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|itemtype = food
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The Soup Bone is a food shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located in a weathered shack with a battered metal roof on Middle Arm Ave on the east side of town.

[The Soup Bone] RNUM: 29138
Sparse furnishings adorn the rough timber walls of the small restaurant. A long counter crafted from a pair of oars occupies the majority of the back wall, where a giant copper octopus sculpture stands vigil. Moonlight filters hazily in from the dusty porthole built near the swinging doors and several lanterns provide illumination for patrons. A few tables and chairs are scattered about.


Welcome to The Soup Bone!

Mel offers his catalog to browse.
Mel exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a foamy mug of ale               10. a plate of crispy fried shrimp
  2. a thin dark beer                 11. a slice of warm acorn bread
  3. a cup of dark black coffee       12. some crispy fried cornmeal balls
  4. a shot of thick clear liqour     13. a spicy grilled sausage sandwich
  5. a glass of spiced vodka          14. a large grilled frog leg
  6. a bowl of clam soup              15. a pickled scarab skewer
  7. a trencher of hearty beef stew   16. a grilled squirrel kabob
  8. a flaky baked scorpion pie       17. a boar-wrapped boiled egg
  9. a bowl of cubed eel