Teras Asylum

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Teras Asylum, also known as the Lunatic Asylum, is located on Teras Isle.

Wonders of Elanthia Historical Discussion

This story is told by Moblen the Dwarf Mage, with assistance from Cherra the Dwarf Scholar.

"While I do no be an expert on this place, I do be knowin' a thing or two. You do be in the last place many of these poor souls do be seein'. All around you do be sad or horrifying stories and I do be thinkin' you be happy not knowin' 'em. Do no be worryin', though. They do no be often escapin'. There do be a time one of the guards confused himself for one of the inmates. Many of the ravin' loons do be havin' bounced about the island, but there do be only one that do be ever havin' escaped the island completely, eh? He did be usin' his beard clip to be diggin' a way out. Ridiculous as that do be soundin', he found himself outside the cells. He do be havin' knocked out a gate guard, and we do no be seein' him since. I do no be thinkin' it was Eregrek. I do be hearin' this story because I do be knowin' someone inside, and I do be worried still for him, eh?"

"I do be Moblen, as I do be havin' said, a mage of fame! At least I do be thinkin' so. I do be focusin' my studies on the elements and the island of Teras do be a nexus of sorts for them. Water, fire, earth, and air all do be focused near this spot, which do be makin' it a very good place to be doin' my work. One do be Cherra here, who do be havin' a good head on her shoulders. The other do be Moblak, who do be as brilliant and creative as any I do be havin' seen. I do no be borin' you with details, but I do be havin' brought with me two apprentices. The problem do be that Moblak found somethin' other than the elements that do be here. There do be darker forces that do be workin' here, too, and Moblak do be havin' wanted to know how they do be workin' with the elements. Cherra and I do be havin' told him to be droppin' his foolishness, but I do be hearin' we dwarves are stubborn. Not true, usually, but Moblak do be one of the exceptions. I do be sparin' you, I suppose, but Moblak do not be the same since we do be findin' him near some golems. The golems do no be movin', and neither did Moblak. He just.. do be havin' make muttered whispers and curses, and.. well.. you do be happier not knowin' what he do be knowin'. I do be thinkin' it broke him. Now he do be mutterin' quietly inside his cell."

Inside the cell, a raving lunatic bangs his head against the wall repeatedly.

"Moblak! You do be stoppin' bangin' your head, eh? You do be hearin' me?! It do be comfortin' to him, I think, to be havin' visitors, though. Though he do be rude to them that do. He do come up with.. interestin' things to be sayin'. But you do no need to worry, I suppose."

The banging stops for a moment, then a muffled grunt is heard from inside the cell.