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Template for dyes/etc

Rationale: Sheath making is an excellent resource for making warrior guild sheaths. There's no corresponding page for Lockpick customization (page title not finalized), however, and I'd like to make one. It looks like the list of colors matches (some spreadsheet-fu reveals only a few mismatches -- one looks to be due to a typo, the rest probably due to the wiki page being out of date) -- so I'm planning to move it into a template that can be included in both pages that only needs to be updated in one place.

While I'm at it, I'm revamping the table to make it easier to update (by having a Google Sheet dynamically construct the entire table!) and somewhat more readable (using white text instead of black text on the darker backgrounds on the headers, and making some minor adjustments to the background colors).

Template Content

This table can be easily updated using the following process:

  1. Go to and make a copy if needed.
  2. If you need to add or reorder the categories at the top of the table, add them on the Headers sheet. Note you'll need to make some tweaks to other formulas throughout if this number changes.
  3. Add colors to the list on Color Data. Name up to 3 categories they should appear under. Colors under more than one category will automatically be marked with a star in the output to indicate that they're listed in multiple places.
  4. Preview the resulting table on Generated Table Contents
  5. Copy and paste the entire D column on Generated Table Markup below, replacing the existing table. Delete the blank lines at the top and bottom
  6. Preview the wiki page to make sure it looks good.
  7.  ???
  8. Profit!

These instructions will not appear in pages that utilize this template.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink Black White Brown Grey Misc
auburn apricot almond apple green aquamarine amethyst amaranth pink black alabaster ale brown ash grey bright golden
berry red carrot orange amber bile green azure amethyst purple blush pink blood-hued black bleached white auburn ashen caramel-hued
blood red coppery gold banana yellow celadon baby blue dark purple bright pink blue-black bone white brown charcoal chrome
blood-hued black fiery orange bright golden chartreuse blue deep purple cerise charcoal brilliant white brown camouflage cinereous coppery gold
brick red orange champagne cucumber green blue-green deep violet coral pink charcoal black chalk white burnt umber dapple grey deep chrome
burgundy peach-colored chartreuse cypress green celestial blue grape dusky rose coal black creamy white caramel-hued dappled golden
cardinal red persimmon flaxen dark green cerulean lavender dusty rose dark ghostly white chestnut brown dark grey moonlight silver
cherry red pumpkin orange golden emerald green cobalt blue lilac fuschia deep black glacial white chocolate dingy grey opalescent
coral red red-orange honey gold forest green cyan mauve magenta deep ebony gleaming white chocolate-hued dove-colored opaline
cranberry-hued sunset orange honey-colored grass green dark azure nightshade purple pale pink dingy black ivory coppery brown drab grey pale golden
crimson tangerine lemon yellow green dark blue pale violet pink dull black ivory white dark brown dull grey peach-colored
dark crimson light yellow green camouflage dark cerulean periwinkle pink-layered camouflage dusky black lily white dark russet dun pearlescent
dark red ocher green-layered camouflage dark cyan plum-colored raspberry ebon pale white deep brown grey rainbow
dark russet ochre grey-green deep blue purple rose-colored ebon black pearlescent deep cordovan grey-blue sand-colored
deep crimson pale golden hemlock green dusky blue royal purple rosy pink ebony pearly white dirt brown grey-green silvery
deep red rich cream hunter green glacial blue violet salmon pink faded black pristine white earthen brown greyish blue silvery white
fiery red sallow ivy green glossy blue wisteria glossy black pure white ecru iron grey
flame red sand-colored jade green ice blue inky black radiant white hazel light grey
lava red tawny yellow leaf green icy blue iridescent black rich cream hazel-brown misty grey
magma red yellow light green indigo jet black silvery henna mushroom grey
red malachite green light blue matte black silvery white light brown pallid grey
red-orange moss green midnight blue midnight black snow white maroon pewter grey
red-speckled black mottled green murky indigo midnight ebon stark white nut brown platinum grey
red-tinged olive green navy blue moonshade black white oak brown slate grey
rosy red pale jade ocean blue mottled black puce slate-colored
ruby red pea green pale blue murky black roan smoky grey
ruddy crimson pine green powder blue obsidian black russet steel grey
russet sea green royal blue onyx rust-colored stone grey
rust-colored seaweed green sapphire blue onyx black sorrel storm grey
sanguine verdant sea blue pitch black tan twilight grey
scarlet verdant green silvery blue raven black tawny
vermilion viridian sky blue red-speckled black tawny sable
woodland camouflage slate blue sable
smalt blue scorched black
steel blue shadowy black
teal sooty black
turquoise twilight black
twilight blue void black