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Today is Feastday, day 26 of the month Lormesta in the year 5102. It is 20:55 by the elven time standard.

[ Ta'Vaalor, Gaeld Var]
A whitewashed wooden fence merges with a low stonework barricade covered with a thick, lush carpet of creeping fig. Bright purple anemones and fragrant yellow buttercups mingle in the scant space available between the cobbled var and the base of the fence.
Also here: Great Lord Rothran who is seated, Tsalim who is seated, Aneirin, Lord Jarmus who is seated, Wulfhen who is seated, Lady Kahrla who is seated, Argaine who is seated, Tholn who is seated, Archer Venler, Raniear who is seated, Drumpy who is seated, Mhairaid who is seated, Gowain who is seated
Obvious paths: east, west.

You see Archer Venler Klendle the Elf Ranger.
He appears to be in his 30's, has long, straight golden blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a finely carved maoral long bow trimmed in zorchar plating in his left hand.
He is wearing a black leather belt with a square gold buckle, a back-worn leather quiver stitched with an elaborate drake design, a long green tunic, some black leather vambraces, a long-sleaved blue-grey shirt, some black leather boots, and some blue-grey pants.

Venler says, "Perhaps I should tell you of his early years."

Venler says, "He was born to an elven family, he was elven....although the purity of that blood was long in dispute."

Gowain says, "I presumed him human due to the remains i saw on the stairs.. but then if my idea of his death were wrong, then yes he would not have been, do go on, sorry"

Venler says, "I would have assumed the same thing, had I not been there."

Venler says, "When he was around the age of ten...his family was slaughtered in an orc raid, in Gyldemar Forest."

Venler says, "Virktoth survived the raid..."

Venler says, "My parents found him under his mother's body."

Venler says, "He was covered in her blood....and had been there for some time."

Venler says, "He was quite distant then and would not speak to anyone."

Venler says, "After the blood was washed from him he began to come around."

Wulfhen asks, "eh exuse me Venler, if ye dont mind me interrupting. How old were your parents found Virkoth?"

Venler says, "To a human, they would be positively ancient."

Venler says, "Anyway, the boy spent many years with us in our household."

Venler says, "He grew up as a member of my family."

Venler says, "He never spoke of the day of his parents slaughter."

Venler says, "He was...drawn here to Ta'Vaalor."

Venler says, "Here, he did work at the cemetary."

Venler says, "It was thought that he would become a priest. We all thought he had come through his ordeal intact."

Venler says, "No, not as a slave."

Venler says, "At least not technically."

Venler says, "Apprenticeship has been likened to being a slave by many."

Venler chuckles.

Venler says, "And as Gowain stated, he did find love with the young woman."

Venler says, "The two enjoyed many late afternoons together."

Venler says, "Soon, Virktoth returned to Ta'Illistim to tell my family of his new plans."

Venler says, "He had decided to ask for her hand in marriage."

Venler says, "Many generations have passed since the family manor in Gyledmar Forest was built."

Venler says, "I presume you know the area..."

Gowain says, "I have visited a Manor in that forest..."

Venler says, "Then you know its present condition..."

Gowain nods.

Venler nods.

Venler says, "I will come to that, shortly."

Venler says, "While Virktoth was at home, he constantly worried about his love."

Venler says, "Virktoth returned to Ta'Illistim with the family's blessing."

Venler says, "However..."

Venler says, "Virktoth wanted to have the wedding here."

Venler says, "The family was reluctant to travel here for reasons I will not discuss."

Venler coughs.

Venler says, "So, Virktoth returned and did propose."

Venler says, "And the young woman accepted."

Venler says, "The families then began to...haggle over where the wedding would be held at."

Venler says, "While the two young lover's didnt really care."

Venler says, "They would have married in a sewer if need be."

Venler says, "Finally, it was decided to have the ceremony in the forest."

Tholn asks, "which forest?"

Venler says, "Gyldemar."

Kahrla asks, "where his parents perished?"

Kahrla shudders.

Venler says, "Not in that section of the forest."

Venler says, "When the pair arrived at my family's home, they were seperated by my ever....proper parents."

Venler says, "Much to their dissapointment."

Tholn says, "I would be diapointed too"

Venler says, "Now, at the time, a small guard was employed by the family to guard the manor."

Venler says, "One of the younger guardsman...took a...liking to Virktoth's betrothed."

Venler says, "As Gowain pointed out, Virktoth's studies of death had been quite extensive."

