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PH Shops is the {{{itemtype}}} shop in [[{{{town}}}]]. {{{1}}}




This template should be used to add Premium Home shops that are permanent in towns using the ORDER system. It also integrates the RoomDescription template. When working on existing pages using this template, edit the page by clicking on the Edit tab at the top of that page.

Copy/paste Code

{{PH Shops
|itemtype = 
|town = 
|1 = 
|roomname = 
|desc = 
|inventory = 
  • The |1 = line is used to add any extra commentary on the shop beyond its type and location.
  • To get rid of the inventory pre field, leave the inventory blank, and add "|2 = " and "|3 = ".
  • If there are multiple shops of the same type in a town, insert "|the = a".
  • To change the Inventory header, insert "|header = {new header}".

List of Itemtypes

  • Premium Home Door
  • Premium Home Fireplace
  • Premium Home Firewood
  • Premium Home Floor
  • Premium Home Floor Covering
  • Premium Home Furniture
  • Premium Home Wall
  • Premium Home Wall Hanging
  • Premium Home Window