The Modwir

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The Modwir was the property of Bremerial God'thor from 5114 to 5120. It was acquired for rent during an auction in 5114 and subsequently lost due to lack of payment of rent. The information below relates to the property whilst in her possession. Subsequent renters may make modifications to the property.

The Modwir can be accessed via the path to the west of the logging road outside Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle: - Go Path ~ Go Southwest ~ Go Trail ~ Go South

[Glade ~ Outside the Property] RNUM: 12567
Banyan trees and verdant flowering vines ring the cobbled flagstones of a small glade. Half obscured by foliage on the glade's far side stands a tall stone wall that frames an arched, vultite-banded door. The vultite is not the door's only guard. Perched on a stone outcrop above is a large, black-plumed hawk. His demeanor appears as menacing as his impressive size and talons, as he surveys the glade's perimeter with a predatory gaze. You also see a rent box.


[Walled Garden]
Heavily flowered bushes and vines ring the small courtyard in a breathtaking array of color and fragrance. Hibiscus blossoms as big as plates compete with snow-white camellias and flame-colored trumpet flowers. From the midst of the canopy, an enormous black modwir reaches to impossible heights. The tree is magnificent both in stature and symmetry. In its base, an arch, crowned with a frieze of carved runes, gives access into the heart of the giant pine. You also see an arched door leading through the garden's surrounding wall, a bowl and a low sandstone bench.
Obvious exits: none
[Hearth Room]
Curved walls of living wood frame a spacious room. A large oak-framed painting is centered over a stone hearth, which is nestled within the far wall, doing no apparent harm to the tree when lit. Round, hand-braided rugs create patterned islands here and there, and a handsome modwir table stands in the chamber's center. A staircase winds up one wall, looking more like it was grown from the wood itself rather than fashioned by mortal hands. You also see an arch leading out of the tree, a pine sideboard with some stuff on it, a woven twig basket, a vultite door and a curved wooden seat.
Obvious exits: none
The rich grain of the tree's heartwood encloses this small anteroom with its currents of polished pattern. Soft light shed by a hanging lantern illuminates a circular flight of gnarled stairs that grows from the roots of the modwir. This descends into a faint green glow that flickers and dances across the burnished wood. You also see a vultite door.
Obvious exits: down
The stairs widen, opening into a surprisingly large chamber excavated within the embrace of the giant modwir's root system. The roots still stand here and there around the room, like huge, twisting columns that are shined to the same high luster elsewhere within the pine. Surrounded by the four largest of these, a pool of strangely luminescent water sends out a green glow. A massive stone worktable hulks behind the dancing reflections cast by the pool's rippling surface. You also see a large carved pine chest, an upturned banded trunk and a copper bucket.
Obvious exits: up
[Branch Balcony]
The crystal-paned doors have opened up on a natural balcony formed by an especially wide and level branch. A few neighboring limbs provide a manner of balustrade with conveniently spaced clusters of jasmine. At the aerie's furthest perimeter, the branch contorts, twisting into a comfortable bench. From there, the view of the expansive vista of the Stormbrow Mountains cloaked in volcanic mists is superb. You also see a small knothole nearly hidden in the foliage and a winding staircase leading down to lower levels of the colossal pine.
Obvious exits: None
[Sleeping Chamber]
The airy loft of a room offers a spectacular view of Teras Isle from floor to ceiling window casements draped with yards of ivory linen. A breeze plays over the curtains, making them billow in a graceful dance. Similar rugs to those gracing the lower levels are scattered across the floor. A stein-carved wooden bed is covered with a handmade quilt pieced from richly toned silks and velvets. A nightstand guards the bed's side. Toward the rear of the chamber, tall doors with crystal panes echo the window casements.
Obvious exits: None

Items in Rooms


A single slab of sandstone forms a serpentine-shaped seat. The seat is raised from the ground by an intricate latticework of black metal with protruding twisted struts that provide support and stability to the bench. The base of each support is buried within foliage that wends its way from front to back.