Venler says, "Now, the young lass loved the forest and begged Virktoth to build them a home there."

Venler says, "It was one of her walks alone through the forest where the guard found her. Unfortunately, he had been assigned to watch her and protect her from any harm."

Venler says, "Instead he became the harm."

Venler says, "The young woman almost went mad from the experience.."

Venler says, "She returned to the manor, intending to keep what happened a secret."

Venler says, "The first time she saw her love, she broke into great sobs."

Venler says, "She ran from him and locker herself in a room."

Venler says, "Virktoth was understandably distraught."

Venler says, "The young woman wrote one letter to her love and then secretly made her way out of the manor."

Venler says, "She...threw herself off a cliff nearby."

Venler says, "She wasnt found for several days."

Venler says, "Virktoth wandered took his love's body back to Ta'Vaalor and laid her to rest."

Venler says, "He then felt the call of liquor."

Venler says, "And gave in to it."

Venler says, "It was in one of his drunken times that the gossip reached him."

Venler says, "Both families had accused the other of being responsible."

Venler says, "Listening to this and reading the letter that was finally delivered to him, he made up his mind about who was responsible."

Venler says, "Oh, the letter told who was directly responsible."

Venler says, "But the gossip hinted at conspiracy."

Venler says, "Hearing all of this and suffering from the effects of intoxication...he decided what he must do."

Venler says, "He re-intensified his studies. Animating several monsters."

Venler says, "And hiring or enslaving others."

Venler says, "Including many orcs."

Venler says, "But he found even more powerful allies..."

Venler says, "First the rengront."

Venler says, "Then the vengroth."

Venler says, "The vengroth were, for reasons unknown, amazingly loyal."

Venler says, "And it was the vengroth that led the raids that carried out Virktoth's...justice."

Aneirin says, "Not heard of rengront..."

Venler says, "If you travel to will see what they did."

Venler says, "Orcs, always willing to plunder, were the arrow fodder of the raids."

Venler says, "News of the raids shocked both cities."

Venler says, "Such numbers of undead and orcs together were quite alarming."

Venler says, "Not to mention, the never before seen vengroth."

Tholn says, "Venler is Virktoth somehow responceble for recent Invaisions we been fighting sounds like same army"

Venler says, "Virktoth is dead."

Venler says, "Though, I might prefer him alive...."

Venler says, "He studied death far too much...I'm not sure I would like to see him in death."

Venler says, "An army was formed from troops of Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor."

Gowain says, "I thought maybe they were looking for Virktoth, not neccesarily us, as it were"

Tholn asks, "Is he dead now or undead Venler?"

Venler says, "It was decided that Virktoth's experiments were becoming very....exotic."

Venler says, "He is certainly dead."

Venler says, "As I said, I would hope he was not undead..."

Venler says, "That would not be good for Ta'Vaalor."

Venler says, "The recent influx of people's from the west would provide him with quite a supply of future soldiers."

Kahrla asks, "well what became of this guard scum?"

Venler says, "The vengroth found him."

Venler says, "Needless to say, we didnt find much left of him..."

Venler says, "His bones were taken, though."

Tholn says, "Some of us are sworn to defend Ta'Vaalor Venler and would never accept service against her"

Venler says, "In death, your oaths might not mean much to you."

Venler says, "Anyhow, the forming army did move on the bone plains.."

Venler says, "With disastrous results at first."

Venler says, "The vengroth are terribly stealthy."

Venler says, "While hoardes of orcs swarmed forth the vengroth moved into the armies lines."

Venler says, "Two vengroth."

Venler says, "Only two."

Venler says, "Nearly decimated the entire force."

Venler says, "What little of the force retreated back to the city."

Venler says, "And reformed with what little troops were available at the time."

Venler says, "They thankfully rethought their plank of attack."

Venler says, "A large number of archers gathered with them to hopefully pick off the vengroth."

Venler says, "The force marched again and faced an even more horrifying foe."

Venler says, "Their fallen comrades."

Venler says, "At first, the force was quite shocked. It was though that the reanimations took much time."

Venler says, "Virktoth, however, had perfected the procedure."

Venler says, "Bravely, the force stood its ground."

Venler says, "Sadly, many fathers fought their fallen sons."

Venler says, "And many faced their own siblings."

Tholn asks, "Were You in that army Venler?"

Venler says, "The archers were of great value in the later stages of the battle, they were able to hold back the orcs."

