me too."
Valyrka says, "If a clock comes and kills you all, it is his fault."
Speaking to Limorten, Arenglae says, "That would be fun... or use them to add to cobbled shoes like you do skins/gems."
Valyrka points at Obsalyn.
Limorten points at Arenglae.
Obsalyn beams!

Valyrka says, "Titaniae."
Titaniae quietly says, "Oh."
Titaniae quietly exclaims, "I want to raise the plight of sylvankinds!"
Titaniae quietly says, "We are also elves and yet not treated as elves."
Valyrka asks, "Sylvans?"
Titaniae nods.
Lucrecea says, "Fake elves."
Arenglae says, "Unevolved elves."
Limorten exclaims, "Ordlyns! the whole lot of them!"
Titaniae quietly says, "We are only able to get partial citizenship here."
Titaniae quietly says, "We don't have our own cities."
Speaking to Lucrecea, you say, "It's so hard not to have an IC reaction to that."
You flail your arms about.
Titaniae quietly says, "No racial trading benefits."
Lucrecea grins at you.
Titaniae quietly exclaims, "We have been left behind!"
Valyrka says, "You have one, its just locked."
Titaniae quietly says, "Pure elves."
Titaniae quietly exclaims, "The purest of the pure!"
Treeva repeats, "Fake elves."
Lucrecea says, "Hillbilly elves."
Meril suggests, "Some of us might say a sylvan who desires citizenship in the Elven Nations is no longer sylvan."
Silima says, "They live in the trees and don't invite us to their cities."
Titaniae quietly says, "Anyways, would be good to get some development or improvements to sylvan race.  Full citizenship as elves, some backstory in possible, etc."
You exclaim, "You're killing me!"
You flail your arms about.
Valyrka says, "I am not the sylvan gm but I can get them know that more stuff for them."
Speaking quietly to Meril, Titaniae says, "But yet sylvans aren't allowed to get citizenship in the nations."
Speaking to Meril, Arenglae says, "I like that view."
Valyrka says, "But they will not get full citizenship as they are not of the elven houses."
Limorten sticks out his tongue and lets loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from his lips!
Treeva adopts an agreeable expression.
Limorten exclaims, "Learn to build!"
Valyrka says, "'I love sylvans though."
Speaking reassuringly to Titaniae, Archales says, "Cysaegir bids you welcome."
Naamit adds, "Can Giants have partial citizenship for Ta'Illistim since they build the city?"
Silima says, "You might as well wash up and stop climbing trees if you want to have citizenship."
Naamit stares off into space.
Titaniae quietly says, "I want a sylvan invasion army to come and overthrow Illistim."
Titaniae nods.
Archales shifts his weight.
Valyrka says, "They just have a totally different history."
Speaking to Naamit, Arenglae asks, "Did they build it on rock and roll?"
Valyrka says, "They did."
Sweetsin says, "I actually think its great,  sad they don't have more going on for their race, but the hard lines are there to add to RP experience."
Valyrka agrees with Arenglae.
Arenglae winks at Valyrka.
Titaniae quietly says, "I can't believe the buggy race gets their own city but sylvans have been left since the game opened."
Titaniae wails!
Silima says, "I mean like dark elves can't even go into most buildings here so, you know, good thing you aren't a dark elf."
Valyrka says, "I can bring it up as a want, even if its not something I can directly do."
Titaniae quietly says, "Well that's different."
Titaniae waves a hand at Silima, dismissing her indifferently.
Amalexia says, "Ta'Illistim was at least 2 grain and 3 ore."
Speaking to Silima, Sweetsin says, "Or half elf."
Valyrka exclaims, "Its obviously something you are passionate about!"
Valyrka says, "And noted."

Valyrka says, "Darconas."
Darconas melodically says, "This is a bit more to do with Ta'Vaalor than Illistim."
Darconas melodically says, "I didnt realize there was a separate OOC meeting for it since it wasn't in the announcements."
Mazreth turns an inquisitive ear toward Darconas.
Darconas melodically asks, "But for Vaalor invasions, can the anti-teleportation thing be turned off?"
