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Utensils are used for eating in a dignified way for adventurers with etiquette and manners. They come in many forms, including plates, forks, knives, and spoons and as long as they are in hand as you eat, messaging will reference their use. Some nicely decorated ones are available as a gift for premium subscribers in Meazernis Villa in Ta'Illistim and can also be found as poor quality items in the treasure system.

You put a roasted honey-glazed pheasant on your blue-rimmed plate.

>eat my phea
Using your silver fork, you take a bite of your honey-glazed pheasant.  Crisp skin crunches as you bite into the pheasant, releasing the soft, spiced taste of the meat.  Honey and spices have combined to remove even the hint of gaminess from the pheasant's mildly dark meat.