Venler says, "I was."

Venler says, "Then the vengroth took the field, proceeded by many rengront."

Venler says, "Of course, this time they were seen."

Venler says, "We knew what to look for."

Venler says, "When several clustered soldiers began to fall almost together, we knew the vengroth were among them."

Venler says, "While the force desperately tried to match their new attackers, several archers broke away and headed for a breach in the wall."

Venler says, "I believe the new cemetary is near that very breach."

Venler says, "What those archers saw inside the walls, frightened them more then the vengroth did."

Venler says, "A hoarde of skeletal soldiers stood at perfect attention."

Venler says, "Several battleragers walked among their ranks."

Venler says, "We called them that because of their fighting style."

Venler says, "They wore spiked armor."

Venler says, "They would wade into our troops and swing their gauntlets wildly."

Venler says, "Kicking with their spiked boots..."

Venler says, "And even slamming into several troops with their breastplates."

Venler says, "Many died to them."

Venler says, "A few of us made it to the hill."

Venler says, "We made our way up to the tower."

Venler says, "I found the person I thought of as a brother there."

Venler says, "Five vengroth stood around him. "

Venler says, "I asked him to stop the madness..."

Venler says, "He refused and told me that he blamed my family for everything."

Venler says, "A great explosion was seen at the bottom of the hill. I always thought it was a trap they had laid for us...but I'm not sure since the vengroth were quite startled by it."

Venler says, "And in that sudden confusion..I did what had to be done."

Venler says, "When Virktoth fell, the skeletal army clattered down into a pile of bones and armor."

Venler says, "What few orcs remained then, broke ranks and fled into the surrounding areas."

Venler says, "The vengroth simply vanished."

Venler says, "I dont believe the city has buried anyone in the bone plains since then."

Venler says, "Strangely, the tower collapsed a few days later."

Venler says, "We never discoverd why."

Kahrla says, "I bet it was Koar coming to your aid"

Venler says, "Perhaps."

Tholn asks, "Why vengroths comming back now Venler??"

Venler says, "That I do not know, Tholn."

Venler says, "And I would be very worried."

Gowain says, "I suspect you were heralded as a local hero"

Venler says, "Hardly."

Kahrla asks, "what became of your parents Venler?"

Venler says, "Killing a loved one is hardly cause for celebration."

Venler says, "My father died to the vengroth."

Venler says, "I dont think she lived long after they took least I hope she didnt."

Garshund glances at a scorched drakar-edged armband.

Gowain asks, "and you found no pleasure in the taking of the life that caused this pain?"

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kahrla asks, "you think they know you are here and looking for you?"

Venler asks, "Would you?"

Venler peers quizzically at Gowain.

Kahrla peers quizzically at Venler.

Aneirin says, "There never is pleasure in slaying ones family..."

Venler says, "Someone you thought of as a brother..."

Novice Fintan just arrived.

Gowain says, "but, well"

Gowain says, "a monster, is still a monster"

Tholn asks, "Venler in your family Manor in the forest I heard noises in the celler what is there?"

Venler asks, "Who had been a victim of some of the worst cruelties of life?"

Garshund says, "depends on if you like your family or not"

Garshund grins.

Gowain says, "perhaps elves have a different understanding of family"

Gowain shrugs.

Aneirin nods to Gowain.

Alerr says, "mayhaps he has to live with the thought that it could somehow have been changed back though"

Venler says, "Possibly some of the creatures that inhabit that area now, Tholn."

Garshund frets.

Gowain gazes thoughtfully at his rosewood staff.

Garshund removes a plain gilded goblet from in his heavy backpack.

Garshund takes a drink from his gilded goblet.

Garshund bursts out in drunken tears, weeping and giggling at once.

Garshund takes a drink from his gilded goblet.

Venler leans back.

Argaine rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Raniear asks, "Venler, How do we figure out why these things are returning?"

You ask, "I am sorry if I missed it Venler, but when did you lose track of Virktoph or were you with him during all these experiments and tower building?"

Garshund takes a drink from his gilded goblet.

Raniear asks, "Do you know anyone to ask?"

Garshund coughs.

Thuunk rubs a crystal amulet.

Gowain says, "Again, thats a remarkable tale you share, I thank you for telling it"

Venler says, "Sianan, I chose to remain at my family's home at that time. Things were tense between both families."

Zwyebek just arrived.

Gowain smiles at Venler.

