The Elanthia Weekly Frogll speaking of Shar (log)

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The Elanthia Weekly
A Newspaper of Gemstone III

Draezir and Shar

Lady Sirinna had told me last week of what she saw of Lord Drazir, and the sealing of the runes. She gave me a list of names who might know more--and Lord Frogll was willing to talk to me about it. I thank him very much.

A grey, swirling mist surrounds you, its tendrils creeping around your feet and twisting into a thick, translucent mass that vaguely forms a curved wall around the chamber. A feeling of calmness and protection passes over you as you sense that nothing harmful may pass the swirling walls.
Also in the room: Lord Frogll
Obvious exits: out.
You see Lord Frogll Yla the Human.
He appears to be in his 60's, has short, straight silver hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.
He has some minor cuts and bruises on his left leg, minor cuts and bruises on his chest, minor cuts and bruises on his back, and minor bruises on his neck. He has some old neck wounds, old battle scars on his right arm, old battle scars on his left arm, old battle scars on his right leg, a mangled left leg, old battle scars on his right hand, old battle scars on his left hand, several painful-looking scars across his chest, an old battle scar across his abdominal area, several painful-looking scars across his back, a black-and-blue right eye, a black-and-blue left eye, constant muscle spasms, and a scar across his face. He is holding a glistening sea-blue buckler in his left hand.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a gold ring, a forest green crushed velvet cloak, a forest green glaes spider charm, a forest green satchel, a dark grey spidersilk pack, a forest green coat, a forest green vest, a small crystal Sovyn pin, a skillfully carved tart locket, a forest green helm, a shadowy black alloy lockpick case, some dwarven infantry boots, a sea green surcoat, some grey wolfskin trousers, some fringed doeskin gloves, a forest green bracelet, a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, some green snakeskin gloves, a lead ring, a green silk sack, a crystal amulet, some rolaren studded leather armor, an emerald encrusted armband, a blackened mesh wand harness, a forest green thigh-sheath, a woven gold wand belt, a forest green jacket, and some gold filigree earrings.

You say, "And thank you so much for coming"

You beam at Frogll.

Frogll says, "I guess this is a big thing.."

Frogll rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "I understand that this is touchy"

You say, "But--I would appreciate anything that you might tell me"

Frogll nods.

Frogll asks, "You know the past soul invasions?"

Frogll says, "There been tons latly.."

You ask, "Tormented souls at the Misty Chamber?"

You say, "And, AI"

You ask, "and, in town, tonight?"

You say, "have been a lot.."

Frogll nods.

Frogll says, "Mostly around the Misty Chamber"

Frogll asks, "Have you been in the MC?"

You say, "I have seen visions from there"

You say, "I have not been there, when the souls were there..."

Frogll asks, "Well do you know the dome?"

You ask, "Down in the Jagged Plains?"

You say, "There is a mysterious dome there..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "the only one I know of.."

Frogll nods.

Frogll asks, "You know it drains mana right?"

You beam at Frogll.

You exclaim, "I did not!"

You say, "I have noticed that mana was being drained..."

You say, "but...."

You grin.

You say, "had never associated it with a given place..."

Frogll nods.

You say, "Thank you"

Frogll says, "Well that area"

Frogll says, "The area in the fog"

Frogll says, "It drains mana"

Frogll says, "I hunt there all the time"

Frogll says, "But ever since that....event"

Frogll says, "I've notice a stop in the drain of mana in the area"

Frogll says, "Do you remember the day this thing happned..I've plume forgoten.."

You say, "I should have it in my notes"

You say, "The night of August 5th to August 6th, I believe"

Frogll says, "Twas the night of August 5th"

Frogll says, "Well from the begining...I'll try and tell you what happened"

(Brynnah listens attentively)

Frogll says, "I was hunting in the Fog area, with the dome."

Frogll says, "And finishing my hunt I fogged out and thought I read the runes"

Frogll says, "I noticed a big croud at the gate"

Frogll says, "Asking why I couldn't read the runes every pointed to"

Frogll says, "Draezir"

Frogll says, "Looking at him well.."

Frogll says, "You see Lord Draezir Moltoniron the Sheruvian Priest."

Frogll says, "Not an average title..."

You grin. Frogll says, "Sheruvian Priest.."

You say, "then you realize..."

Frogll says, "He had Cleric powers."

