Troll's Head

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Troll's Head is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on Troll's Way within the Orc's Nest Road Premium home neighborhood.

[Troll's Head, Barroom]
Stone walls give off a cool respite from the heat reflected off rock outside. A large boulder has been outfitted as a bar, its surface carved down into a semblance of a level counter. Stone tables are surrounded by flimsy wooden stools. Obviously, the priority in this establishment does not rest with fly-by-night furnishings fashioned from wood. A figurehead mounted above the bar appears to be the moth-eaten, stuffed head of a troll. Its dusty countenance is disgusting. You also see a bar maid.


      Item                       Price
   1. Vinegar crisps             55
   2. Pickled egg                40
   3. Troll's Head stout         75
   4. Troll's Head bitter        70
   5. Strong cider               50
   6. Lager shandy               65