Speaking to Darconas, Arenglae says, "Might want to save that for tomorrow."
Mazreth asks, "You mean teleporting into the city?"
Speaking to Sweetsin, Limorten whispers aloud, "I was hoping for more wine questions."
Darconas melodically says, "Last couple times I went when they called for help, ported into city gate into a room full of enemies, and died promptly."
Darconas melodically says, "I can't make it to tomorrow."
Mazreth nods.
Darconas melodically says, "Same with rescuing bodies, just end up dying all over the landing spot."
Darconas melodically says, "Nowadays I don't bother responding to any Vaalor requests for help because of that."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "Tomorrow."
Limorten nods approvingly at Sweetsin.
Archales shifts his weight.
Darconas melodically says, "I think if there's a desire for better participation and such, similar to how justice is turned off, maybe turn off teleportation.  you are after all, asking for people to come help."
Mazreth says, "Unfortunately, it's a security issue (IC) and during an a attack is the least likely time that would ever happen."
Naamit says, "It'd be handy if there was even one room within the city that was a viable teleportation drop point."
Darconas melodically exclaims, "Well...frankly it doesn't seem like its helping against the invasions!"
Amalexia says, "Under massive guard, perhaps."
You say, "They come through the doors. The big ones."
You smirk.
Mazreth says, "I have turned off the papers system during invasions to compromise and there will never be a spot to teleport INTO Ta'vaalor directly."
Arenglae says, "If it did, it would be fun to have like... a circle of NPC guards there and a forced delay as they inspect you to ensure you aren't a danger."
Mazreth agrees with you.
Mazreth says, "If you don't defend the gates, they walk right in yes."
Archales asks, "Can I have an army of critters to lead in an invasion against Ta'vaalor?"
Naamit says, "During the last invasion, Roblar only died because he got stuck waiting for papers."
Naamit snickers.
Lucrecea says, "Those lazy NPC soldiers.."
Obsalyn asks, "You could set up triage in voln maybe?"
Mazreth laughs at Archales!
Archales says, "I only need you to look the ohter way fer 20 minutes."
Archales nods encouragingly at Mazreth.
Speaking to Archales, Mazreth says, "No."
Archales sighs.
Archales hangs his head.
The voice of Elysani asks, "Paper beats Roblar?"
High Lady Titaniae just went out.
Naamit exclaims, "Yep, he got caught in round time waiting to pass over papers!"
Naamit snickers to herself.
The voice of Elysani says, "Now to haunt him with images of identification papers. Excellent."
Darconas melodically says, "Ok well, that's all i had.   just saying otherwise, I know a few people who don't feel its worth participating with the current mechanics."
Darconas melodically exclaims, "Next!"
Archales says, "Beauracracy at work."
Mazreth says, "That's actually incorrect.  Papers were off."
Naamit exclaims, "Ok, Roblar is a liar. We all win!"
Naamit lets out a cheer!
Limorten exclaims, "Boo urns!"
Archales chuckles.
Mazreth says, "He died because he got overwhelmed trying to fight too many creatures."
Treeva says, "I'm haunted with identification paper nightmares."
Mazreth says, "A couple of times..."
Silima says, "Good times."
Valyrka says, "I missed it."
Valyrka sighs.
Arenglae exclaims, "You're hiding, Miss Elysani!"

Valyrka says, "Miss Avawren."
The voice of Elysani says, "UH HUH."
Valyrka says, "She is smartz."
Arenglae's lower lip trembles slightly.
You grin at Valyrka.
Arenglae says, "But... but... but..."
The voice of Elysani says, "I'm plotting. Or something."
Arenglae says, "It better be for Veolas."
You say, "Two things, first a documation request and then a comment/thank you."
Valyrka nods.
Valyrka says, "The floor is yours."
You say, "Sort of in line with Silima's request, could we have like a "Pocket Guide to the City-States" that details the general climate, architecture, mood etc of the non-represented cities? I have a hard time talking about Ta'Nalfein if I can't be sure that my assumption it's in a swamp based on it's location is true of not. It could be the Italian coast for all I know. Just a loose overview would be a huge addition to those of that can't actually walk our home's streets."