Zwyebek just went east.

You say, "ahh I see"

Venler says, "If you search carefully in the manor..."

Argaine raises an eyebrow in Venler's direction.

Venler says, "You will find a small tunnel, hidden as carefully as possible in what little time we had..."

Garshund asks, "find a hiden treasure?"

Garshund begs.

Argaine rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gowain nods to Venler.

Argaine glances at Gowain.

Garshund leans forward, pleading with an undisguised gaze of pure greed!

Tholn says, "Hmm still mystery as to what cracked the stepping stones"

Venler says, "My parents wished me to hide there."

Venler says, "I refused."

You say, "we found traces of what could be a tunnel"

Aneirin nods.

Venler says, "My father...hit me on the head..."

Argaine nods to you.

Venler says, "All the time muttering about my stubborn nature."

Alerr asks, "on the head or the face?"

Venler says, "When I awoke, I was in the tunnel."

Alerr says, "ohh"

Alerr says, "so he knocked ya out.."

Venler says, "And the raiders were gone."

Venler nods to Alerr.

Gowain asks, "hmm, Venler? you were raised in Calelith Manor?"

Venler says, "I will not speak its name."

Gowain furrows his brow.

Gowain says, "I see"

Venler says, "Or even aknowledge its name."

You say, "the hills and waterfall are intriguing"

Gowain asks, "you had a sister?"

You say, "and the symbol there"

Gowain glances at Venler.

Venler nods to Gowain.

Venler says, "And I still have a sister."

Garshund grins.

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.


You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Gowain asks, "did she not persish in the attacks?"

Tholn asks, "What is her name?"

Garshund takes a drink from his gilded goblet.

You say, "the family portrait is torn apart "

Venler says, "She was safely visiting a small town...River's Rest."

Argaine rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Raniear says, "Well she was a ways away"

Alerr grins at Gowain.

Garshund nods.

Gowain asks, "what of the five mounds behind the Manor? Gravesites?"

Rothran says, "long way to go for a visit"

Venler nods to Raniear.

Tholn says, "long way away"

You say, "however there was a glimpse I thought of faendryl in the features"

Venler asks, "Mounds?"

Raniear asks, "This was all before the pass through the spine was cleared?"

Venler nods to Raniear.

Venler says, "Long before."

Gowain says, "past the gardens, to the north"

Raniear throws his head back and howls!

Gowain says, "mounds in a circle"

Raniear asks, "how did she make it past the Spine?"

You nod.

Venler says, "Perhaps you have the wrong manor."

You say, "under the symbol"

Venler glances at Raniear.

Venler says, "Some family secrets are still secrets"

Venler smiles.

Raniear says, "I guess so"

Garshund mutters airship.

Thuunk grins.

Gowain says, "perhaps, but this one as well was victim of a raid, and ai find a tunnel underneath the cellars"

Garshund takes a drink from his gilded goblet.

Gowain says, "perhaps elves of that time were accustomed to hiding "

Gowain shrugs.

Venler says, "Hmmm, it has been quite some time since I have been there. I do not know of any mounds being there when I visited last."

Venler says, "Perhaps you should check into that."

Gowain says, "I may speak of a different ruin altogether"

Gowain says, "I have foudn perhaps, three in the forest "

Gowain rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Venler says, "You have proven your deduction skills tonight."

Gowain nods.

Tholn asks, "Perhaps another family thought to try to move in?"

Venler says, "I have faith that you could solve the mystery."

Gowain says, "the one you speak of may one i have not seen"

A white-robed acolyte walks in, nodding quietly to herself.

Gowain says, "there was a village.."

You say, "the mounds are very old, as well as the other graves out in that forest"

Gowain glances at you.

You nod to Gowain.

Gowain says, "as i said, i havent explored the forest to my full potential yet, i will in time"

Gowain grins.

Alerr rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Venler nods.

Venler says, "Good."

You smile at Gowain.

Garshund glances at a scorched drakar-edged armband.

Gowain smiles at you.

Gowain says, "that is some bow you have there"

Gowain nods to Venler.

Venler says, "Family heirloom."

Raff just arrived.

Argaine grins at Rothran.

Raff just went east.

Rothran shifts his weight.

Garshund stretches.

Gowain says, "I have never seen one that may compare, very nice indeed"

Aneirin leans to his left slightly.

Alerr says, "I know a few that would love something of that kind of craftmanship"

Alerr smiles at Venler.

