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The City of Tamzyrr is the capital of the Turamzzyrian Empire and is located in the Duchy of Selanthia.

Before becoming the capital of the empire, Tamzyrr was an independent city-state ruled by an Overlord. The ruling family at the time of the empire's creation were the Anodheles. Tamzyrr was virtually destroyed when Mount Ysspethos erupted in 4327. Emperor Chaston Kestrel and his immediate heirs were killed at the same time. Tamzyrr was then rebuilt by Emperor Immuros Kestrel in the years that followed.

Tamzyrr is the center for many chivalric orders, as well as the location of the Hall of Mages.

Travel guide tidbit

The guide says, "Tamzyrr is the greatest port in the human Empire and home to the finest shipwrights known. The city boasts a massive navy, staffed with the finest sailors and military officers. Tamzyrr is the largest city in the Empire and affords the citizens the most luxury, as the services and goods found in her markets are unrivaled within the Empire."

Behind the Scenes

"Tamzyrr" and "Turamzzyrian" originate in the History of Elanthia document, the oldest base story for the modern timeline of Elanthia. This document contains many dark elven words borrowed from the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. One of the characteristic features of that culture is words containing double consonants, especially "rr" and "zz", such as the city Menzoberranzan the home of Drizzt Do'Urden. It is quite likely these names were similarly influenced by the same source material. Other words appear to be constructs out of other (usually archaic) real world languages.

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