Tunnel sweeper

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A tunnel sweeper lives in the town of Zul Logoth.


The dwarven tunnel sweeper is dressed in white trousers, a long-sleeved white shirt, and dark brown, thick-soled boots.  A silver pick-and-shovel insignia adorns the right breast of his shirt.  His short-cropped brown beard and long brown hair match the color of his eyes perfectly.  A large, partially filled sack dangles from his leather belt, and he carries a corn broom and a short-handled dustpan.  The corn broom's handle is long and sturdy, and it could even double for a quarterstaff if need be.

Idle Scripts

  • A tunnel sweeper walks in slowly, his eyes scanning the floor carefully.
  • A tunnel sweeper begins tapping his foot and whistling a tune. Suddenly realizing that someone is noticing, he stops and blushes hotly.
  • A tunnel sweeper sweeps up a bit of trash and deposits it in his belt sack.
  • A tunnel sweeper leans on his broom for a moment and smiles at you. "Been to the chocolatier yet? Darn best chocolate I've ever had, bar none. Mouthwatering! Mmmmmm."
  • A tunnel sweeper says, "Know where I hate to sweep? The salt works. That stuff pours out from under that door every day. I can never keep that floor clean."
  • A tunnel sweeper inspects the business end of his broom, carefully picking off trash that has stuck to it.
  • A tunnel sweeper says, "Ya know, the amount of junk in these tunnels has tripled since we started letting adventurers in here. I'm gonna ask for a raise."
  • A tunnel sweeper pauses for a moment and pulls a flask out of his pouch. He takes a large swig from the flask and then puts it back in his pouch before resuming his sweeping.
  • A tunnel sweeper walks away, his partially filled sack slapping against his thigh with each step.


>ask sweeper about tunnel

The tunnel sweeper nods to you and says, "I keep the tunnels clean best I can. If you find any bad patches of dirt, just let me know, alright?"

>ask sweeper about salt

The tunnel sweeper exclaims, "Sheesh! Salt pours out from under the door of the salt works constantly. It's a wonder the snail doesn't shrivel up when it passes through there."

>ask sweeper about snail

The tunnel sweeper grimaces and says, "A lot of people really like that snail. Personally, I can't stand it. The slime trails it leaves make the dirt and dust stick to the floors. I gotta scrape 'em up instead of just sweeping 'em up!"

>ask sweeper about mining

The tunnel sweeper shakes his head and says, "I wouldn't know. Not all of us dwarves are miners, you know."

>ask sweeper about chocolatier

The tunnel sweeper smiles dreamily and says, "Oooh, the chocolatier has the most mouthwatering chocolates to be found anywhere! Fruit-filled ones. Nut-filled ones. Just plain chocolate. Truffles!" He sighs happily and says, "Got to love that chocolate."