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Use Lockpicks
Rarity Rare
Primary Color White
Dyeable Yes

Vaalin is a beautiful ornamental metal, much sought after by jewelers. It is usually found within caverns and grottoes where crystalline formations are abundant, and grows in clusters of orb-like formations in the walls or on the ground of these caverns. In its natural state, it is often a lustrous white hue, like that of a pearl, and its surface swims with opalescent, swirling patterns, reminiscent of oil upon water, and it is slightly translucent. As light hits it, a rainbow sheen spreads across the surface of the vaalin, highlighting its ornate, shimmering patterns of color. The metal can be dyed, and a master jeweler can manipulate the rainbow patterns to match or contrast with the dye, allowing for many different and wonderful combinations of the metal to be created.

Vaalin is very soft and pliable, and thus extremely unsuitable for forging weapons and armor, but is often used for decorations on expensive accoutrements of battle. It is one of the softest metals, and because of this, it is used to make the finest quality lockpicks, as the most minuscule of grooves can easily be worked in the soft material. It was first discovered by the Elves and quickly spread by merchants throughout Elanthia.