You cough.
You say, "And staying on theme, I'm really happy to see you mention bringing out some of the other House's NPCs. There's quite a lot of active elf RPers who aren't Vaalorian or Illistimi, and it would send us all into a tizzy to have ties to things. I loved House Nalfein helping Ta'Vaalor during the winter, and ... if Rhosyn isn't secretly behind some aspect of the dealings with the west and House Vaalor, Avawren will eat her geldaralad."
You nod once.
Limorten ponders.
Speaking to you, Limorten offers, "How about a pie?"
Valyrka zips her lips.
You grin at Valyrka.
Speaking dubiously to Limorten, you say, "I do like pie ..."
Limorten nods approvingly to you.
Speaking to himself, Limorten says, "All the elves will eat pie..."
Valyrka says, "It is definitely on my list."
Valyrka says, "The pies we have had in the past year were...."
Valyrka says, "Interesting."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "Ok now I know where the thought leads.  no."
Speaking to Limorten, Sweetsin says, "Not yet, to soon."
Silima says, "I'm more a cake person."
Speaking to you, Valyrka says, "But yes look for more in the near future."
You adopt an agreeable expression.
Speaking to Silima, Arenglae says, "I like brownies,."

Valyrka turns to face Xanlin.
Valyrka says, "No you cannot have my garden, you can have one in Ta'Valyrka."
Valyrka nods at Xanlin.
Darconas just left.
Lydil glances at Valyrka.
Silima lets out a cheer!
Naamit snickers at Valyrka.
Naamit says, "I do like that. Ta'Valyrka."
Silima asks, "Can I have one too?"
Valyrka says, "Sure."
Silima says, "Awesome."
Valyrka throws out a garden for you, and for you, and one for you in Ta'Valyrka.
Xanlin says, "I... am keeping my garden."
Naamit hoots at Valyrka.
Arenglae exclaims, "Yay!"
Limorten seems to lose some focus as his eyes narrow and shift momentarily to one side.
Xanlin says, "Never even come to visit."
Speaking to Xanlin, Valyrka asks, "Is this for a garbage can?"
Xanlin asks, "Umm... maybe a bin?"
Amalexia says, "You get a garden and you get a garden and you get a garden."
Valyrka nods.
Valyrka says, "I will look at the room and see where I can add something sneaky."
Xanlin says, "Hidden behind a column or something like that."
Naamit says, "A gigantic sinkhole under the column and bench would be nice."
Naamit smirks.
Valyrka adopts an agreeable expression.
Valyrka says, "A giant sinkhole in Naamits house would be nice."
Limorten says, "Could double as the gnomish enclave."
Speaking to Valyrka, Naamit says, "That would be rad."
Speaking to Naamit, Xanlin says, "We have a gnome that sleeps under the bench."
Naamit nods encouragingly at Valyrka.
You snicker.
Speaking to Xanlin, Naamit says, "Why am I not surprised."
Speaking to Valyrka, Naamit says, "The sinkhole is elf-sized by the way."
Valyrka says, "Of course."
Valyrka says, "But we could stuff a giant person in it."
Naamit shrugs at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "Cut em in half."
Silima says, "I feel like that sinkhole would get stuffed with dead bodies really fast... see right there."
Naamit says, "We come in all shapes and sizes."
Speaking to Xanlin, Valyrka says, "Sorry I did not mean to take over your question."
Speaking reluctantly to Naamit, Xanlin asks, "Because my antics have ceased to amuse you?"
Speaking to Silima, Lydil says, "All the bodies will be buried in the garden.  The blood and ash helps the flowers grow."
Silima grins at Lydil.
Speaking to Xanlin, Naamit says, "On the contrary."
Naamit nods in agreement at Lydil.
Speaking to Lydil, Silima says, "I'm all for a well-fed garden."
The voice of Elysani says, "Calm down there Crux."
Silima wiggles her eyebrows at Lydil.
Lydil says, "I meant actual flowers thankyouverymuch."