Gowain grins at Alerr.

Rothran grins.

Alerr says, "not that they would take it though"

Alerr grins.

Venler nods.

Garshund hugs his knees and sways side to side.

Rothran ponders.

A white-robed acolyte gazes into the distance, lost in thought, then slowly walks away.

Venler says, "One or two have tried."

Gowain says, "heck if i could get one so well crafted, I might learn to shoot it myself"

Gowain grins.

You hear a "Woosh!" of breath.

Gowain raises an eyebrow.

Garshund says, "drakar would be better, at least in my opinion"

Tholn searches around for a moment.

Argaine grins.

Garshund nods.

Alerr chuckles.

Garshund takes a drink from his gilded goblet.

Venler chuckles.

Raniear takes a drink from his dark elven ale.

Alerr says, "just don't start handing people apples.."

Venler says, "Be vigilant."

Alerr nods to Gowain.

Gowain grins at Alerr.

Kahrla just opened an embroidered silk sack.

Thuunk says, "nice bow"

Kahrla removes a mealy crab apple from in her silk sack.

Venler says, "If the vengroth have returned..."

Thuunk nods.

Kahrla raises her crab apple skyward!

Garshund put a plain gilded goblet in his heavy backpack.

Gowain asks, "dont trust my aim?"

Kahrla asks, "why not?"

Argaine turns an inquisitive ear towards Venler.

Fintan begins chuckling at Kahrla.

Kahrla indicates her crab apple with a smile.

Alerr rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Venler says, "Be wary."

Kahrla takes a bite of her crab apple.

Kahrla says, "they are good for you"

Venler nods to Mhairaid.

Argaine nods to Venler.

Kahrla smacks her lips.

Alerr asks, "when you are just learning?"

Alerr grins at Gowain.

Gowain says, "they were seen recently"

Garshund just opened a tawny orange silk pouch.

Gowain nods to Venler.

Tholn says, "I have seen dem myself Venler They back"

Venler says, "Then its up to you to defend your city."

Gowain says, "perhaps you might stay around town , and assist if we need meet them in battle again"

Kahrla smiles at Argaine.

Argaine nods to Gowain.

Gowain says, "you have that experiance with them"

Venler says, "Perhaps."

Rothran says, "seen a few battleragers..."

Argaine grins.

Rothran grins.

Argaine says, "We've seen a few of all the piecies of his army around recently."

Argaine nods to Venler.

Venler says, "I might be of better use in discovering why they have returned."

Garshund says, "we could build a outpost in the cemetary, to look fer them"

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kahrla nods to Venler.

Gowain says, "I have had little effect on them, they dont seem interested in allowing me the chance to talk them to death"

Gowain rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "yes, you seem to know them so well"

You smile at Venler.

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Venler glances at Gowain.

Venler exclaims, "You tried to speak with them?!"

Novice Fintan just arrived.

Alerr says, "maybe ya just aren't offering the right refreshments for them to have to sit down and talk"

Alerr nods to Gowain.

Gowain says, "certainly so"

Venler frowns.

Garshund says, "i tried to speak with them"

Rothran shakes his head.

Gowain says, "I do nod willingly engae the sentinant"

Garshund nods.

Thuunk shifts his weight.

Venler asks, "They didnt attempt to kill you on sight?"

You say, "of course, not every monster is a threat"

Gowain says, "engage even"

Aneirin asks, "What reasons would the vengroth have for returning?"

Garshund says, "they keep mentioning virktoth and death"

Gowain says, "attempted"

Gowain chuckles.

Venler fidgets.

Novice Fintan just went east.

Gowain says, "I am faster than I appear, for a human"

Venler says, "Be vigilant."

Gowain stares off into space.

Novice Fintan just arrived.

You ask, "would you not have spoken with Virktoph?"

Novice Fintan just went west.

Kahrla says, "Maybe a virgin needs to be sacrificed for Virktoth"

Kahrla nods.

Garshund grins.

Venler says, "Vengroth are not that restrained by nature."

Kahrla surveys the area.

Raniear asks, "Up for the job Kahrla?"

Kahrla says, "seems I may be the only one around"

Gowain says, "they do have some measure of inteligence, however"

Kahrla fidgets.

Gowain nods to Venler.

Aneirin asks, "Then could Virktoth be back? Undead?"

Gowain says, "they must"

Alerr chuckles.

Venler says, "Oh they are intelligent..."

