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Toullaire was a surviving city of the collapse of the Kannalan Empire. It was destroyed in a magical explosion in 4565.

When the Kannalan Empire collapsed in 3961, ultimately only three of its cities survived, Kedshold, Gor'nustre, and Toullaire. In 4281, the Turamzzyrian Empire under the rule of its first empress, Selantha Anodheles, went to war against the three cities which formed the Kannalan Alliance. The war was a disaster for the alliance and only Toullaire escaped destruction in the ensuing defeat.

Its survival occurred only because the city immediately surrendered after the destruction of its two allies. Toullaire, located to the east of Elstreth and the Barony of Aldora was also the farthest from the Turamzzyian capital Tamzyrr.

The city prospered and eventually became home to a rival magical school to the Hall of Mages. It was known as The Arcanum. The head of the Hall of Mages eventually protested the independent nature of The Arcanum and claimed that the school was practicing reckless magic. This warning occurred in 4547. Eight years later in 4565, the city was destroyed in a catastrophic explosion. All that remained was a magical wasteland known as the Wizardwaste. In the Kannalan tongue, still spoken to an extent in the former Kannalan territories, it was called Ba’Lathon or "Land of Pain."

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