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BUNDLE is a verb used to combine multiple identical items into one item with many uses. Some items which may be bundled into "bundles" are skins, arrows, herbs, and locksmith toolkits. Items which may be bundled into "stacks" are deepening notes, and lightening notes. Certain bundled items will require you to un-bundle them to use them individually.


 You must be holding two like skins, pelts, hides, scalps, feathers, tails, beards, shrouds or other trophies of the hunt. . .
 -or- one of the above and a bundle of the same.

*NOTE* Some skins can NOT be bundled.
You can also bundle most herbs, except potions, as well as arrows or bolts..

BUNDLE REMOVE will remove one of the above from a bundle you are holding except in the case of arrows or bolts where you must GET a number of them from the bundle.

Note: The above "bundle help" appears exactly as it does in-game. However, BUNDLE REMOVE will remove one of the above from a "bundle" you are holding, except in the cases of:

  • arrows or bolts where you must GET a number of them from the bundle.
  • lightening or deepening notes where you must PULL to remove a single-use note from the stack.


  • To begin a bundle, hold two of the same item, (one in each hand) and enter the BUNDLE command.
  • To continue adding to the bundle, hold it in one hand and a single item of the same type in the other, then enter the BUNDLE command.
  • To remove individual items from a bundle, hold the bundle in one hand with the other empty, and enter BUNDLE REMOVE.
  • For arrows and bolts use GET <#> <arrow/bolt> {FROM <container>} to remove a certain amount from the (original) bundle.
  • For lightening and deepening notes, PULL to remove a note from the bundled stack of notes.
  • To add an arrow or bolt to an existing bundle, PUT {MY} <arrow/bolt> IN <arrow/bolt> IN <container>. This is usually used in lieu of the BUNDLE command since it does not require holding the bundle in hand. If there is no existing bundle then BUNDLE must still be used to create it.

Additional Information

Each bundle counts as a single inventory item for inventory/locker counting purposes.

Bundles of arrows can store charges of Bless (304) or Elemental Blade (411). For more details on arrow bundling mechanics, see Art of the Bow.

Certain types of items like alchemy crystals and arrowheads can sometimes be crafted or purchased as bundles but cannot be re-bundled once separated.

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