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Any chance a GM can chime in on this and possibly update this? With the recent W/P/S updates I believe this is outdated. I wouldn't want to add to the confusion by adding wrong information on how these now interact together.

no ensorcell on the weapons chart?

Weapon Scripts - Rotflares

So I added Nerve staff script to the weapon scripts but then got reprimanded within Hand of Arkati's chat about Rot/Nerve flares co-existing. Something about Rotflares being considered a "sub-script" per Wyrom. So do I make a new section for weapons call "Sub-Scripts" and move Rotflares there? Does Rotflares "NOT" work with any of the other existing "scripts" that are on the page? Seems we need to clarify the clarifications. Post by Wyrom talking about subscripting

VALID: Nerve Staff

NOT POSSIBLE: splitter

Original Credit

During RtCF 2013 Run 2, in an effort to improve humanity's grasp of armor and weapon abilities, the good people of the GREEDY MOFOS AIM Blast chat room gathered together and collaborated to form the '''Charts of Clarity'''. By consulting these charts and meditating upon their received wisdom, players can better understand what kinds of items will be eligible for further enhancements.

Once birthed from the mind of Kitsun!
Once entrusted to the endlessly pasted clipboard of Metadi!
Behold ye now as the Charts of Clarity are fully revealed to the world in an act of selfless charity.
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