Valyrka says, "Was there another question too? I just kinda assumed."
Lydil says, "Less Crux more Cartagia."
Lydil nods.
Valyrka blushes a glowing shade of red.
Valyrka grins at Xanlin.
Speaking to Lydil, Sweetsin asks, "Ever see that Seamore flower?"
Speaking to Sweetsin, Lydil says, "Those sort of flowers do not need help growing."
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin asks, "Let me have a way to sneak into the Veythorne Manor on the weekend?"
Speaking to Xanlin, Sweetsin says, "A bard can do that for you."
Speaking to Xanlin, Sweetsin says, "I have proven it."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Xanlin says, "I remember, now hush and wait your turn."
Sweetsin says, "A ploy, my bad."
Sweetsin nods understandingly.
Valyrka says, "No sneaking."
Valyrka says, "Sneaky."
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin asks, "Bribery?"
Limorten appears to be checking his pockets for something, but finds them empty.
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin asks, "Do the gambling areas work during the week?"
Valyrka says, "They should."
Speaking to Valyrka, Xanlin says, "Then that's all."
Valyrka says, "I will look at them if not."

Valyrka says, "Meril."
Meril nods.
Meril says, "This is a documentation request, partly? I would like to know more about the various town npcs that are already around, like the shopkeepers, the town priestess, and so on."
Meril says, "And maybe they could also show up to RP events too (like how Landing has a a History of Kilron document and sometimes the shopkeepers participate in storylines). I think that would help give them more character and not just be treated as props."
Valyrka nods.
Naamit exclaims, "Interesting tie-in for Clessar, since he's already a figure in town and will soon be taking over a shop!"
Valyrka says, "They could also be updated with question answers and more updated messaging."
Naamit winks at Meril.
Meril says, "Aha, that is true."
Meril nods at Naamit.
Valyrka exclaims, "Good idea!"
Sweetsin seems a bit less imposing.

Valyrka says, "Archales."
The air about Sweetsin stops shimmering.
Archales says, "I like that idea of making the shop owners more personable so ta speak."
Valyrka adopts an agreeable expression.
Archales says, "But I was wondering if you had a rough schedule in mind of when you might be most likely to be around, sort of how Kenstrom has a predictabl'ish time he shows up to play."
Archales says, "I dont wanna miss out but have responsibilities on both sides of the mountains these days."
Valyrka says, "I am eastern time."
Sweetsin groans at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "I try and run events at 9 ish most times."
Sweetsin says, "How can you do everything so late."
Archales nods appreciatively at Valyrka.
Speaking to Valyrka, Archales says, "One more question if I could."
Valyrka says, "A lot depends on my schedule."
Archales says, "Maybe one an half."
Valyrka says, "I am a teacher."
Valyrka says, "But I also direct musical and play in pit orchestras."
Archales exclaims, "So if schools out invason time?!"
Archales says, "Ahh."
Valyrka says, "If school is out I am very productive."
Archales snaps his fingers.
Valyrka says, "I am in production right now for a middle school musical."
Jessianna walks toward Archales.
Archales asks, "Which musical?"
Jessianna blushes a nice shade of rosy pink.
Valyrka says, "The Addams Family."
Archales asks, "Wait, does that count as my second question?"
Archales smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand!
Valyrka says, "No."
Limorten blinks.
Obsalyn says, "Oo very nice."
Arenglae snaps her fingers.
Arenglae snaps her fingers.
Archales says, "Ohh."
Valyrka says, "So its a busy month."
Archales slowly empties his lungs.
Limorten says, "Neat."
Archales says, "Sounds very productive."
Valyrka says, "After the end of the month I will be around from 7 pm on usually."
Valyrka says, "For events."
Jessianna just went out.
Valyrka says, "I will try an announce them on the forums more."
Valyrka says, "But I like the rp events to be around 9  on week nights and sometimes earlier on weekends."
Valyrka says, "I never do stuff after 12 if I can help it."
Valyrka says, "Am."
Valyrka says, "Or I am a total grouch in the morning."
