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== '''Latest News''' ==
== '''Latest News''' ==
<div align="right">[[News|More News...]]</div>
<div align="right">[[Krakiipedia:News|More News...]]</div>
== '''Getting Started''' ==
== '''Getting Started''' ==

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Latest News

Monday, November 18, 2019

GM Naos announces more changes to Enchanting and how wizards generate essence. You can read all of the specifics in his forum post.
Cobblers can meet with Lady Airisu on Wednesday, November 20th at 7pm Eastern in Mist Harbor where she will be altering cobbling materials, customizing plate box settings, and adding custom hallmarks to cobbling punches.
Ta'Illistim citizens who own a player run shop will want to find Architect Istave at the Ta'Illistim Green on Saturday, November 23rd at 9:00 pm Eastern where he will spin for 5 lucky shop owners to customize one thing about their shop.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Join the Order of the Azure Sun on Thursday, November 7th at 9pm Eastern, for their weekly muster to train in the drilling yard at their fortress of Sunholm Keep, located in the Cairnfang Forest outside of Solhaven.
Bards can now use HUM NORMAL and WHISTLE SET NORMAL to use them like non-bards always have. Type HUM HELP or WHISTLE HELP in game for usage.

Getting Started

The GemStone Universe

Welcome to the GemStone Universe! The home of Elanthia, Elanith and, of course, Wehnimer's Landing. Here is a brief list of categories to get you started on your adventures.

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For first-time players: New Players' Guide

A beginner's guide to playing a... Warrior | Rogue | Paladin | Sorcerer | Ranger | Bard | Wizard | Empath | Cleric | Monk

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