Aneirin asks, "And seeking as they say, round two?"

Gowain says, "if they can maser the power to cast a spell"

Aneirin ponders.

Gowain says, "then they can be reasoned with"

Garshund asks, "how about we all go check out the ruins of the tower?"

Gowain nods to Venler.

Venler says, "They just do not restrain themselves from killing."

Garshund grins.

Alerr says, "I have yet to meet one myself.."

Alerr nods.

Gowain says, "something drives them to this however"

Gowain says, "and once that is found, they will cease"

Gowain says, "thats my belief at any rate"

Novice Fintan just went east.

Tholn works his way out of a black-sleeved gold silk shirt.

Alerr says, "perhaps it is fear.."

Alerr nods to Gowain.

Kahrla asks, "Maybe we have to find his betrotheds body?"

Garshund says, "well i am sure some beasts of Cingh could take care of them"

Garshund nods.

Gowain says, "its not Virktoth we fight, is his left over army"

Novice Fintan's group just arrived.

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kahrla asks, "yes, but why now?"

Venler says, "I hope so, Gowain."

Gowain says, "we just need convince em the war is over"

Venler glances around, looking a bit less confident.

Gowain leans forward and rests his chin in his hand, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Rothran asks, "why not now?"

Kahrla says, "well I mean Virktoth is dead, obviously we aren't fighting him"

Venler says, "I believe Virktoth would be even more powerful in death."

Alerr says, "perhaps now because they have been strategizing since then"

Alerr nods to Kahrla.

Kahrla says, "but that doesn't mean they are not seeking something to bring Virktoth peace in death"

Garshund says, "well i tried invokeing virktoth, but he no come to me"

Gowain glances at Garshund.

Garshund nods.

Argaine glances at Garshund.

Gowain asks, "you tried to summon him?"

Venler glances at Garshund.

Gowain chuckles.

Garshund nods.

Alerr gulps.

Argaine says, "I would be glad he did not come."

Garshund says, "i wanted to chat, with some coffer, over a nice fire"

Alerr says, "that sounds bad from everyone's looks.."

Rothran says, "I'd be willing to bet that before the way was opened to the west, not a lot of people went poking around those plains"

Garshund says, "was the same night the vengroth first showed up again"

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gowain nods to Rothran.

Rothran says, "now we're all over them"

Argaine nods to Rothran.

Kahrla nods to Rothran.

Garshund checks his footing.

Gowain says, "you are correct, perhaps they think we invade, and the war goes on"

Rothran says, "stirred something up, we did"

Garshund rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Argaine nods to Gowain.

Garshund glances at a scorched drakar-edged armband.

Venler says, "I'm going to investigate some other strange happenings.."

Gowain says, "so maybe we just stay away from the area, they disapear again"

Argaine raises an eyebrow in Venler's direction.

Venler says, "Watch the plains."

Rothran asks, "have ya noticed how when we ignore them, they tend to just go away?"

Venler says, "I will return."

Argaine nods to Venler.

Gowain smiles at Venler.

Raniear stands up.

Gowain says, "walk safely Archer"

Tholn stands up.

Raniear turns towards Venler and renders a sharp hand salute.

Venler nods.

Kahrla stands up.

Venler says, "Good luck to you."

Kahrla turns towards Venler and renders a sharp salute with her crab apple.

Tholn turns towards Venler and renders a sharp hand salute.

Raniear says, "Be safe and swift"

Garshund nods to Venler.

Argaine says, "And to you."

Gowain says, "and you"

Argaine nods to Venler.

Alerr says, "Be safe, Archer Venler"

Alerr nods to Venler.

Venler says, "And be thankful that the news of Gowain telling this story reached me."

Gowain raises an eyebrow.

You say, "good eve, Venler, it was interesting"

Thuunk waves.

Kahrla is admiring Gowain.

Garshund removes a frosted chocolate tart from in his heavy backpack.

You smile.

Garshund sniffs at his chocolate tart.

Argaine smiles.

Garshund glances at a frosted chocolate tart.

Venler says, "You know more then you did, although Gowain knew much."

Argaine smiles at Venler.

Kahrla put a mealy crab apple in her silk sack.

Kahrla just closed an embroidered silk sack.

Gowain smiles at Venler.

Garshund drops a frosted chocolate tart.

Tesserus just arrived.

Tesserus just went east.

Gowain says, "thank you for clearing up some things"

Venler says, "I didnt clear much, mainly filled in the impossible gaps."