Valyrka says, "So 7 - 12 but more like 9."
Valyrka says, "But yea I will be announcing more etc when things will be happening."
Speaking to Valyrka, Archales says, "I know ta'illistim is known for being super knowledgable, but where do illistimer's go to learn the languages of others they plan to study? similarly where do they research dangerous magic or substances like poisons, would it be possible to sneak a peek at some places like that? I'd even be happy with more excuses to take joy rides on the airships."
Valyrka grins.
Archales says, "Thank you I try to attend as many of the events out here as possible so any heads up is a big help."
Valyrka says, "Most of their research is done here depending on if they are in a group like the elemancers etc."
Speaking to Archales, Arenglae says, "That would be fun... airship tours."
Sweetsin says, "Ehance the llibrary."
Sweetsin says, "Enhance too."
Valyrka says, "But a look into those groups would be a good thing."
Sweetsin babbles something unintelligible.
Arenglae adds her name to the coloring book.
Sweetsin says, "Library... egads, I will sit quietly at the next event promise."
Sweetsin scratches the back of her nacreous skeleton's neck, and it stretches its wings out, basking in the attention.
Valyrka says, "I have those days when my arthritis acts up."
Valyrka says, "So more into the learning of the Illistimi and a peek inside airships."
Sweetsin says, "I wish I had that as an excuse,  not really but you know what I mean."
Valyrka grins.
Valyrka says, "Naamit snuck in again."
Valyrka grins.
Archales says, "An finally with there being more formal court appearances does that mean we won't get to see as many personal moments with the Mirror in forum posts and at festivals in the city going forward? I really enjoyed those and would count them as a documentation request much like finding out about Ta'ardenai, how the mirror approaches political relations with Cysaegir, and language documents."
Valyrka says, "Oops."
Naamit hugs Valyrka.
Archales says, "I think that's it."
Valyrka says, "'there will be more formal court things on a regular schedule coming up."
Valyrka says, "I personaly dislike the formal court sessions as they just seem to cause friction between myself and players."
Speaking to Valyrka, you say, "My collection of gowns that never get worn thank you."
Valyrka says, "May feel they are stifled."
Archales nods understandingly.
Valyrka says, "Many."
Valyrka says, "But it does make sense in a formal setting to put weapons away and not be rude."
Arenglae says, "They could always try to go to a formal court session in TV."
Arenglae appears to be struggling to keep a straight face.
Archales asks, "Does that mean we won't get to see the mirror as often at informal settings?"
Archales nods in agreement at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "As far as formal I am revamping them some."
Valyrka says, "And they will have a purpose."
Valyrka says, "And you may see other npcs etc at them."
Archales nods.
Valyrka says, "'but yes you will see her at informal ones, she feels she needs to be a part of her town not up on a rock looking down all the time."
There appears to be something written on it.

Valyrka says, "And Limorten."
Limorten asks, "Everything I was going to bring up was covered in pieces - but something you said about each town having a unique "feature" to it, do you feel Illistim has one already and could some sort of book making or printing press thing be possible? Perhaps with the creation of a gnomish enclave or do you feel the whole encalve is unique to vaalor?"
Valyrka says, "Illistim has the glowbark tree that make jewelry which I love."
Arenglae cluelessly asks, "You can use it to make jewelry?  How did I not know this?"
Valyrka says, "Or you could at some point turn the leaf into jewelry."
Valyrka says, "Maybe Iam thinking of something else."
Valyrka ponders.
You say, "Jewelry in Veythorne Manor too."
Arenglae says, "The flowers for sure."
You grab a pale white alyssum blossom strung upon a thin silver chain from a small pocket inside of your obsidian wool cloak.
You point at your white alyssum blossom.
Arenglae says, "I didn't know about the leaves."
Valyrka says, "I am pretty sure a young man made my pc one from a leaf."
Valyrka says, "But going back to his question."
Valyrka says, "I love the paper idea."
Valyrka says, "And I am already looking at it."
Valyrka winks.
Limorten lets out a cheer!
Valyrka says, "That would be perfect here."
