Tmareantha's Jewels

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Tmareantha's Jewels is the jewelry shop in Ta'Vaalor. Tmareantha's Jewels was once located near the Annatto Gate, but now lies within the same squat, square limestone building on Amaranth Court as Areacne's Gemshop. Areacne will purchase gems. Tmareantha only sells them. Tmareantha's Jewels takes trading skill into account when determining prices.

[Tmareantha's Jewels]
Wooden counters topped with glass cases are scattered around the room, each holding glittering pieces of jewelry. An elven guard stands watch in each of the four corners of the room, keeping a wary eye over patrons as they glance over the selection. The jeweler, Tmareantha, glides around the room, helping customers as needed. Hanging upon the wall is a black-inked sign. You also see the jeweler Tmareantha.


All of the basic, non-backroom items in Tmareantha's Jewels can be made from the following materials:
hyacinth, feystone, emerald, ruby, glimaerstone, faenor-bloom, jacinth, blazestar, mithglin, gold, faenor

Item Price
a band 250
a ring 250
an engagement band 500
an engagement ring 500
a wedding band 800
a wedding ring 800
an earring 250
some earrings 500
Backroom inventory
Item Price
a golden wyvern centered circlet 16200
a crystal and blazestar amulet 7500
a rampant golden wyvern pendant 18500
a matte gold Ta'Vaalor insignia 12000
a blazestar-set golden wyvern buckle 18500
a pair of gold coiled wyvern earrings 18500
a pair of jet nightingale earrings 12000
a moonstone bluebird earring 7500
a soaring golden wyvern earring 10000
a sleek golden ferret wristband 10000
a sinuous golden wyvern wristband 10000

If you go north of the main room in Tamareantha's Jewels, you will find the Gem Sales room, where items sold by other adventurers are available for purchase. They are displayed on a square table, a round table, an heirloom table, a statuary table, a hexagonal table, and an octagonal table.


Garbed in pale icy blue, Tmaraentha is the picture of a prosperous but slightly haughty merchant. She surveys her domain with the cool assurance of a master negotiator, her sharp eyes missing no detail about her patrons.

Ta'Vaalor New Player Jobs

Tmareantha will take scratched and dented jewelry found in the treasure system from low-level characters in exchange for experience and silvers.