Trials of Lumnis

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Rings of Lumnis Graphic.jpg

Taking place periodically, the Trials of Lumnis a series of challenges run out of the Needle of Pentas on the Isle of Ornath by the Order of the Lumnasi Viragos.


Upon arriving at the Isle of Ornath, you will exit a gazebo and walk a short distance to the Needle of Pentas, where a monk on the foyer greets you. This is where you obtain your Brooch of Lumnis, which is your reward item.


When you use QUEST to be transported to the Needle of Pentas, you'll be confined to this area of the Isle of Ornath. There is some exploration that anyone can take part in, whether you want to participate in the event or not. There are five teleportation disks, Planar, Spiritual, Elemental, Chaos, and Order, that will bring you to Liabo. Each section will have a ring you enter which is where the trials take place. This is where you'll need a scholar's card and a brooch (the relic). You are awarded an increment to your brooch upon entering the puzzle area, win, lose, or surrender. The increment is only good for the "ring" you're entering. For example, entering Planar will increment the Planar benefit by +1. If you want to increment the Elemental benefit, you'll need to visit the Elemental "ring" to try your knowledge (and maybe luck) there.

Successfully completing both puzzles and trivia will award a prize on top of the experience. The common prize will be lightening notes. The uncommon prize will be deepening notes of different varieties. And a rare prize will be an RPA orb. If you have a free hand, it will be delivered right to you. If you don't, it will be on the ground. Hopefully they are both entertaining and challenging as well.

For additional help in completing the various puzzles and trivia found within the trials, please visit Research:Rings of Lumnis - SPOILERS.

Area Info

When you enter the area by QUEST TRANSPORT RINGS, you arrive at the Needle of Pentas Apex, at the top of a long flight of stairs. To get your Lumnis brooch, go downstairs and find a monk to ask about it.

Return upstairs to the first room where you arrived. LOOK at the archways, then GO <type of stone> BALCONY, then enter the teleportation disk to transport to the puzzle area. With your scholar's card in hand, enter a ring in any of the rooms to start a puzzle.

To exit the puzzle area, find the teleportation disk and go through it, then move in the only obvious direction, which ends up back at the Needle of Pentas, Apex.

[Needle of Pentas, Apex - 26938]
Rising from a perfect hole in the granite floor, a spiral staircase spills into the room amid a halo of five golden mirrors that reflect the moonlight in all directions. Alabaster, carnelian, aventurine, onyx, and azurite tiles form half circles upon the floor, their open-ends facing matching half-circle archways that lead towards illuminated balconies.
Obvious exits: down

Types of Stone Balconies:

Carnelian balcony = Planar
Alabastar balcony = Order
Azurite balcony = Spiritual
Aventurine balcony = Elemental
Onyx balcony = Chaos

To exit the event, go downstairs, look for a way out, head southward, go through the gazebo and enter a glowing ring.

[Isle of Ornath, Landing - 26962]

Frequent Questions

How do I get a scholar's card so I can enter the puzzle rings at Rings of Lumnis?
You get scholar's cards using Simucoins at the Simucoin Store.

How do I enter Rings of Lumnis?
In most towns you can type QUEST TRANSPORT RINGS to get there.

How do I get a Lumnis brooch?
You need to seek out a monk near the bottom of a stairway and ask him. Once you have your brooch, ANALYZE it for more information.

Where are the puzzles?
Go to the top of the stairway, look at the arch, and choose a type of stone balcony, based on your diligent study of the five realms of widsom and what they mean for your brooch.

How do I exit the Rings of Lumnis and go back home?
From the monk, you go out, then all the way south, through a gazebo, and enter a glowing ring.