Limorten says, "Even if its an expansion of the offerings of the existing stationary story - somewhat to make custom styles of paper etc."
Valyrka says, "Which also needs an update."
Limorten says, "Since i know books seem to have become a DR thing."
Valyrka agrees with Limorten.
Valyrka says, "But yes I love it and I am already planning."
Valyrka says, "It was a great idea."
Valyrka says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Valyrka, Arenglae says, "Regarding the various groups and organizations within the Illistim culture..."
Arenglae asks, "Will we ever see the chance for PCs to join them, ala the Palestra?"
Silima says, "Ohh."
Silima says, "That's a good question."
Valyrka says, "I won't say never."
Valyrka says, "But I know that is not on my plate for this year."
Valyrka says, "I would like them to come around more to at least get folks to know who they are."
Valyrka says, "But I won't rule it out for the future."
Silima says, "Grey Obelisk here."
Valyrka says, "They would really need individual documentation and fleshed out more before that could happen."
Arenglae nods in agreement.
Arenglae says, "They barely have a paragraph on the wiki."
Silima nods.
Valyrka says, "I will add it to my wish list."
You say, "Oh bother, I just thought of something else. Quick I promise."
Valyrka says, "The documentation at this point."
Valyrka nods.

Speaking to Valyrka, Amaurn says, "I'm a bit curious, you've mentioned a few times that court appearances are stifling, and I can understand that."
Amaurn asks, "Is Myasara stifling to you?"
Valyrka says, "She is not, I feel she is more welcoming than ever."
Valyrka says, "Unless you piss her off."
Valyrka says, "Then she is all queen elizabeth off with their head."
Archales chuckles.
Amaurn chuckles.
Valyrka says, "The pomp of the situation is."
Amaurn says, "Why not bring her out more then? Outside of court appearances."
Valyrka says, "She comes out almost once a month."
You say, "She went for a lovely walk over to the Abbey just a couple weeks ago."
You grin.
Valyrka says, "That was fun."
Silima grins.
Valyrka says, "I had to remember where the place was on the map and how to get there."
Valyrka says, "No secret jumping there."
Silima says, "The Abbey is awesome."
You grin at Silima.
Valyrka says, "The court sessions do need to happen, but I need to revamp them some."
Amaurn says, "The court sessions aren't exactly in sync with how you've been modeling her lately."
Valyrka says, "But sometimes we all need to remember that every event is not all sun and rainbows, she has to be formal and a ruler sometimes, and sometimes she can dance in the grass and catch fireflies."
Amaurn nods.
Valyrka says, "They aren't but they go along with being a ruler."
Valyrka says, "There is always formal court business."
Valyrka says, "And sometimes it involves players."
Valyrka says, "Its also a good place to make formal announcements."
Valyrka says, "But in the end is she a ruler and she has court business to handle, and then she can dance."
Valyrka says, "I just know its hard for player to be quiet and respectful sometimes."
Valyrka says, "Because its not their cup of tea either."
You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.
Amaurn says, "Not exactly that."
Valyrka says, "So a variety of events with her is a good thing."
You say, "I think the formal stuff is part of the allure of the Nations."
Amaurn says, "As someone that is less than posh, its harder to fit your character into the scene."
Valyrka says, "It is too, its just harder for many to fit in."
Valyrka nods at Amaurn.
You say, "There are plenty of avenues for players that like to be cheeky and making jokes during storyline. I like the moments over here where people need to realize where they are."
You say, "... for what it's worth."
Valyrka says, "I guess maybe I am saying it wrong... They are not my favorite events because I know many players feel they do not fit in."
Amaurn looks over at Valyrka and shakes her head.
Valyrka says, "And I like to include everyone as much as possible."
Amaurn says, "Nothing wrong about it."
You nod understandingly at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "But they are a nessessity as the ruler of a nation."
Amaurn says, "You'ev just used the word stifled a few times, I was curious."
Amaurn says, "So I'm rather interested in what you'll be doing to revamp it."
Amaurn says, "But I know it's late."
Valyrka says, "I think because it is a common word used to me when players are unhappy about them."
