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Storyline Eyes of the Dawn
Gender male
Race half-elf
Status dead

Vinswith was the would-be assassin of Larsya Caulfield.


He is taller than average.  He has brooding, jade-infused storm grey eyes and nut brown skin.  He has shoudler-length, lustrous blue-black hair that is rumpled into a shaggy mess with bits of emerald shards sticking out of it at odd angles.  He has an image of a broken crown burnt into the flesh of his neck.  He has slightly curved ears and dozens of scratch marks on his hands and arms.
His face is concealed by a golvern mask etched with wyrwood leaves.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a deeply-hooded black leather longcloak, a cracked white skull symbol inset with black marble eyes, a golden phoenix pin, a deep black longbow, a long-sleeved shadowy black shirt, some leather handwraps, a dark leather quiver, some deep black leather pants, and some leather footwraps.


Vinswith was implicated in the attempted assassination of Larsya Caulfield. His appearance was an amalgamation of the adventurers Archales and Wolfloner, a pair who were initially implicated in the assassination attempt. Vinswith also wore accouterments of the House of Rising Phoenix, a group whose name was also smeared by the incident. He was found and detained by the Wehnimer's Landing militia shortly after, raving and ranting about hearing voices and appearing to have gone mad.

While detained, Vinswith was found in the barracks dead.