Two Tarts Trading Company

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Two Tarts Trading Company is a boutique shop in Icemule Trace. It is located west of the patio in Ancient Burrow in the northwest quadrant of town. It also sells stationery, jewelry, wine, and gift boxes.

[Two Tarts Trading Company]
Shelves filled with neatly labeled boxes cover the natural stone wall opposite a polished oak counter piled high with wrapped packages, a pair of oil lamps at either end. Brightly colored ribbons are tacked to a rectangular piece of cork hung next to a glass display case crowded with delicate tea cups and tiny crystal figurines. Underfoot, a rug of woven yarn patterned with posies covers the freshly swept dirt floor. You also see a small sign.


Welcome to Two Tarts Trading Company!

Granny Mildra offers her catalog to browse.
Mildra exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a wicker basket                     13. a pair of ivory kidskin gloves
  2. a paper bag                         14. a pair of ebon sealskin gloves
  3. a painted metal tin                 15. a high-collared grey linen shirt
  4. a foil parchment envelope           16. a lace-cuffed evergreen plaid gown
  5. a parchment notecard                17. a backless carmine velvet gown
  6. a ribbon-tied box                   18. some bluish grey wool trousers
  7. a silk-covered box                  19. a jet-buttoned silver silk waistcoat
  8. a bottle of dark blackberry wine    20. a rose-sprigged ivory silk undergown
  9. a bottle of iceblossom wine         21. a silver-haloed onyx crescent ring
  10. a bouquet of vibrant wildflowers   22. a pale silver iceblossom locket
  11. a fur-collared cream plaid coat    23. some cuffed grey velvet ankle-boots
  12. a plaid-lined taupe wool shawl     24. a pair of tall onyx suede boots