Terabor (prime)

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Terabor Fuimur
An Apple A Day
Race Human
Class Ranger
Profession Staff Sergeant, LDI
Religion Seeker
Affiliation(s) Silvergate, Voln, LDI
In-a-Word Hungry
Disposition Patient
Demeanor Pleasant
Primary Trait Methodical
Habits Wandering
Hobbies Siegery
Likes Warcat Cookies
Fears None
Loyalties Landing Defense Irregulars

You See Terabor

You see Terabor Fuimur the Woodsman. He appears to be a Human. He appears to be mature. He has blue eyes and tanned skin. He has unkempt dark brown hair. He is wearing a sage green hooded leather greatcloak, a green silk vest, a grey-striped dark leather epaulet, an elaborate porcupine charm, a dirt-streaked canvas haversack slung over his shoulder, a feather-lined forest green knapsack slung over his other shoulder, a miner's pack, some double leather, a grey silk silver-threaded shirt, an intricate haon drawbridge armband, a soulstone inlaid pyrothag hide axe frog bound in glaes, a shaggy dark grey wolf fur satchel, a sturdy square leather case secured with warcat-shaped plates, some straight pale cotton pants, and some moccasins.

About Terabor Fuimur

Terabor is a citizen and lifelong resident of Wehnimer's Landing. He is a member of the Order of Voln. He is Staff Sergeant for the Landing Defense Irregulars. He is the son of Soliere and her first husband, Aidelias, whom she killed when Terabor was young. After he was a bit older, Terabor was adopted by Polveiss.