Transference (225)

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Transference (225)
Mnemonic [TRANSFER]
Duration Instantaneous
Utility Magic  
Subtype Travel 
Components Player character target 
Availability Same realm 
Major Spiritual Spells
Calm (201) Attack
Spirit Shield (202) Defensive
Manna (203) Utility
Unpresence (204) Utility
Light (205) Utility
Tend Lore (206) Utility
Purify Air (207) Defensive
Living Spell (208) Utility
Untrammel (209) Utility
Silence (210) Attack
Bravery (211) Offensive
Interference (212) Attack
Minor Sanctuary (213) Utility
Bind (214) Attack
Heroism (215) Offensive
Frenzy (216) Attack
Mass Interference (217) Attack
Spirit Servant (218) Utility
Spell Shield (219) Defensive
Major Sanctuary (220) Utility
Transference (225) Utility
Spiritual Abolition (230) Attack
Spirit Slayer (240) Offensive

Transference allows the caster to transport to another player character in the same realm instantly and with no ill effects.

With restrictions, this spell may also target someone not in the same realm but in the same teleportation zone. For out-of-realm situations, if the caster is wearing a standard Chronomage gold ring, there is a small chance of interception by the Chronomages resulting in the loss of the ring, any in-pocket silvers, and failure to reach the destination (same base chance as using a gold ring to teleport). For this functionality, the caster must be physically wearing the gold ring as keeping it in a container or ring-holder does not count.

If the caster is not wearing a gold ring, then the default out-of-realm interception chance is 80%, minus 1% per 2 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings beyond 75 ranks (to a minimum interception chance of 5%). If intercepted without a gold ring, the caster will additionally be "Chrono-locked" for 15 minutes, preventing them from using Chronomage-interceptable teleport methods other than gold rings.


A silvery fog envelops you.  You feel a sudden lurching motion, and as the fog dissipates you see...
A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears.  The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Zuzana.