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What Stats Do (Sortable Table)
Statistic Type Prime Main Systems
Strength Physical Monk, Paladin, Warrior Melee AS, Ranged RT, Encumbrance,
Constitution Physical Warrior Hitpoints, Encumbrance, Disease, Criticals
Dexterity Physical Ranger, Rogue Spell Aiming, Ranged AS, Melee RT, Picking Locks, Disarming Traps, Critical weighting, Ambushing, Skinning
Agility Physical Monk, Rogue Melee RT, Physical DS
Discipline Hybrid N/A Experience Pool
Aura Hybrid Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard Elemental CS, Elemental TD, Spirit, Elemental Mana
Logic Mental Wizard Experience Pool, Experience absorption, Mental CS
Intuition Mental Cleric, Ranger Detecting Traps
Wisdom Mental Cleric, Empath, Paladin, Sorcerer Spiritual CS, Spiritual TD, Spiritual Mana
Influence Mental Bard, Empath Trading, Mental mana