Black Modwir

The tree is hauntingly beautiful, possessing long, warm green needles that slope gracefully from the fingers of its branches. It is an anomaly in this climate, not generally being found in tropical zones. In fact, its very size makes it a curiosity and gives it a strange sentient presence, as if it were an embodiment of magical forces at work.


The lid of the massive chest is exquisitely carved with an image of a wide sky filled with great banks of clouds and the graceful forms of hawks, wings wide-spread, riding the thermals.


Solid vultite hinges mortared securely within the stone of the wall support an arched, mistwood door. The door is richly veined and carved with sigils that coil and intertwine across its surface in an intricate dance. The lock, also cast of vultite and expertly fashioned, is in the form of a hawk's head, the wickedly down-curved beak providing a door handle.


The torrent of color is a magnet for a variety of nectar-seeking creatures. A constant drone of insects fills the courtyard. Over the cascade of flowers, a cloud of butterflies dance and bright, fluorescent-hued hummingbirds flash here and there, almost too quickly for the eye to follow.


Noticing you looking at it, the hawk stares back almost as if it senses your curiosity. Its eyes, a striking shade of gold, are large and gleam with an intelligent light. The plumage is an unusual shade: deep black at the feathers' ends that softens to a grey shade next to the bird's body. Undoubtedly, the sheer size of the hawk gives an overwhelming sense of majesty and suppressed power.


The hearth is comprised of large, rough-cut stones with variegated mineral deposits running through them, echoing the swirl of the grain in the living wood embracing the rock. Nearby sits a basket of sticks, and a fine mantel, decorated with a host of carved beasts, tops the hearth.


The little green lizard poses a moment, hanging easily from the rough volcanic stone of the wall with its clawed feet. It has a long, proud tail that curves gracefully behind it, looking longer than the lizard's body. It bobs its head a couple of times, perhaps searching for an insect, then scampers nervously to another sunny perch.


On the pine nightstand you see a carved emerald lamp and a juicy peach.


The overlaying of rich oil paints and the use of vibrant colors brings the scene to life. Rendered with painstaking detail, eyes are drawn to a wiry-haired armor-clad dwarf standing against a backdrop of heavily flowered bushes and vines that ring a courtyard. A majestic, broad-winged hawk rests upon her gauntleted left hand, tearing at a piece of meat. Her other hand grips a stein overflowing with ale. A silver plaque sits at the base of the frame. (Read plaque) In the Common language, it reads: ~ Bremerial God'thor ~ Current occupant of The Modwir 5114


Constructed from burnished oak, this single curved seat rests upon a series of outwardly turned wooden feet. The seat is upholstered using a webbing of strong woven cotton for the base and wads of cotton padding for the arms. Simple black fabric covers the seat, exposing a section of polished wood at the base and along the rim of the headrest. A number of plush quilted cushions, bearing the embroidered image of a hawk in flight, lay haphazardly on the seating.


On the pine sideboard you see a frosty mug of beer and a glass of iced pale ale.


On the modwir table, you see a couple of handsome silver platters, one bearing a delicious-looking mound of cinnamon bearclaws and blueberry scones. On the other platter is a heaping pile of barbequed boar ribs and some roasted thrak sandwiches.


The solid flat top trunk is constructed from elm, its corners covered with steel protectors. Wooden slats and metal banding strengthen the trunk sufficiently to enable it to bear considerable weight. A series of wool stuffed cotton cushions, embroidered with image of a gnarled modwir, rests upon the surface to provide a degree of comfort.


The table is elaborately carved with interlocking patterns of runes and symbols. Its surface is scarred and blackened where caustic potions have yielded both successes and failures. Across the front, a massive, carved hawk spreads stone pinions that point to the table's elegantly flared wings.


The wall is built of rough stone boulders, each one expertly fitted to the next. The surface is mottled and rich, dark greys alternating with black and an occasional vein of lighter yellow or sienna brown. A small green lizard stands proudly on top, apparently claiming this wall for its own.

