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The Turamzzyrian Empire is a human empire which controls much of the land to the west of the Dragonspine Mountains. It extends as far north as Talador and as far south as the Aldoran capital of Elstreth and the Estorian city of Idolone. The small trading town of Wehnimer's Landing is not under the control of the empire, despite recent attempts to do so by the Barony of Jantalar. Vornavis and Solhaven are the two largest cities in the northwest region of the Empire. The capital city is Tamzyrr in the Duchy of Selanthia and its present ruler is Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles.

Turamzzyrian Empire


The Founding

The Turamzzyrian Empire was officially established in 4278 by the first ruler, Selantha Anodheles. Under Selantha's rule, the Empire began a more than 800 year long period of expansion which began with the incorporation of the Duchy of Aldora in 4274. In 4281, the Empire entered into its first war against the Kannalan Alliance, which ended in victory nine years later. As a result, the present day the lands of the Barony of Bourth, Earldom of Honneland, and area known as the Wizardwaste or formerly the city of Toullaire, were brought within the control of the empire.

The Empire entered into a war against the Kingdom of Hendor in 4294. The war lasted eighteen years and three successive rulers of the empire and accomplished little by the time Emperor Chaston Kestrel signed a treaty of peace with Hendoran King Thurbon II. Under Chaston Kestrel's rule, the empire underwent a great racial change in which many non-humans, particularly those of elven heritage, were motivated to emmigrate out of the empire after the declaration of Chaston's Edict. The Empire began an expansion eastwards towards the Dragonspine Mountains under Chaston's rule to the region presently known as the Barony of Highmount and established the Imperial outpost of Kragsfell. It was also under Chaston's rule that the Imperial Navy was expanded and improved to become the dominant naval force in the Great Western Sea.

In 4327, Mount Ysspethos, a volcano close to Tamzyrr, erupted and Chaston and his immediate heirs were wiped out. His successor was Immuros Kestrel. Rather than focus on the expansion of the Empire, Immuros dedicated much of his reign to infrastructure development and supported road building and irrigation projects through out the empire. Tamzyrr was rebuilt and in addition, Immuros began construction on Immuron, a city built on the ruins of Gor'nustre. As a side result to Immuros' focus on matters within the empire at the expense of expansion, the Imperial Army at the time shrank in size. Perhaps the most important event of Immuros' rule was the establishment of the Hall of Mages, as a magical academy for the empire. The Hall of Mages has since become the leading producer of magical users in the Empire in the present day.

Immuros died in 4375 and was succeeded by Celeste Kestrel. Her rule was challenged by her brothers and the Empire descended into a brief civil war. Celeste emerged victorious only to drown when the imperial barge sank in 4402. This was the last time a Kestrel ruled the empire.

By deft maneuvering, the Burzost family successfully claimed the Sun Throne. The rule of the Burzosts was one of little accomplishment other than the annex of the County of Torre in 4417 under Jasdurel Burzost. Under the same ruler, the Barony of Highmount was overrun by giantmen of the T'Kirem clan. However, by the death of the last of the Burzost, the giantmen had successfully been driven back into the Dragonspine and the Empire's control over Highmount permanently ensured.

The Chandrennin Dynasty

Upon the death of Jasdurel's heirs, which numbered in three successive short reigns, Levian Chandrennin assumed control of the throne to the Empire in 4402. The first of the Chandrennin to do so, the family from this point ruled the Empire for more than two hundred years. History flowed without great interruption in the Empire up until 4565, when in the reign of Verranna Chandrennin Toullaire was annihilated in a magical explosion that was believed to be the result of reckless experimentation by the Arcanum, a rival magical school to the Hall of Mages. As a result, Verranna ruled that the Hall of Mages to have a virtual monopoly on magical teachings in the Empire. Also placed in effect was mandatory registration of all magic users in the Empire. From this point on, the Kestrel family consolidated their control over magic in the empire.

A decade later, under the rule of Emperor Krellove Chandrennin, initiated the First Elven War against the Nalfein elves in 4605. The Empire was victorious and its armies, led by General Vaycero, Lord of Idolone, took control of previously neutral territory on the Turamzzyrian - Nalfein frontier. The war ended with the death of Krellove in 4610 and the construction of a fort at Barrett's Gorge two years earlier.

Krellove was succeeded by Toscus the Fat. Toscus immediately buried any plans to re-start the war and ruled until 4622, when he was assassinated for secretly plotting with the Nalfein.

Symbols of the Empire

From at least 4718 M.E. to 5106, the symbol of the Turamzzyrian Empire was a golden sunburst, which was the symbol of the house of the Anodheles, who controlled the imperial throne in that time period. It is unknown if the golden sunburst was a legacy of Selantha's initial reign or if it was brought back when the Anodheles regained the throne.

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