Valyrka says, "They do not feel they can speak out or  rp, but they shouldnt be speaking out during that time."
Obsalyn asks, "That's what the mychar is for right?"
Valyrka says, "So it has to be a balance of what is good rp as far as an elven queen, and making sure players are included in an appropriate manner."
Valyrka adopts an agreeable expression.
Valyrka says, "I really do get some scathing mychars during them."
Silima says, "Aw."
Archales says, "I think you've been surprisingly even handed."
Archales says, "I would have killed them all, until morale improved."
Archales nods firmly.
Amaurn laughs!
Valyrka says, "Which personally makes them my least favorite event because I really prep hard for them and then feel like I let players down during them."
Valyrka says, "So some of this is on me."
Valyrka says, "But they are harsh at times."
Amaurn shakes her head.
Valyrka says, "So there will be a clear order of things going forward."
Valyrka says, "And very clear messaging if you are out of line."
Archales nods understandingly.
Valyrka says, "And there not just be the Mirror chatting."
Valyrka says, "There will be npc's bringing in disputes.. and eventually players can bring up topics."
Valyrka says, "Or npcs coming in to participate."
You say, "That sounds super fun."
Valyrka says, "So its more interactive for all."
Silima agrees, "It does sound really fun."
Archales says, "I know its court."
Valyrka says, "But order will be imposed as well."
Archales asks, "But will the peanut gallery be able to comment on the disputes?"
Archales says, "So no..."
Archales snaps his fingers.
Valyrka says, "If you are called as witness."
You say, "Should just pass out a copy of Rohese's etiquette book at the door."
You nod slowly.
Valyrka adopts an agreeable expression.
Archales nods in agreement to you.
Valyrka says, "There is a whole documnt."
Silima exclaims, "There is!"
Valyrka says, "And I post the link before everyone."
You say, "I read over it right before Wintertide because I couldn't remeber all the correct ways to address the Mirror."
Valyrka says, "Anyway some of the revamp is for me and how I do things so it does not lead to issues that make everyone not have a good time."
Archales says, "I have to review it every time I write the Seneschal."
Valyrka says, "And I am hoping with clear formality on my part, it will help the event to be more enjoyable for all."
Valyrka says, ""I hope that makes sense."
Valyrka's face turns slightly pale.
Obsalyn nods at Valyrka.
You nod encouragingly at Valyrka.

Valyrka says, "Ava is up again."
You say, "Could the default Elf verbs get a review/update? The Vaalor/Illistim ones are amazing, the be basic are a bit ... well they're super jerk, and a bit weird in places."
Valyrka says, "I can definitely add that to my list."
Speaking to you, Mazreth says, "That's because Vaalor IS amazing.  The rest of you are meh."
You stick your tongue out at Mazreth and let loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from your lips!
Silima says, "Hurtful."
Mazreth appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Archales says, "I think the ta'illistim town verb is pretty awesome."
Archales says, "And I can't even use it."
Mazreth agrees with Archales.
Silima asks, "Oh you mean, like disdain?"
Speaking to Mazreth, you exclaim, "I gave up Illistim citizen verbs to settle on your side I'll remind you!"
You fold your arms over your chest.
Speaking to you, Mazreth says, "A wise decision."
Mazreth snickers.
You smirk.
Speaking to you, Silima says, "Come back to us."
You say, "Yes, the disdain."
Mazreth says, "With that, I'm going to bed."
Valyrka says, "We can just talk then if anyone wants to."
You say, "The weird thing you do with your ear ...."
Valyrka hugs Mazreth, who wraps her in a warm embrace.
Mazreth says, "Night elfs.  I really don't hate the rest of you."
You glance around the room, running a finger up and over the point of your ear, purposely trying to draw attention to it.
Valyrka grins.
Silima snickers.
You grin.

Wrap Up and Unstructured Discussion

Archales asks, "Any chance of using players as henchmen in some of the upcoming storylines?"
Archales says, "Asking for a friend."
Valyrka asks, "Henchmen?"
Valyrka asks, "As in bad guys?"
