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I changed the following statement because it is either poorly worded or false.

This levels all the characters on an account at higher rate than a player who only plays one character.

The total experience gain across characters will be more, but the experience for each individual character will be less, assuming the same amount of total play time.

Saved post?

Is this a saved post or something? I've read this on or somewhere and something up here really should be either original or cited. Unlike some other GS wikis we're not all about plagarism. Best of course is original and heavily cited. But yes. This page needs to get either a big saved post somthing or reworked (probably best) or baleeted. Smooches, justin talk 15:46, 26 November 2006 (EST)

It's a copy of the release post from June 2004 made by GM Kitrina. It should likely be moved to a saved post and its information incorperated into a proper article. The in-character term for the phenomenon is the Gift of Lumnis, so that's what I'd suggest for the article. The mechanical aspect can be included in a Behind the Scenes section.
Oliver Talk 17:41, 26 November 2006 (EST)

So actually I guess this was copied from and yeah, should be deleted, since it has information that is also not the saved post and I also made a Gift of Lumnis page that should fill any of our needs on this subject. Therefore, I reccomended it for deletion. justin talk 18:19, 27 November 2006 (EST)

The page included on Nilandia's site[1] is a verbatim copy of the release post for the XXX/GoL system, which is the original source for the information presented in this article. Thanks for playing, though.
Since this page currently has more information that was appended to the original document, I'll be moving it to a saved post article, and saving the extra information in the talk page. It can be included in the Gift of Lumnis article, if someone thinks it's necessary.
Oliver Talk 02:21, 28 November 2006 (EST)

Extra Information

The source of the information in this section is currently unknown, and is not included in the saved post article.

'Q. Is this modifier per character, or per account?'
A. Per character

'Q. Will the messaging under the EXP verb be used for all RPAs in the future, or just for the Gift of Lumnis?'
A. The messaging is just for the Gift of Lumnis. The only messaging given for RPAs is the messaging you see when you receive one.

'Q. Does this just mean that when you're out hunting you'll be able to absorb three times as much before having to rest, or you'll get triple experience per creature (300 for a like level critter) and the limit before resting is the same, or either of these in addition to absorbing three times as fast?'
A. Absorption rate is unaffected by the Gift of Lumnis. The Gift of Lumnis works the same way as an RPA, multiplying the amount of experience gained when it is absorbed.

'Q. ===Will this extend past HSN?==='
A. Yes, this is a new game system that extends past HSN.


Gift starting message:

A soft feeling of serenity touches your mind, providing you with a clearer understanding of recent events.

While under the gift (under EXPERIENCE):

You feel a strange sense of serenity, and find you are able to reflect on recent events with uncommon clarity and understanding.

Gift ending:

The soft feeling of serenity slowly dissipates from your mind.


The gift doesn't start until a character does something to gain experience. If ones mind goes completely clear under the gift the timer is put on pause. If a character hunts for an hour then roleplays the next 3 while empty, the character will still have about 5 hours of the gift left for the week.

If a character stays near must rest for the entire 6 hours of the gift they can expect to gain up to approximately 27,000 experience points depending on stat placement.

Hardcore GS players have been using the gift in a technique called account leveling. Account leveling is only playing characters on a premium account that have the gift available. This allows the player to optimize his playing time for the most experience gain.