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Towns are areas where adventurers are generally safe from creatures, in which they can rest, replenish supplies, and socialize.

Towns also feature a justice system, complete with judge and constable-like figures of authority, jails, stocks and gallows.

New to town? Check out the local Resting Spots.

Player Accessible Towns

The three starter towns, where new adventurers first steps into the lands, are:

Other towns frequented by adventurers include:


Common town services for adventurers include:

  • Pawnshop, to sell various treasures, or buy them from the backroom
  • Furrier, where adventurers can sell furs and skins
  • Gemshop, where adventurers can sell precious gems and jewelry
  • Other shops such as general stores, weapon shops, armories, clothiers, clerical supplies, alchemists, herbalists
  • Town cleric
  • Town healer
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