Valyrka asks, "Or guards?"
Archales says, "Possibly."
Archales says, "I'm pretty open minded."
Obsalyn says, "If building the other towns is something that is impossible and I really hope it isn't, you could theoretically build small estates for visiting dignitaries so we can experience the architecture and decor each of the Houses."
Obsalyn says, "Sorry."
Archales nods at Obsalyn.
Obsalyn says, "Is late."
Silima says, "That would be cool."
Valyrka says, "I do not think its impossible, but a lot of times If I see a player my char something, I will encourage it and push it along."
Archales says, "I too enjoyed the embassy openings and hope they continue to be highlighted when diplomats come to visit."
You say, "Visits to the other towns would be nice, like the Wavedancer that visited Ta'Nalfein that I can not find logs of to save my life ...."
Archales says, "Maybe just as a herald for the bad guys."
Archales nods at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "So while an npc may not go up to someone and say I need you to go spy on so and so, if I see a mychar about doing something I will try and help."
Archales nods understandingly at Valyrka.
Valyrka says, "While I do not thikn a whole town is in the future."
Valyrka says, "If a story has it, there could maybe be visits to part of a town like I did with NTF."
Valyrka says, "And there should be a dignitary place here for each culture, that is a good idea."
Archales says, "Field trips of any kind are always fun, I really loved exploring the shadowguard area."
Archales nods in agreement.
Obsalyn says, "I would have loved to have seen that."
You say, "Oh that is a good idea. Like there are embassies for the other races in Ta'Illistim."
Valyrka nods.
You say, "One of each of the non-local houses would be amazing."
Valyrka says, "That would be neat."
Obsalyn says, "I just feel there should be one huge thing a year, whatever it is, to keep everyone interested and bring people back that have left."
You say, "Also would add a location that would encourage players of other houses to meet/interact. Like I know the Faendryl areas do for dark elves."
You say, "I love bumping into other Nalfein."
Valyrka adopts an agreeable expression.
Obsalyn nods to you.
Valyrka says, "It is added to my want list."
Obsalyn says, "We had fun at Caligos with the black rose decks."
Archales says, "Maybe they could bring a cultural item with them."
Archales says, "Or more klyspar instruments from Ta'lorenthra."
Speaking to Valyrka, Obsalyn says, "We should have a broadway night at con next year."
Obsalyn says, "Err it's this year now, I keep forgetting."
Silima chuckles.
Valyrka says, "Ha."
Valyrka says, "I am not going up there to sing and dance with those cameras watching."
Obsalyn says, "Aww I'll do it if you do it."
Archales exclaims, "We want to be entertained!"
Valyrka says, "No way."
Obsalyn says, "Not the dancing, i'd break a hip."
Obsalyn says, "But I'd sing."
Valyrka says, "Tony might try and join me."
Valyrka stares off into space.
Archales says, "I would like to see pirates of penzance(sp?)"
Obsalyn giggles.
Archales nods encouragingly at Valyrka.
Valyrka sings:
    "I am the very model of a modern major general"
Archales applauds.
You grin.
Archales exclaims, "Magnificent!"
Silima says, "Yeah, I might one day stop being so shy and come to a con eventually."
Archales says, "That was my part in the middle school musical."
Valyrka grins.
Speaking to Silima, Obsalyn says, "You'd love it, everyone is so nice."
Obsalyn says, "And so drunk."
Silima says, "Yeah, I'd have to like double up on anti-anxiety meds."
Archales says, "Praxil for breakfast, one for lunch and sensible dinner."
Archales nods firmly.
Silima grins at Archales.
Speaking to Valyrka, you say, "Thank you for hosting."
Archales says, "Yes thank you."
Valyrka says, "'thank you all for coming."
Speaking to Valyrka, Silima exclaims, "Yes thank you!"
Archales says, "2018 was fantastic."
You give Valyrka a friendly hug.
Silima says, "It was fun."
Obsalyn exclaims, "Yes thank you for everything!"
Archales says, "Keep up the good work."
Valyrka exclaims, "And here is to 2019!"