Tentacled Tavern

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Tentacled Tavern is a food shop in Solhaven. It is located on Bayside Road, southwest of Cairnfang Manor. There are tables located through the arch.

[The Tentacled Tavern, Barroom]
This octagon-shaped room is paneled with polished modwir. Above the eight-sided bar, racks are meticulously lined with polished glasses and imported liqueurs. Several merchants stand nearby, engaged in quiet conversation. You also see a wooden sign, the barkeep Yalto Octorus and a carved wooden archway.


Welcome to the Tentacled Tavern!

The barkeep Yalto Octorus offers his catalog to browse.
Yalto exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bowl of wurst and leek soup      7. a broiled rolton steak
  2. a bowl of rolton stew              8. a bottle of goat's milk
  3. a bowl of Tyrecean chili           9. a bottle of red Vornavian wine
  4. some barbecued rolton ribs         10. a bottle of Naerlessin's Brew
  5. a trencher of red beans and ribs   11. a flask of sandfire liquor
  6. a roast fenvaok drumstick          12. a mug of Fleet Captain's rum

Yalto Octorus

Yalto Octorus appears to be a middle-aged giantman, his massive and well-defined arms wrapped in a pair of leather-laced bracers, and his chest as broad as the modwir bar he serves his fine spirits on.  Draped from his massive shoulders is a chain mesh shirt, and soft black leather trousers cover his legs.  His golden blonde hair coils elegantly on his shoulders.

An old man wanders into the tavern and props himself up at the bar. Yalto and he exchange small talk and silvers, and the old man downs a cup of wine and staggers out. Yalto chuckles, "That old man always does that, it's a wonder he didn't stop and tell that dull sea thrak story of his."