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Latest News

Monday, May 3, 2021

The lockers in Cysaegir are temporarily closed for renovations. At reopening, they will have lockers unique to Cysaegir, no longer providing access to Ta'Illistim's.
The grifflets are hatching again, so adventurers in the areas surrounding Ta'Illistim would be wise to keep their eyes on the skies or risk being snatched up and dropped unceremoniously in a griffin's nest.

Monday, April 26, 2021

The information in WEALTH has had a few items added. You can now see the contents of coin hands, gambling kits, and bankpacks when you type WEALTH in game, as long as they are worn or held. Additionally, coin hands have been updated to now be wearable on the belt.
The holy glove bow items have been updated to allow the weapons to be upgraded via player and GM services. They will now dissipate 10 minutes after being summoned if handed off to another player for servicing.

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May is Roleplaying Month in Gemstone IV! The ACT verb provides a limitless way to express your character's actions, and has optional parameters for targeting your actions at people and objects, as well as tokens for pronouns to incorporate into longer targeted actions. Check out the ACT article for details on usage to add this to your roleplaying toolkit and really deepen your character's interactions with the world around them!


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