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This page belongs to the mind behind Ulthripe Nylander Faendryl, an ever helpful & knowledgeable sorcerer.

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New and veteran players alike frequently create new characters, and the profession they choose will have the largest impact on how they play the game. Concise, well-organized information on a each profession's page is essential during character creation, as well as training decisions down the line. Each page should correspond with the appropriate style convention. Professional Highlights could be added to the associated navbars and Popular Archetype articles need some fleshing out. Verb articles are nascent at best. As the commands of the game, this is one of the most fundamental set of articles. Primarily, a template or style guide should determine the format of verb articles. Each should include a description at the top, and and example of how to use it. Additional syntaxes should be listed below, in all their intricate glory. For extra credit, messaging snapshots! The 7 character truncation style is silly. The vast majority of creature pages are practically blank. At minimum each creature article should have a complete title box (no redlinks), Attack Attribues, and Defense Attributes. Furthermore, the location pages referenced in the "Areas Found" field of the title box could use work as well. To improve navigation, organization, and consistency entire categories of articles require copyedits to conform with a more "wiki" style. Too many articles are simply pasted in without formatting, wiki markup, categorization, or any other discernable navigation.