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The most current source code for this project is now hosted on Specifically, is the project page, and one can find the CVS Repository listing at The project is called, simply, "ArchLich". Information on using CVS can be found here: The modulename for the source code is "src".


Currently, running the front end requires Ruby 1.8.5 or later with the Ruby/gtk2 libraries installed. In order to log in to the actual game, run the main.rb script using the command 'ruby ./main.rb' while in the directory containing the front end. There is also a test instance which allows running the front end without logging in to GemStone IV, which can be ran by running the command 'ruby ./test.rb' in the same directory.

Things to do
  • (in progress) Format text in the TextView port.
  • (in progress) Teach program to parse XML.
  • (in progress) Complete functionality of 'Dynamic'-type windows.
  • Add spell duration timer to the Spellfront window.
  • Create a menu item that allows you to chose which windows are open.
  • Add option to move status bars to a separate window.
  • Status indicators.
Known bugs
  • None, other than the program is incomplete.
Things recently done
  • Create a way to save window sizes and positions between logins.