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Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 638
Author: GS4-REIDYN
Date: 05/26/2013 01:56 PM EDT
Subject: Introducing Voln Armor

I'm pleased to announce a new item script designed specifically for members of the Order of Voln! I'm really excited about this one, and I hope you all will be as well!

The Basics: There are a total of four tiers for this armor, with the first being the off-the-shelf version. All tiers are considered functional scripts, as they do grant mechanical advantages to members of the Order of Voln. While some of the fluff verb traps will work for non-Volny types, the special mechanical advantages the armor bestows will only work for members of the Order. Armor possessing this script is intentionally not able to be ensorcelled. Further, individuals who are converted to Luukos CANNOT use the armor at all. The armor does not prevent player enchantment, and will accept standard padding and flares.

So what does it actually do? Good question!

Tier 1 (Off-the-Shelf)

  • DS Flares against undead. Base chance to flare for Voln Members is 15%. Additional 5% chance granted to Voln Masters. Additional 5% chance granted to individuals converted to Voln. The amount of DS applied is equal to armor enchant, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50.
  • Handful of fluff verb traps. The fluff verbs that come with this tier are available to non-Volny types and Voln members alike.

Tier 2

  • Automatic Symbol of Need upon death (AutoNeed), at half the normal favor cost. Must actually know the Symbol in order to activate. Can be toggled on/off.
  • Passive +10 Sheer Fear resist against undead.
  • Verb to toggle AutoNeed on/off. Available to Voln members only.
  • Fluff verb trap, available to any. (Except you pesky Luukos people - get your own armor!)

Tier 3

  • Phantom critical padding to augment 'standard' DS flare. If the flare fires but the DS boost isn't enough to prevent the attack from going through, it will go through with phantom critical padding in place. Amount of padding equal to half armor enchant, minimum of 5 maximum of 25.
  • Locate nearby undead ability, nominal favor cost.
  • More fluff verbs! (Available to members of the Order of Voln only)

Tier 4 (Auction Quality)

  • Additional passive +10 Shear Fear resist against undead.
  • 2x/day Symbol of Return that works while stunned/immobile/webbed. Full favor cost. Must already know Symbol of Return.

The final messaging for activated and passive abilities is still in QC, so I won't be teasing any of that until it's all set and ready to go. But I was too excited about my latest script to sit on it any longer. I really do hope you like it at much as I do!

GM Reidyn - MHO Guru
Ultimate MHO Guide Redux:

Q & A

Q. That looks awesome. Will you be offering the chance to add those scripts to existing armor or is it exclusive to what you will be selling off the shelf?

And is this something we might see at RtCF, or when can we hope to see it released in game?


A. If all goes well, you will hopefully be seeing this at a certain field near you! That's been the plan at any rate. If it doesn't pan out that way though, I will make sure to get it out there somehow. I worked on it too hard to let it just languish!

And yes, I should be able to add it to existing armor as a limited service. But it does require approvals from the higher ups, so I don't have any exact details on that yet.

Just to clarify, just because the script technically allows for padding/flares/TD and stuff, doesn't mean it is automatically approved to do so. Like with all functional/combat scripts, there have to be specific approvals in place in order to offer enchanting/padding/flare adding and other similar services in order to do so. The functionality is always there, but the approvals may not be.

GM Reidyn - MHO Guru

Q. Also, a question, will this armor provide Voln converts a 5% chance at increased DS if they're not in the society of voln?

A. No, you must be a current member of the Order of Voln in order to see any mechanical benefit from this armor.

GM Reidyn - MHO Guru

Q. >>(+10 fear levels for example)

It doesn't give levels does it? Isn't the +10 to the die roll for shaking fear rather than the level it kicks in at.

- Rathboner

A. It's not +10 to a die roll exactly, nor is it 10 phantom level. Fear mechanics are a bit more convoluted than that. The bonus it provides is on par with the fear resist effects from Dauntless, if that helps put it into perspective.

GM Reidyn - MHO Guru

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 688
Author: GS4-REIDYN
Date: 05/31/2013 09:54 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Introducing Voln Armor

Tier 1 (Off-the-Shelf) Fluff Verbs


You forcefully cross one arm over your rolaren full plate, and offer a formal bow.

You forcefully cross one arm over your rolaren full plate, and offer Tamuz a formal bow.


You lift your chin slightly and, in a display of solidarity, tap your fist against your rolaren full plate twice in quick succession.

You lift your chin slightly toward Tamuz and, in a display of solidarity, tap your fist against your rolaren full plate twice in quick succession.


You bow your head and stare grimly at your rolaren full plate, lost deep within your own thoughts.


You stare outward, your expression black and tinged with melancholy, as you clutch the rolaren full plate at your breast.

GM Reidyn - MHO Guru

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