Venler says, "I would suggest you keep the story alive."

Tholn says, "Dont worry Gowain ya tell a better story even if not as accurate"

Venler says, "It may be necessary that future generations remember it."

Argaine nods to Venler.

Gowain smiles at Venler.

You say, "he didn't say it was all untrue dear"

You grin at Tholn.

Gowain says, "My tales tend to work there ways into memory, some stronger memories than others"

Venler nods.

Alerr says, "in that case, we will need to write it down...sometime abouts stories always changing a lil each generation when passed down by word of mouth.."

Venler says, "Good."

Gowain says, "but most remembered"

Thuunk nods to Gowain.

Alerr says, "something that is"

Thuunk grunts, amused.

Thuunk says, "mine too"

Gowain grins.

Venler says, "I'm amazed at what you pieced together."

Garshund yawns.

Venler says, "Do keep your eyes open."

Thuunk leans on Venler.

Venler says, "Farewell."

Wulfhen just arrived.

Archer Venler just went east.

Gowain smiles.

Thuunk says, "he's good"

You wave.

Kahrla smiles.

Garshund stands up.

Garshund just went east.

Argaine rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Argaine grins.

Alerr stands up.

Thuunk nods to Gowain.

Gowain grins at Thuunk.

Rothran stands up.

Tholn says, "Gowain allways pondering everthing"

Gowain stands up.

Gowain just hugged Thuunk.

Kahrla nods to Tholn.

Drumpy asks, "did anyun write dis all down frae posterity?"

Kahrla says, "a true historian"

Alerr asks, "hmm, who would like to hear a story of a different manner now?"

Alerr smiles.

Argaine stands up.

Argaine stretches.

Thuunk nods to Kahrla.

Mhairaid stands up.

Argaine removes a juicy red apple from in his soft brown pack.

Garshund just arrived.

Argaine leans on Kahrla.

Gowain says, "well, I remembered my part, i didnt have to write it down"

Kahrla just tried to pull Argaine towards her!

Raniear takes a drink from his dark elven ale.

Gowain flashes a wide grin.

Drumpy nods to Gowain.

Garshund just went west.

Argaine offers Kahrla a juicy red apple.

Wulfhen just went east.

Thuunk turns to face Alerr.

Kahrla smiles at Gowain.

Kahrla beams happily at Argaine!

Kahrla accepts Argaine's juicy red apple.

Argaine removes a juicy red apple from in his soft brown pack.

Kahrla raises her juicy red apple skyward!

Kahrla just opened an embroidered silk sack.

Kahrla put a juicy red apple in her silk sack.

Garshund just arrived.

Argaine says, "One from me and one from Sianan."

Kahrla drools.

Argaine grins.

Argaine offers Kahrla a juicy red apple.

Kahrla beams happily at you!

Alerr removes a cracked glaes rod from in his large sack.

Kahrla accepts Argaine's juicy red apple.

Mhairaid rubs a crystal amulet.

Mhairaid gets an odd look on her face.

Gowain says, "before everyone runs off"

Kahrla just closed an embroidered silk sack.

Alerr taps a cracked glaes rod.

Kahrla says, "thank you both"

Argaine turns an inquisitive ear towards Gowain.

Kahrla takes a bite of her juicy red apple.

Kahrla nods to Gowain.

Alerr says, "this is da magic story rod"

Argaine smiles at Kahrla.

Alerr nods to Thuunk.

Gowain says, "Thanks ya each for stopping by to listen in"

Deverend just arrived.

Deverend just went west.

Argaine gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Argaine says, "Thank you for taking the time to tell it."

Alerr shows Thuunk his glaes rod.

Aneirin bows to Gowain.

Argaine smiles at Gowain.

Deverend just arrived.

Argaine gestures.

Argaine suddenly looks much more dextrous.

Deverend just went east.

Drumpy says, "Well, I scribbled a few notes down, I'll see if I kin make any sense of dem later."

Drumpy chuckles.

Drumpy waves.

Argaine gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Drumpy says, "Tired now, I is."

Mhairaid just went east.

Drumpy nods.

Drumpy waves.

Thuunk says, "I belive I've seen it before"

Kahrla says, "aye, thank you Gowain for scheduling this"

Thuunk nods to Alerr.

Argaine gestures.

Argaine suddenly looks much more dextrous.

Drumpy nods to Gowain.

