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There seems to be some question as to the max amount this runestaff sold for. I am providing details to clarify that it indeed was 100,000,000 silvers. Maybe something happened later and money was returned, but barring some explanation for the change, I'm changing it back to the 100,000,000 silvers I personally saw it go for.

Dett announces "Lot number 36: a deep blue lor runestaff capped by a red dreamstone!  Going to Tservin for 100000000 silvers.  *BANG* goes Dett's gavel.  "GOING TWICE!" he cries.
Dett says, "This is 5x, sorry."
Archales grins slowly.
Dett says, "Going once, twice, and..."
*BANG*!  "Sold to Tservin for 100,000,000 silvers," exclaims Dett the Auctioneer!
The auctioneer's assistants quickly shift the lot from the top of the display table to underneath it, to make room for the next lot.
--ECHEAUX (talk) 16:06, 3 December 2019 (CST)