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== About Soliere Firensia ==
Soliere is a lifelong cleric of Lumnis and Fash'lo'nae and member of the Order of Voln. She was born in the wilds near Icemule Trace and raised up in Icemule. In Wehnimer's Landing, she holds the office of Soubrette of Silvergate Inn and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Golden Rose Spa. She owns a shack in Shanty Town in the southeast of Wehnimer's Landing. She is a citizen of Icemule Trace and runs a shop there, a little boutique in the southwest part of town.
== Soliere's Relatives ==
'''The Hooligan Clan of Icemule Trace (non-spousal significant others are Honorary Hooligans):'''
'''Maternal Grandparents''': Magierrah (Granmum) and Duoncon (Granpop)
'''Parents''': Redowyn (Mum) and Hemdell (Pop), '''Uncles''': Roelon (Unca Roe) and Schnuffy (Unca Schnuff), '''Cousins''': Cyar and Belnia
'''Siblings''': Luniere (Lunie), Aeriere (Aerie), Abriere (Abrie), Wyndiere (Wyndie), Ascaria (Scarey), Bloodiere (Bloo), and many others, almost all adoptees
'''Significant Others''': Jaalmar (first boyfriend who ran off with her best friend Talera), Aidelias (Aide) 1st husband who committed suicide without warning, Evanderin (Evan) 2nd husband who died a tragic death, Cirell 3rd husband whose marriage was immediately annulled the next morning after the Talbot's Special wore off, Pukk (who lost Solie's hand in a game of roshambo to Citan), Citan who promised to weather "ol' Celery" but failed miserably, and Polveiss who is current, perhaps best, hopefully last, but surely not least in the line of dear ones
'''Children''': Aidelais, Mirabor (Mira), Egregia (Eggie), Terabor, Tarlow (Tar) who married our dear Dazee, Kotin who married our dear Rioja, Minniemae, Zaloranch, and others as yet unclaimed
'''Grandchildren''': Essyreme

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