You say, "Till you looked at him, he was just one more Lord in the crowd"

Frogll says, "Well it seems after people started to complain Draezir had a fit and opened the rune for people to leave"

You say, "that was kind of him..."

Frogll says, "But"

Frogll says, "He did say we couldn't come back."

Frogll says, "I not sure if this was going to be some sort of quest..I stayed"

Frogll says, "And so did about 5 other people"

Frogll says, "There was someone else mentioned.."

You ask, "Azerea?"

Frogll nods.

Frogll says, "Aye that's it"

Frogll says, "it was said she was the one draining the power from that dome."

You exclaim, "I see!"

You say, "I know a little of her--tell me what you know---"

Frogll says, "Something about A thing on Teras apearing.."

Frogll says, "Azerea it seems destroyed all of the Monastary"

Frogll says, "And The Sheruvians want to get back."

Frogll asks, "Someone named with a begining of shar?"

Frogll rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You nod to Frogll.

You say, "The goddess Shar, I believe"

Frogll nods.

Frogll exclaims, "An orb!"

Frogll says, "Something about an orb apearing"

You say, "I have seen Azerea once--and she wore gear, with the emblems of Ivas, and Shar"

You ask, "But, I have no idea who Shar is?"

Frogll says, "Shar...she recruited 3 women"

You say, "I thought I knew the names of those of Darkness-at least by name..."

You say, "I see..."

You ask, "Azerea was one of them?"

Frogll asks, "A midnight Sphere?"

Frogll rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Frogll says, "Well it seems"

Frogll says, "A few nights ago"

Frogll says, "Shar and Azerea where by the midnight sphere with 3 citizens.."

Frogll says, "They tried to do something with the orb for hours"

Frogll asks, "Do you know something called a Summoning Chamber?"

You ask, "Is it in Anwyn Castle?"

Frogll says, "I'm not sure"

[Actually, it is in the Sheruvian Monestary, I now believe.]

Frogll says, "But a while ago an orb apeared on an island and abducted 3 women"

Frogll says, "Not sure but I thinking its the three Shar recruited."

Frogll babbles something unintelligible.

Frogll says, "THe orb is the Midnight Sphere as it's called"

Frogll says, "I'm not sure how all this info connects.."

You say, "It is hard to know, sometimes--but every piece of the puzzle will help, in the long run"

Frogll says, "Someone said"

Frogll says, "They did a locate."

Frogll says, "They saw a Strongbox in a Sphere.."

Frogll says, "Zorkell did the locate"

Frogll says, "Well I got all that info"

Frogll says, "From talking to the people trapped with me"

Frogll says, "Being there was diffrent"

You say, "I can imagine..."

Frogll says, "Sitting there was hell raising and nervous"

Frogll says, "10 of us sitting at the arch."

You say, "not knowing what might happen..."

Frogll nods to you.

You say, "Quests can be dangerous things.."

Frogll says, "We settled on plans"

You nod to Frogll.

You ask, "What were your plans?"

You grin.

Frogll says, "First we made sure we had every possible Proffession"

You nod to Frogll.

Frogll says, "Odd but incase we need it"

Frogll says, "I was the only Empath there so wasn't about to leave."

Frogll says, "Wizards sent out Familiars to look around for others"

Frogll says, "Or anything strange"

Frogll says, "We saw people but they ran to the rune and left before we could

You say, "collect anyone who was just peacefully hunting"

Frogll sighs.

Frogll nods to you.

Frogll says, "About 5 people were in there still hunting and not knowing what was going on."

You chuckle.

Frogll says, "Soon people began to get figity and some walked off in groups to look around"

Frogll says, "Many of us protested saying if we walk around we shoudl do in group"

Frogll asks, "But the strange thing?"

Frogll stares off into space.

Frogll says, "After 30 minutes off sitting and waiting"

Frogll says, "I think more I lost track of time"

Frogll says, "Well.."

Frogll says, "Suddenly the runes pop back open and people flood in."

You say, "I heard that happened..."

You say, "Heard it happened, after someone did a Commune...that Draezir relented, somehow..."

Frogll nods.

Frogll says, "It was odd"

Frogll says, "Draezir wasn't even in the lands"

You say, "A letdown for you, I would think"

Frogll smiles.

Frogll says, "Yes..I was dissapointed."

Frogll snickers.

Frogll says, "I got a little more info after this happend from Setzier"

You say, "He ought to have sources..."