Drumpy says, "my thanks, as well."

Kahrla takes a bite of her juicy red apple.

Drumpy smiles.

Kahrla glances at a frosted chocolate tart.

Argaine gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Drumpy just left.

Novice Fintan's group just went east.

Tholn just went east.

Kahrla takes a bite of her juicy red apple.

Thuunk chuckles.

Kahrla takes a bite of her juicy red apple.

Kahrla takes a bite of her juicy red apple.

Alerr says, "but it only gives part of the story.."

You smile at Gowain.

Alerr nods to Thuunk.

Aneirin just went east.

Argaine stretches.

Thuunk waggles his fingers mystically. Ooh...impressive.

You ask, "are you thinking the same things I am?"

Gowain grins at Alerr.

Alerr says, "it must be passed to others for the story to be completed"

Alerr grins at Thuunk.

Novice Fintan's group just arrived.

Argaine gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Argaine gestures.

Argaine is surrounded by an aura of natural confidence.

Novice Fintan's group just went west.

Raniear says, "Well I wish you all a good night. Be safe and healthy"

Kahrla turns towards Raniear and renders a sharp hand salute.

Argaine gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Argaine gestures.

Argaine is surrounded by an aura of natural confidence.

Raniear turns towards Kahrla and renders a sharp hand salute.

Raniear just went east.

Alerr asks, "ya want to try it out?"

Alerr grins at Thuunk.

Kahrla says, "I shall be off myself"

Thuunk shakes his head.

Kahrla snaps smartly to attention!

Argaine waves to Kahrla.

Thuunk says, "too tired"

Kahrla says, "you all have a save evening"

Alerr says, "ahh"

Thuunk grunts tiredly.

Kahrla says, "safe even"

Kahrla splutters.

Alerr nods to Thuunk.

Lady Kahrla just went east.

Alerr says, "story might not come out right then.."

Alerr grins at Thuunk.

You say, "I found his story a tad too pat, and he was evasive on the finer points"

Thuunk says, "and I must go too"

Thuunk nods.

Raechelle just arrived.

Raechelle just went west.

Argaine grins at you.

Thuunk hugs you.

Thuunk waves.

You say, "knew entirely too much about the vengroth"

Argaine asks, "You didn't expect to get everything did you?"

Argaine winks at you.

Raechelle just arrived.

Raechelle just went east.

Valaeda just arrived.

Alerr shows Gowain his glaes rod.

Gowain says, "well, I think.,..."

Argaine nods to Valaeda in greeting.

Alerr says, "perhaps I need a stick instead.."

Alerr grins at Gowain.

Valaeda curtsies to Argaine.

Tholn just arrived.

You say, "I am just wondering his motives, he went on and on over the details of the vengroth"

Argaine says something in Sylvankind.

Tholn asks, "wear raniear go?"

Gowain says, "I think"

Gowain gives Alerr a little prod between the shoulder blades.

Argaine smiles at Valaeda.

Gowain says, "one sec, we recovering from seventy hours of stories already"

Valaeda says something in Sylvankind.

Gowain just tickled Alerr.

You ask, "but can't speak his own family name?"

Valaeda smiles at Argaine.

Tholn rubs a crystal amulet.

Tholn gets an odd look on his face.

Alerr grins.

Gowain says, "so anyway, what I think is this..."

Alerr put a cracked glaes rod in his large sack.

You say, "I think he had his own agenda"

Valaeda peers quizzically at Argaine.

Argaine smiles at Valaeda.

Argaine says, "Most people do...."

Argaine grins.

You say, "and given the vengroth hasn't been seen in a week or so, he might be why"

Gowain says, "he was spry for an elf, young, I suspect actually, that parts of what he said may have been true, but i am doubting they may have actually been his stories to tell"

Argaine rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Tholn just went east.

Alerr asks, "what did this vengroth look like?"

You say, "maybe it was Virktoph and the vengroth but his adopted brother"

Rothran says, "hard to say"

You say, "er wasn't"

Rothran says, "I could never get a clear look at one"

You say, "notice both are still around and Virktoph isn't"

Gowain says, "I am not going to disect it, I will roll it over in my head, take what makes sense, or seems possible, and thats what I will go with"

Gowain says, "will give me a better understanding of the kid when i meet him again"

Garshund says, "maybe virktoth, when he died went into the archer's body, taking control"

You notice a shadowy figure move from a nearby building and vanish into an alley.