Tale of the Metal Dragon

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Tale of the Flying Metal Dragon!

Author: Zuggy

The Tale of The Flying Metal Dragon!
As told by Chronicler Zuggy, Officer of Helden Hall

"One fall afternoon."
"A great metal dragon was found outside the north gate of Wehnimer's Landing."
"Townsfolk gathered round the great beast and many began to ponder it's purpose."

"Naturally it was Blades and Metabocolous who discovered a way to open the beast's mouth; exposing it's shinning metal teeth."
"Many fled as the beast's jaws opened, but our heroes were headstrong and determined."
"Cautiously they entered the mouth with their weapons at the ready."

"In the cavernous depths of the the creature, they soon discovered a great and wondrous forge, but it's embers were cold to the touch."
"The gods placed the forge in their path for a reason, so they set out to revive the depleted fuel stacks."

"They gathered the finest warriors to cut timber in the forest to reignite the workshop."
"In their stead, they tasked wizards and other's gifted in the arcane to figure out the strange mechanisms which operated the forge."

"Before long, the warriors returned with a wagon overflowing with logs."
"As they loaded the fuel racks, they discussed what the mages had discovered."

"Feeling confident in their abilities, they set out to create a huge fire and began putting logs and tinder in the forge."

Chamorr heartily says, "Now, why would they want to go and risk something like that?"

Zuggy shrugs his shoulders.
"I guess they thought it would be fun?"

Zuggy lets out a bellowing laugh and shakes his head!
"But they did."

"Once the lumber was loaded, a wizard uttered an arcane phrase and the forge burst to life."
"And once the forge's heat was sufficient, they began to push on the bellows."
"Flame and smoke shot from the dragon's nostrils."

"They turned a crank."
"And the wings moved."

"They pulled a pulley."
"And the tail moved."

"They pulled a lever and a gear engaged a crank."
"And the wings began to flap."

"They pushed another lever."
"And the wings ceased movement."

"So Blades and Metabocolous decided on their next action and of course it was to fly the beast."
"They gathered their friends to request volunteers and their expedition was formed."

"They entered the beast and let the fire roar hotter than ever before."
"The beast began to groan and creek, but soon they were off the ground and in the sky."
"Mages began to tease the fire with magic and they climbed ever higher into the sky."

"Slowly, they learned to steer the metal beast."
"Just as their confidence seemed unshakable, a clumsy giantman leaned on a lever and loud Whooosh echoed the room.
"At alarming speed the beast began to swoop and to dive towards the ground."

"Some plead to Lorminstra for mercy, but Blades or Metabocolous did not waiver. "Some say Blades simply began to laugh and other claim Metabocolous's eyes burned brighter than the fire itself. "A smug elf simply chuckled and turned a gear, pulling the beast skyward, just in the nick of time."

"With the controls seemingly deciphered, our merry band decided to sour upward, above the mountains."
"To see what could be seen from that great height."
"As they rose on the winds, they felt giddy with their experience."

"After a time they commanded the beast to return so that they could tell others of their triumph."
"It was then that they realized something was afoul.
"The steering became unsteady and it was clear that they were no longer were in control."
"The great beast roared and covered the mountain tops with flame."

"Abruptly the metal beast turned seaward."
"Faster and faster it flew off into the unknown territories."
"As the beast flew further and further from the known lands, dissension and panic began to consume the group."
"Clamors arose to extinguish the forge."
"Others wished to see the dragon's desired destination."

"Those that wished to extinguish the forge were silenced by reason, as many could not swim."
"And so on they flew onward over the ocean and into the unknown."

"After what seemed an eternity, the beast began to slow and eventually it settled on land."
"The fire grew dim and once more the creature opened it's great jaws." "The group emerged onto a beach of a mysterious volcanic island where they were greeted by a peculiar looking sorcerer."
"He thanked the adventurer's for returning his pet and he offered his hospitality and lodging as a token of thanks."

"Exhausted from their adventure, the men hastily accept."
"But as they slept that night, one-by-one the group were carried into the dungeons."
"But as they approached Blades, he immediately stirred and leapt to his feet."
"After a struggle, he managed to overpowered his captors and free the others."
"Never again would Metabocolous tease him for sleeping with his weapon clutched in his hand."

"Just as they were about to flee, they began to hear clapping."
"They turned to discover the sorcerer they met on the beach."
"With a sinister smirk, he thanked them for their sacrifice and assured them that his fire god would be pleased."
"Then, with a short phrase and flick of his wrist, demons emerged and surrounded the group on all sides.

Chamorr heartily says, "I knew it! Never trust a Sorcerer!"

"Of course our heroes didn't even blink and the looming threat."
"This is what they lived for and they wouldn't go down without a fight." "Many men were cut down by the demons, but somehow they made their way back to the metal beast."

"And this is where some of the story is lost in legend and myth."
"What is known is that the sorcerer was encapsulated and subdued, but not totally defeated."

"Regardless, he was inert enough so that he no longer held sway over the dragon or present any danger."
"Our heroes were able to gather their dead and secure fuel once more."
"Fuel this time was in the form of barrels of oil and soon they took flight once more."

"Now they headed home as best they knew."
"But as they approached land and territory they recognized, the beast seemed to stir back to life once more."
"The creature fought once more against their control."

"As the beast grew more aware, it began to pull them off course."
"It swooped and climbed and our heroes toppled this way and that."
"Some even fell from the beasts maw and into the great oblivion."

"The wizards among the survivors muttered magical wards, but it was no use and they could not regain control."
"Finally, as if by Lorminstra's will, the fates turned to their favor and the fuel diminished."
"As the forge began to simmer and cool the beast's will waned and the creature lost control."
"The crew once more were able to steer the dragon toward the landing."

"The empaths healed the group and the lone cleric raised the dead as they prepared for reunification with the town."
"But the fuel was now gone."
"And they were soaring only on wind currents and flared wings."
"So one of them made a leadership decision and aimed the beast at Lake Eonak."
"Where it crashed down down with a tremendous splash."
"And our heroes managed to get to shore."

"Turning, they watched as the beast sank, steam escaping it's now closed mouth."
"And a full moon and twinkling stars overlooked the beast as it sank to it's watery grave."

"Some say the beast still rests there in slumber beneath the waves, waiting for a master to call him to skies once more."

The End

Compiled by Zuggy and edited by Mice Squeaks. Information gleaned for multiple in-game conversations and web research. (February 2017)