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Miss Toxyrox's background as told by Lord Avondell

Speaking to Avondell, you ask, "Why were you there?"

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "That's a story for another day. Suffice to say...I had given up. I was there to die. That was not to be, obviously. There were stories, in those days...something the hunters in the area called the West Wood Horror, but no one spent much time in the area to know anything. I was hunting far to the west of Old Ta'Faendryl. I was alone and I had a small camp there. I had killed a deer and was cooking it one night when I heard a melodic whistling from the woods behind me."

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "I went to investigate and had gotten a hundred yards from my camp when I was struck by a piercing scream that stunned and disoriented me for a moment. I quickly returned to camp to find my dinner gone and my fire extinguished. The night was deathly black and silent."

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "My curiosity got the best of me. I determined to find out what creature it was. I set a trap...more roasted meat over the dim fire...and waited, but nothing came. After several nights, I was about to give up when I heard the musical whistle once more. I ventured into the woods again with a deliberate carelessness and again I was assaulted by a sonic scream. When I regained my senses and returned to my camp, I found I had caught the beast."

Speaking to Avondell, you ask, "The...beast?"

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "She was no more than four feet tall then, and weighed maybe eighty pounds. Covered in mud, dirt, twigs...all grey and brown...she was hard to see even right in front of me. Her form shifted and wavered in the light of the fire. But those eyes...those blazing green malevolent eyes stared back at me. They didn't move, they didn't waver one bit, and they were consumed with hatred. She was terrified and terrifying."

Avondell takes a drink from his elven brandy.

Avondell says, "We sat there through the night, staring at each other. When daylight came, I could finally get a good look at her. She wasn't a beast. She was a little Faendryl girl. A very dangerous little Faendryl girl. I despaired at what to do with her. I thought of killing her, but I could not kill a sister. I thought of setting her loose, but I feared she would kill me. To my never ending disgrace, I chained her. I would take her to Ta'Illistim and leave her outside the gates. Her sisters would find her there and decide her fate."

Avondell takes a drink from his elven brandy.

Avondell glances down.

Avondell says, "The girl no longer resisted. She seemed resigned to her fate...or maybe just biding her time and waiting for an opportunity. At one point she froze, a silent sneer crossing her face. She saw the Ithzir before I did and perhaps saved my life. The journey from my camp to Ta'Illistim was a long and dangerous one...through the West Woods and past Old Ta'Faendryl...we became lost in the Gyldemar Forest. As we ventured deeper into the forest looking for a place to camp for the night, the girl became more and more agitated. We came upon a burned out settler's wagon...destroyed by the fae or the Ithzir...and the girl went crazy when I tried to pull her away. There were several bodies...all destroyed...unrecognizable, but the girl knew who they were. I'm certain now that it was her family."

Avondell's voice falters for a moment.

Avondell takes a drink from his elven brandy.

Avondell says, "The girl wept quietly over them, and I wept for her. After some time, she got up and climbed through the burned out wagon and retrieved some scrap of fabric...a cloth doll. We found a small alcove, filled with the remnants of a battle, some ways away and stayed there for the night. In the morning, I started a small fire and made us a warm breakfast. She sat across from me, warming herself and holding the doll she had retrieved. She edged closer to me and I was wary, but she wanted to show me the doll. I could see that it was one of those elaborately embroidered toy dolls elven mothers give to their daughters, soiled now and fire damaged. It wore a skirt with an elaborate design of crimson pentacles and along the bottom hem a name was sewn there."

Avondell's eyes glaze over as he stares, unfocused, into the distance.

Avondell says, "That was the first word she ever spoke to me. As she showed me the doll, she said "Toxyrox". After that..."

Avondell sighs.

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "Twenty years ago...when she died...I was broken. I thought of her at that moment. I could not follow through with this plan. I could never face her if I did. I could not live and I could not die if I did this. I decided then I would not leave this little girl at the Illistim gates, I would take her home with me. I would take her to our home, Silvergate, in the Landing."

Avondell chuckles.

Avondell says, "I had no idea what I was getting into. The Landing was on the other side of Elanthia. I had no silver, I could barely take care of myself. I didn't even know what I would find after so many years if and when we got there. I had the axe my mother had given me, some old brig armor, and a feral Faendryl girl who was probably going to kill me in my sleep. She would have loved this story."

Avondell smiles sadly.

Avondell says, "For months we travelled and as we did, we became closer. Every morning, the girl would show me the doll and say, "Toxyrox" and I would look at her and say, "Yes, Toxyrox". She would grin then...the first time I saw her smile was with that little doll. She responded to almost nothing I would say, but if I wanted her attention I would just say, "Toxyrox", and she would spin around with that grin on her face and look at me. I dont know if it was the doll's name, her name, or both. I would say to have your little Toxyrox and you are my little Toxyrox."

Avondell chuckles.

Avondell says, "On the darkest nights, near our little campfires, she would sing to me. Her soft, soothing, peaceful voice was the most beautiful thing I've heard since..."

Avondell's voice trails off.

Avondell says, "We learned to trust each other. We faced bandits together and I taught her to use a small rapier to defend herself from them. By the time we reached the Silvergate Inn, we had become friends. The Silvergate I remembered was a raucous place filled with adventurers coming from and going on great quests and expeditions and I worried about bringing a young girl into such a place. But the Silvergate I found was a tomb. The parties, the camaraderie, the questing and adventures were all gone. The great lords and ladies of that mother, father, and brothers...they were all gone. There was almost nothing left of the Silvergate I once knew...only her daughter remained to watch over the silence."

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "I could not raise a child in that place, of course. My mother had left me some silvers, just enough that I could but the house on Cobblestone Court, near your place, Fourthwell. You remember the day we moved in, when you and your friends were so curious about us. You folks just couldn't understand why an old dark elf and a little Faendryl girl wanted to live in a neighborhood full of halflings and gnomes."

Avondell glances at you.

Speaking to Avondell, you say, "Well yes, it was rather odd, you must admit."

Avondell chuckles.

Speaking to you, Avondell says, "Truth be told, it was all I could afford. And you and your family and friends were very kind to me, and especially to Miss Toxyrox. It was always amusing to me to see you and all of your friends gathered around Miss Toxyrox and her towering over you. She could not have found better friendships than those she made with you and your friends, Fourthwell, and for that I am eternally grateful to you. At one time I would not have wanted this for her...I would have wanted her to find a good elven man...but you two have a wonderful affinity for each other and I am very happy for both of you."

Speaking to Avondell, you say, "Thank you, Lord Avondell, for telling me all of this. It was difficult to hear, and I know...difficult to tell. I will keep this to myself."

Avondell nods to you.