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The following spells are included in the Minor Spiritual circle. They are generally not self-cast limited and can be stacked, except where noted.

If these spells are known to you:

  • It is typically useful to stack 101, 103, 107, 115 and 120 on yourself while resting and prior to going out for a hunt.
  • 102 is useful for casters since it does not affect CS nor bolt AS. It can also be helpful for those who use physical AS while they perform a non-attacking task such as climbing, searching or foraging. This spell can be stopped.
  • 104 or 105 can be helpful to stack when hunting or skinning certain creatures that are likely to disease or poison you. 105 can also be useful for foraging.
  • If you live in River's Rest and intend to cross Maelstrom Bay, casting and stacking 112 is very useful. It is also useful in marshy areas (e.g. outside the Marsh Keep or in the Vipershroud), to keep from getting stuck in the mud.
  • 117 can be useful for dangerous creature tasks through the Adventurer's Guild, when helping lower level characters with a hunt or in general if you just need the AS boost after finding a creature.
  • 140 is very useful while foraging, searching for heirlooms, climbing over difficult obstacles, during invasions or other risky situations.