Third Era

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The Third Era was a span of roughly 6,050 years in the Shadow World timeline, beginning at the end of the Wars of Dominion and ending in the present. It was the original "present" of I.C.E. Age GemStone III, which was set in the ruins of Quellbourne in northwest of Jaiman. Kelfour's Landing was established in 6025 Third Era, two centuries after the fall of Quellburn by Zenon on the High Plateau in 5840 Third Era.


Year Event
0 T.E.: The Loremasters begin the process of repairing civilization following the Wars of Dominion. Andraax is driven mad in his final conflict with the Master of Malice and disappears beyond the Wall of Darkness. The Lords of Orhan withdraw entirely from world affairs.
450 T.E. The High Priest of the Galthon, Nyrdru, is defeated by the Loremasters presumably in Gaalt near the Wall of Darkness. He is utterly consumed by The Unlife.
1300 T.E. The Empire of Emer is consolidated under the rule of a single leader, ushering in the high point of peace and stability following the Wars of Dominion.

The Order of Vult is supposedly founded in the Lankan Empire, which did not exist yet, to fight the forces of chaos and evil in Emer.

3000 T.E. The Lords of Orhan reappear and resume a limited role in the world.
4166 T.E. The conqueror Ugus Fost is destroyed by the Shards in the forest realm of Lu'nak, specifically the Black Forest of Dir which is located around what we call Danjirland. The evil priests of The Iron Wind divide up the land and claim his daughters as conquests.
5840 T.E. The Iron Wind destroys the realm of Quellbourne with an invasion of demons, trolls, and Ice Kral. The high priest of the Cult of the Snow Lion seduces the sorcerer Zenon to The Unlife, destroying Quellburn from within in a sudden unexpected coup. Zenon loses his memory to an amnesia spell, and the high priest is slayed by Tannith Ravenhearth, ancestor of the founder of Hearthstone Manor.

Refugees fleeing the destruction of Quellburn offer sacrifices to a giant spider. These humans end up establishing the Spider Temple, continuing to speak Quells, a stultified variant of the high Zori language.

The Kral settle on the isle in the middle of Claedesbrim Bay after raiding the Coastal Cliffs, whereas before they were only on the northern coast of the Seolfar Strake.

6025 T.E. The hunter and trapper Rame Kelfour "discovers" the uncivilized wilds of what was once Quellbourne, establishing Kelfour's Landing as a boom town for resource exploitation.
6031 T.E. The Shaaljin monk dissident Dom Kifis leads a splinter group of religious fanatics called the Destroyers of Galtoth.
6039 T.E. The Pochantos Empire in northeast Emer is conquered by the Lankan Empire, putting its border on the doorstep of the Changramai Monastery.
6050+ T.E. The Dragonlord Oran Jatar of Mur Fostisyr, who effectively controls the two local orders of The Iron Wind, establishes an alliance with the Kral in preparation for an assault on Saralis to the south. His rivals are Lorgalis to the west and his own brother Sulthon Ni'shaang to the east.

The discovery of The Broken Lands, Shadow Valley, the first Griffin Sword War, and so on happen in northwest Jaiman. The Present.