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Gender female
Race Forest gnome
Title Dye Master
Specialty RainboWear
Venue Wandering
Status inactive

Toffi was the merchant responsible for the creation of RainboWear.


You see Dye Master Toffit Ranebough.
She appears to be a Forest Gnome.
She is diminutive and appears to be an adult.  She has bright, silver-flecked heliotrope eyes and unblemished fair skin.  She has shoulder-length, snowy white hair worn in double-braids interwoven with wide, iridescent ribbons that hang down to her waist.  She has a pudgy face and apple-red cheeks.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a white and red wool scarf, a tailored taupe wool coat, a colorful bulky sack slung over her shoulder, a dappled cotton apron with an oversized front pocket over a plain white dress, and a pair of scarlet wool stockings patterned with a raised herringbone design under some bulky tan leather-strapped shoes.