You say, "If anyone does"

Frogll says, "Setzier hadn't know who opend the runes"

Frogll says, "Setzier thinks Shar did it after the commune"

You say, "tis a cleric-thing"

Frogll says, "Ah."

You say, "I have never seen one"

Frogll says, "Shar want the entire monostary it seems.."

You say, "I see..."

Frogll says, "Especially the dome."

Frogll says, "Thats why opening the runes was so odd."

Frogll says, "Shar might want sacrifices.."

Frogll says, "And I think that's why the big invasions..."

Frogll says, "Setzier said something about Azerea, Shar, and Xarann invading.."

Frogll says, "Xarann is a new one so..thought you might want to know."

You say, "Ah, another name to remember"

You beam at Frogll.

Frogll says, "Thats really all I have to offer"

You ask, "have time to hear what I know?"

You ask, "such as it is?"

You ask, "Well...have you heard of the Meteor Swarm cast at Voln, a couple of weeks ago?"

Frogll says, "Was hoping so much for a Quest."

Frogll looks over at you and shakes his head.

You say, "I think it is a quest--just, one that will take a while to resolve..." think

You exclaim, "I was not there, thank the gods!"

You say, "but--it killed vast numbers of people"

You say, "Was at night--several hours earlier than this..."

You say, " was cast by Azerea"

You say, "A lot of people did not know what had happened..."

You say, "thought it was some crazed wizard..."

You chuckle.

Frogll grins.

You say, "or absent-minded wizard, wanting to cast Targeting on himself"

You flinch.

Frogll babbles something unintelligible.

You say, "So....a few minutes later--Azerea appeared at Hearthstone...and someone killed her"

You say, "I do not know who, or how..."

You say, "would guess it was Spike Thorn"

You say, "You see Lady Azerea ta'Faendryl the Dark Elf."

Frogll asks, "Dark Elf?"

You nod to Frogll.

You say, "She appears to be in her 140's, has long, braided silver hair, multihued eyes, and black skin."

You say, "She is holding a red vaalin katana etched with the symbol of Shar in her right hand and a black vaalin shield emblazoned with the symbol of Ivas in her left hand."

You say, "So, I knew of Ivas, but had never heard of Shar"

Frogll rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "She is wearing a black ora Shar symbol edged with red vaalin, some polished black dragonscale armor trimmed in silver emblazoned with the symbol of Shar, a bloodstained satchel, a tanned elfskin pouch, a gleaming black ora Shar symbol trimmed in red vaalin which seems to glow from within, a dark elven cloak, and a tanned halfling skin sheath."

You grin.

You say, "If I had had to guess, I'd have guessed a sorceress--but, that meteor swarm means a wizard, unless she has some special powers"

Frogll asks, "tanned halfling skin?"

You nod to Frogll.

Frogll babbles something unintelligible.

You flinch.

You say, "Tanned elfskin pouch"

Frogll shakes his head.

Frogll says, "Elf like herself.."

You say, "She does not look like someone to be close friends with, to tell you the truth"

You say, "One of the Dark Elves, who took the separation very seriously"

You say, "So, as I stood gawking...she raised herself and vanished"

You say, "Using the powers of her Goddess, I would assume"

You say, "Lord Drandar--an aged cleric in Voln, had used the Voln net to invite people down there, to hear what was going on..."

You say, "I have not had a chance to talk to him, though"

You say, "Well, it would seem to me, that Azerea and Shar are enemies of all"

You say, "Because, they are at war with Sheru..."

Frogll says, "I'm confused though"

You say, "And...that meteor swarm at Voln"

You say, "was cast by her"

Frogll asks, "Are the Sheru our allies?"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "Well..."

Frogll says, "Because there are sheruvian initiates that are enemies."

You say, "Logically, I would not expect the Lords of Darkness to be at peace with each other"

You say, "I would assume that they would struggle for power..."

Frogll nods.

You exclaim, "I thank you so much for talking to me!"

You beam at Frogll.

And, a couple of days ago, I had a brief talk with someone whom I asumme would not want his name mentioned.
You ask, "Shar--which goddess is she?"

You ask, "I had thought I knew the names--is she one of the old ones, with a different name?"

[Name Withheld] says, "Shar is someone I rather not speak of. she is an enemy."

[Name Withheld] smiles.

[Name Withheld] says, "not a Goddesss"

[Name Withheld] says, "rather, she has aspirations to be such."

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