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Please post on the Discussion tab if you are interested in helping with this page. I made this article in my userspace because I did not want it to be searchable on the gswiki until it is finished and hopefully approved. But I welcome other collaborators even in its early stages. Thanks from Soliere (User:FIRENSIA)

An article to provide information about scents in Elanthia!

"personal scents" including:

  • bottles of perfume and cologne
  • vials of scented oil (manure scent etc sold at Frontier Days)
  • body oil (as sold at the WL Boutique, to make skin soft)
  • stationery scent bottles (also wearable like perfume)
  • bath house oils (also make you smelly)
  • shaving soaps
  • body soaps
  • any other wearable scents we can find

"area scents" including:

  • pomanders that are scripty wavable to scent the air
  • candles burning
  • incense burning
  • tobacco burning (cigars, pipes)
  • decaying items (when in a person's pocket, stink up the whole area)

"other scents" including:

  • things that don't make a person smell good, nor an area smell good, but when you sniff them, they do have a scent (such as the Solhaven jars of powder)

flavors? including:

  • i know - flavors are not scents, but often flavored things do have a scent in real life so...
  • items such as a tart kiln which put off a scent as they work to make food
  • foods
  • drinks

scents by keyword:

  • A list of scent keywords where a person can look up, say "vanilla" or "gardenia" and be able to find scented items that include the keyword.