The Threadbare Admiral

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The Threadbare Admiral is the boutique shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located on Cranial Crawl on the western side of town in a small shop.

[The Threadbare Admiral] RNUM: 29015
This well-appointed boutique has a sheen of class and sophistication that shines through the roughness of Kraken's Fall. Fanciful standing candelabras cast a flickering light against the lacquered wood panels decorating the boutique's walls, while two mannequins model the store's wares from within tall brass-framed glass cases. A fashionable salesman dressed head to toe in the store's offerings tends to the needs of browsing customers. You also see a teak-framed parchment notice, a gilded door leading back outside and a fashionable salesman.


Welcome to The Threadbare Admiral!

Herringstone offers his Welcome to The Threadbare Admiral!  For your fashionable needs at sea: to browse.
Herringstone exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  Welcome to The Threadbare Admiral!  For your fashionable needs at sea:
  1. a silver-capped mahogany cane         11. a carved ivory cameo ring
  2. a gold-capped dark teak cane          12. a plumed black velvet tricorne
  3. some gold-buckled shoes               13. a gold-trim red velvet tricorne
  4. some low-heeled black leather shoes   14. an oversized navy velvet tricorne
  5. a pair of silver-heeled shoes         15. a gold-trim red velvet frock coat
  6. a frilly lace cravat                  16. a simple grey tweed frock coat
  7. an oversized white linen cravat       17. a gold-buttoned navy frock coat
  8. an embroidered white lace cravat      18. some fine black velvet breeches
  9. a large gold pinky ring               19. a pair of red velvet breeches
  10. a silver-set ruby signet             20. a pair of slim navy breeches