Food and Drink

In the bowl, you see:

Strips of raw meat Dark, raw juices flow from the meat
It is uncooked and bloody

On the pine sideboard you see:

frosty mug of beer Bitter hops offset the sweet malty character of this beer
Distinctive hop aromas contrast pleasantly with mildly sweet and yeasty flavors
a glass of iced pale ale The frosty ale goes down smoothly and quenches your thirst
The pale ale's foam is as tasty as the brew itself

On the modwir table, you see a couple of handsome silver platters bearing:

a cinnamon bearclaw Striking the delicate balance between crisp and chewy, your cinnamon bearclaw is about as close to perfection as mortal bakers can get
Strong clove, ginger, and cinnamon flavors add a sharp zing to this crisp bearclaw
a blueberry scone Fat blueberries ooze over your tongue
Sugary sweet pastry yields in your mouth, presenting a burst of blueberry flavor to your tongue
a barbequed boar rib Lightly charred and covered in sticky sauce, the tender rib meat easily slides off the bone and into your mouth
As you nibble the well-cooked meat off the bone, you smear a little of the sweet and spicy sauce on your mouth and fingers
a thrax sandwich It is thick and satisfying
Both tasty and filling, it comforts and sustains you

On the pine nightstand you see:

a juicy peach Aromatic, sweet, and engagingly fresh
A cool, welcoming fragrance precedes the strong flavor of peaches

Ambient Room Scripts

A striped lizard scrambles onto a rock half-covered with vines.  Within a moment, the small reptile has changed its pattern and color, blending with the rough, mottled stone.  It sits motionless, waiting for a tasty morsel to wander unsuspectingly close.  Once you look away, it's difficult to find the lizard again, so well does it match the surrounding rock.
A small lizard, drawn by a scrap of raw meat, scrambles up on the hawk's rock perch.  Noticing it, the bird screeches and raises its pinfeathers in displeasure.  The lizard freezes in its tracks.  Just as you think it'll become an appetizer, the little reptile turns tail and beats a hasty retreat.
A large, spotted butterfly drifts lazily across the clearing, floating on a gentle breath of wind.
The hawk stares at you intently.  For some reason, it makes you just a tiny bit nervous.
Something comes sailing down at you from the modwir's branches!  After ducking instinctively, you glance back up just in time to catch a glimpse of a flying squirrel.  It sails gracefully into some neighboring trees on the other side of the tall garden wall.
A tiny, silvery mouse suddenly leaps from beneath the bearskin rug and races headlong across the black tile.  It quickly dives into the safety created by the group of massive terra-cotta urns.
A shimmering cloud of playful butterflies drifts across the courtyard, their wings an undulating pattern of orange, yellow, red and black.
Two squirrels suddenly leap out of the modwir!  They chase each other around in frantic circles, then tear off into the flowers on a merry romp.
A tawny cat stalks languidly across the clearing.  Catching sight of the hawk, it freezes, its tail lashing nervously back and forth.  The hawk notices it at once and emits a raucous screech, causing the feline to crouch closer to the ground.  As the bird stares menacingly at it, the cat almost seems to shrug, and, ears laid back, it stalks into the foliage without a backward glance.
A hummingbird suddenly streaks by, a bright flash of color that disappears almost too quickly to comprehend.
A large chameleon waddles into the courtyard.  It glances around, its tongue flicking in and out, testing the air for subtle messages.  After a few moments, it nonchalantly turns and retreats into the thick greenery.

Additional storage (150lbs)

Large carved pine chest a fairly large amount in Lockable
Mantel a medium amount on Not lockable
Artesian pool a medium amount in Not Lockable
Stone worktable a medium amount on Not Lockable
Stein-carved wooden bed a very small amount on Not Lockable
Pine nightstand a small amount in / a fairly small amount on Lockable