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To the GemStone IV Community, we apologize that there hasn't been much in terms of information about the Krakiipedia moving to its new location. We were caught by surprise to learn that the Krakiipedia.org was experiencing some issues. Moving forward, GS Wiki will be the new home to the Krakiipedia. We are still in the process of getting things settled here. We understand some areas of the wiki need to be updated, as well as certain wiki links to be updated. As a GemStone IV subscriber, you are able to log in using your play.net account. Feel free to jump in and give us a hand, if you've any experience working with the wiki!
We appreciate your patience during this transition, and apologize that your old bookmarked urls are not forwarding. Spread the word that gswiki.play.net is the official wiki for GemStone IV. GS4-WYROM (talk) 17:59, 5 January 2015 (CST)