Vaycero of Idolone

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Vaycero of Idolone was the human general of the Turamzzyrian Imperial Army during the First Elven War.

While it was not know if Vaycero was of the ruling family of the Earldom of Estoria, he most likely was of noble blood. Vaycero was placed in command of the military by Emperor Krellove Chandrennin in approximately 4605. The army he was placed in charge of was sent east in an retaliatory invasion of a frontier between the empire and the Nalfein nation. In this role, Vaycero became one of the most accomplished human generals with multiple victories over elven armies.

During the war, particularly in 4607, Vaycero took the extraordinary risk of dividing his army into three smaller armies. Two of these smaller armies won victories outright upon their own, before reforming under Vaycero at the epic battle at Barrett's Gorge in 4608. In this battle, Vaycero successfully maneuvered a smaller deployment of his military to flank and surprise an entire Nalfein archer contingent. The result was a complete collapse of the elven army and victory. This was Vaycero's last victory, which permanently placed Barrett's Gorge in the hands of the Turamzzyrian Empire and helped established the Imperial province of Trauntor.

Three years after this victory, Vaycero was again leading an army into Nalfein territory, but was called back before making battle due to the death of Emperor Krellove. His successor, Toscus the Fat, ordered the end of what became known as the First Elven War, and ultimately, Vaycero's military career.