Vexillology Visions

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Vexillology Visions is the ship shop in Kraken's Fall. Located in a narrow log-sided hall on South Arm Road in Kraken's Fall, this is where you can customize your ship's flag.

[Sailor's Solace]
Gleaming brass rods line the narrow, linden-paneled hall from entrance to the carved maoral counter opposite. Pennants and bannerols of a multitude of hues and designs drape from the rods, nearly obscuring the walls. The flags are illuminated by cylindrical glass lanterns, the flickering light dancing upon the soft sheen of their fabrics. You also see a wooden plank sign and a flag merchant.


                 Flag Customizations

Sloops: Sail Customizations


Reputation tier: 0
1. cotton

Reputation tier: 1
1. canvas?

Reputation tier: 2
1. flax?

Reputation tier: 0
1. black
2. white
3. purple


Zomo's belly hangs beneath his all-too-tight plain white tunic.  Almost infectious, a kind hearted smile spreads from one ear to the other.  The ties wrapping around his trousers are all but ready to give up.